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Not even worth mentioning on

Alright. Let me say what i think.

Firstly, characters involved:
Otaku - Winner of the Macbook Competition and also my friend.
Isaac - My good friend.
Sabrina - Recent friend. She made my blogskin.
C - Otaku and Sabrina's friend. (chatted with her in msn the other day)
Xuan - isaac's friend and also my friend.
SoupCanFairy- One of the contestants.

(notice how im sandwiched between my relationship with the two opposing team?? grr. )

Summary of what happened before all this shit started:
Otaku won the macbook from the contest. And so, SoupCanFairy blogged about her displeasure because she expected someone better than Otaku to win.

Otaku showed me the post that SoupCanFairy wrote. I told him that it's natural and asked him to be ready for more flamings.

Isaac didn't like Otaku right from the start, and so of course he was not happy when Otaku won. Isaac wrote something in his blog like "Some gross guy won".

Actually, nothing would happened because Otaku didn't proceed to defend himself against these criticsm.

Then Then Then, Otaku's new friend C, decided to be Hero and help defend him. Her initial post here: (link deleted)

I read SoupCanFairy's post again, and realised that she didnt do anything wrong what. She just wrote about how she didn't expected Otaku to win because she thinks that his entry was basically drivel. She mentioned that she expected Juni to win.

Just that. And C commented on how SoupCanFairy's post was nothing to do with the topic: Social Issue. Direct criticsm.

C commented on Isaac in a wrong tone that his post wasn't a social issue and said that his blog takes alot of time to load so she asked her readers not to enter isaac's blog.

Again, im not a reader of C blog, so i dont know about all this until one lovely night, when i was chatting with isaac, and he suddenly showed me this blog owned by someone called C.

Although i find the matter no big deal, my job was to defend Isaac. And so i rebutted C on her tagboard.

Then. Then. Then.
isaac started to defend himself in his blog, and soupcanfairy also defended herself in her blog. isaac, being the popular guy he is, has many friends around his age. and people around our age tend to do anything just to defend our friends. So many people swarmed from isaac's blog to target at C. The first thing they insulted about C, was her looks. Isaac also posted up a link to C's photos.

C proceed to rebutt isaac's friends, complaining that it isn't fair for them to point out that "since she's fat so she canot leave comments." Well, she should know that she claimed something like that before. she sort of said before that since isaac's a male, his blog cannot have so many photos of himself. Duh. If you dont want others to be unfair, you mustn't be unfair in the first place.

( i dont know about soupcanfairy. i think she's very chim and i didn't bother to check what happened at her side. )

Meanwhile, Sabrina added me into a msn conversation between she, otaku and C. i told them that i think this whole thing is stupid and not even worth quarreling over. Otaku said that C views doesn't mean it's his view too. I chatted with C and she was okay, except the fact that she seems to be enjoying the high amount of hits she's getting in her blog this few days because of the whole stupid quarrel.

Things blew up when Xuan started defending isaac in her own blog. She posted up C's photos, and C wasn't happy about it. She considered filing a lawyer suit, because she has the money to do it.

i told Sabrina that i wouldn't like C if she does that, because:
1) she sounded like she's doing this to tell isaac and the other teenagers that she's of HIGHER status.
2) she sounded like she's doing this for fame and more hits for her blog.
3) she's blowing up the small matter.
4) she's 20+ and she's like so affected about being called "fat and ugly" by little teenagers who havent even matured??

If i were someone reading the newspaper and got to know about a 20+ lady sue-ing little teenagers for ripping photos off her blog and into their blogs and insulting she's "fat and ugly", i'll seriously LAUGH. No one said Fat and Ugly was bad! treat it as compliments lor. "Fat = cute" and "ugly = lovable" mahs. haha.

Hey, i've received so many criticsms from people reading my blog that im ugly or fat, but have i even got so offended that i threatened to sue them? No. it's stupid lah. get affected for what. let them say what they want to say lah. As if two words from little teenagers can harm you. People, continue commenting that im fat and ugly. I wont sue you guys :)

BUT, if you say it right at my face in real life, dont blame me if i slap you. haha.

Alright, Isaac and Xuan removed the photos. But another friend of mine JinLong posted the photos in her blog mentioning that she isn't scared even if C sues her. I dont think Xuan even cares about the threaten note that her parents will be notified that she smokes underage, because apparently her mother already knows -.-

Oh ya. C kinded of insulted City Harvest Church, the church that Isaac goes to. C said that "Isaac is being a disgrace to his school and his church (City Harvest). His blog header has pictures of a "middle finger", a line that says "MY FORM TEACHER IS A SLUT", "Girls don't like small penis" and "Guys don't like smelly CB". When you read the description he has of himself on the left side bar it says... " I'm a christian.. And I go to City Harvest Church.""

Alright, I told C that being a christian doesn't mean that he has to be perfect, and behave VERY WELL.

oh. im not a christian, so i dont think i want to comment much about this.

C also commented about Isaac's blog url. Like, is it even relevant?? Most people put nonsense as their blog url.

C's tagboard is now locked. No one can spam her tagboard already. Blahhhed. Anyway, i sounded very one-sided in this? yes i am. because im defending isaac. I dont care if he's in the wrong or not, because C isn't perfectly right either.

(anyway, otaku go and blog about an entry targetting at Soupcanfairy. wahlao. asking for trouble only. actually he's out of the picture one lor. den he go and place himeself in the wrong. )

Dont you people feel that the whole things is Over-reacted? Yes, it is. I wish everyone would just stop talking about it because it's making me sick. Isn't there better things to quarrel about in the blogosphere??

Read FrozenMama's post regarding this! It's much better than mine. haha.

Updated (2011):
Just went back and saw this entry. omg im so childish!!! Embarrassing. *hides

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