Saturday, June 9, 2007

I didn't watch Miss Universe on tv, but i went to dig up their photos. Alot of them are pretty!! For example....

Miss Universe 2007 - Japan Riyo Mori~!!
Very Pretty Lah!!

Everyone's hot favourite was Korea's, so i digged up her picture. Sweet like her name, Honey Lee.

Thailand! A very asian face, but beautiful nevertheless.

Spain~!! I want her nose :(

This is from one unknown country called Lebanon. Haha. My first reaction when i saw this photo was: WOW.

Greece. I just love this picture.

Miss Italy~!! Pretty, but i wish i could give her some of my fats. She's too thin~!

Mexico. Gosh. I love her face.

Brazil's Natalia. Her *ahem* very big. Wheeets. Her face also very nice lah (:

And lastly... Singapore! Jessica Tan. Chio!! who says she not chio?? SHE IS CHIO!!

Want to see the other contestants? You can go to

Sorry, MTV studio photos have to take some time, because i havent received them from the other bloggers. I didn't bring a digicam that day. Heh.



Remember how i've been complaining about the boys in my class complaining about my heavymakeup? They keep saying blahblahblah girls look better when they are natural. And i kept repeating that girls look ugly without makeup when they are naturally unpretty. Cosmetics: Pretty girls can use abit of them and look super glam, but not-so-pretty girls have to use loads of them to at least look acceptable. Sadly, im the latter.

One of the guys in my class came to my home yesterday, and he finally admits that i look better with makeup. HAHAHA. i win.

i showed another guy in my class a photo of me without makeup, and he also admit that i look better with makeup. Wheehooo. I won twice.

BUT. they are both stubborn boys. they say they still prefer girls without makeup (even if they look better with makeup) because without makeup, they act more naturally.

please lah. im all quiet, awkward, shy, unnatural and wallpaper when im without makeup lor. im more lively and natural when im with makeup because i have more confidence! I guess this confidence came with the fact that in the past when i dont wear makeup, people walk through me like im transparent. When i finally touched makeup, they see me there and actually listen to me talk.

So well, i was talking to Voxy on msn lastnight, and i complained to him about this. He says girls with makeup are okay, because at least "You make an effort to look presentable, so I respect that."

YAY. He's great lah! All men should remember that girls make an effort, so respect that!

im really considering contact lens, because everyone's complaining i look weird with makeup underneath spects. Everyone, please teach me how to poke my eye with my finger without making my eye pain please.

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