Friday, June 1, 2007

Noticed my new blog template??!

heee. i designed it and Sabrina converted it to flash for me. She also did new codings for my blog. I'm very satisfied with my current blog design. She was very patient. I had alot of picky requests, and she kept having to help me change the codes again and again. I wouldnt have as much patience as her. She did much more than expected!

Thanks so much sabrina! She has been a designer for several years already. I think she's quite pro at codings and designing stuffs, compared to me who know peanuts about codes. I go blur whenever i look at codes and would always push them to my friends to solve the problem for me. haha.

Remember i posted about asking you guys to design a blogskin for my blog because i couldn't find any more inspirations? well, thanks for all your contributions! Some of them are really beautiful but sorry i couldn't use them, because sabrina really spent ALOT of effort on this new skin. You guys made effort too though, and one of your designs gave me an inspiration for this new skin design :)

anyway, derick has sent his manuscript to the publisher already. do support him if you like his story, by commenting in the link here:

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