Monday, June 25, 2007

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Whenever i go on shopping sprees, i would always buy clothing that could only be worn to town or to school. This includes mini-dresses, off-shoulder tops, skirts, and mini pants. However, i realised that i've never bought a single casual tee on my own before.

When the school holidays came afew weeks ago, many of my friends have organised chalet and beach parties, which requires me to wear casual tee. After searching desperately in my wardrobe for presentable plain tees for the school camp which i've been to recently, i realised that i NEED to get some casual tees that i can use for occasions like this. The things in my wardrobe are either too overdressed for camps, or either too "go-market" kind. I think the reason is because i dont like spending money on giordano kind of shirts when i can buy one beautiful top at bugis with double the money. Or triple.

The "go-market" kind of clothes are thrown into my wardrobe by my mum, who probably got them from some 2 for $5 sale.

Heehee. So well, Otaku showed me this site which is inviting me and him to advertise the online store. This isn't some newly opened unknown store hor! It has been created since 2005! Ya, it isn't opened by a bored teenager rotting at home trying to earn money for cosmetics.

Skinny Munster.
Matches the logo.
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Well, this store focus mainly on t-shirts. Here are some of the designs.

You can browse through their designs either by gender, or by brands. Sadly, there are more male designs than female designs. I prefer the male section though, because i like long and loose tshirts more than those fitting-kinds.

They promote local streetwear labels as well as import top of the line t-shirts from wellknown brands like:

Dephect, Future Relic, Nuflo, Threadless, Tribal Gear, Ubiquity, 4Skin, TitaniusEFX, SkinnyMunster, Tank Theory, The Sunday Shop, Puma, Abercrombie, I-Manifest, Iggi's, MeowMoo, Lite, Zoo York, Obey.

Isn't that many? haha.

They also do FREE shipping anywhere in Singapore. No minimum amount for free shipping and they do custom t-shirts too. You can hire them to do class t-shirts for you and give out free designs even. Now you know where you can find quality for your class t-shirts! For people studying in Republic Poly, you all know that we will be changing classes soon in August, which is quite soon. Why not make class t-shirts for remembrance?? As for those people taking PSLE or O'levels this year, a class tshirt might also be meaningful.

Alright. Stop about class tees. It sounds so geeky now that i've talked so much about it. Back to topic. Doesn't this online store sound like a place where most streetwear labels gather? Now you dont have to "open in new window" many many times already. You can find all you want in one place! Hee. Furthermore, it's ONLINE STORE selling imported stuffs leh. Which also means you can buy it without stepping out of Singapore. Not even from your home. You can also buy a shirt from this store for you boyfriend!

They shift the labels from USA periodically, Which means we are the only people who wear the design on the streets! Unique~!! Well, unless you suay suay bump into another person who also found lah. Hohoho.

Er. I think i wrote alot leh.... Hor? I have so much to say about this store because it seems that other than t-shirts, there are still so many things to explore inside! I wonder if i missed out any important point.

Oh ya. I think the website design is also quite cool. heehee.
- it isn't only catering for skinny people. Can choose sizes one lah!

Updated: I'll be collaborating in the future with SkinnyMunster and organise contests on my blog. They will sponsor the prizes, so be sure to participate when the first contest comes! ^^ Dont say come my blog nothing good to get hor. Haha.

Their online magazine!

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