Saturday, June 16, 2007


The camp was great, and good news is... we have photos! You guys have to wait though, because as usual i have to get all the pictures from the others first.

Of the many things we learnt, two random facts i remembered most was that:

1. There's a rule in our school that says we cannot step on the grass. Reason because.... it's expensive grass. hahaha. no wonder the grass in our school is so neat and green unlike my secondary school grass, which is half-botak and sprinkled with many muddy chips. I was tempting to break the rule and try stepping on the grass at night, but a bouncing cockroach stopped me. ( the bouncing cockroach is very power leh. it has the ability to make a big bunch of girls squeal each time we pass the pathway. More about that Powerful Bouncing Cockroach next time.)

2. The largest star you see in the sky isn't a star. It's a satellite. Only small, flickering white dots are stars. Chey. No wonder last time all my wishes upon the brightest star was not granted. I was stupidly wishing to a dumb satellite!

More about the camp in another entry soon (:
For now, i must find some way to chase away my muscle cramps, headache and sleepiness.

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