Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Nothing to blog about recently. haha. I've been having great days but nothing extraordinary happened. Didn't take as much pictures cos i was in casual, light makeup mode most of the time.

Watched Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past with SX. He chose the back corner seats and i ended up cramping my neck cos i had to twist my neck throughout the movie. ta.ma.de. That's why i insisted that i eat the yellow popcorn while he has to finish the white ones. =D i think he spent more time categorising the popcorns than watching the movie lor. lol.

I like the show :)
There's a quote in the movie which is really true, and thus sort of changed my view in relationships too.

"Someone once told me that the power in all relationships lies with whoever cares less, and he was right. But power isn't happiness, and I think that maybe happiness comes from caring more about people rather than less... "

I've always tried to be the one who love the other side LESS. I didn't want to be the one who loved more so i tried to make myself distant. But then actually only when you are giving all you have for love, it's happiness.

Had Sakaesushi.

I was with lightmakeup and spectacles, so i couldn't camwhore! That's why so many pics of SX and none of me.


Mummy doesn't like him. Neither does daddy :(

hahaha, i ate the soft shell crab and the rice, he kena force to eat the seaweed which i dont like =P Same goes for the chawanmushi. I ate the egg while he ate the mushrooms, fishcake and crabmeat. lol. he say now he see crabmeat he scared already, cos the previous time we ate steamboat, he took too much crabmeat without knowing that i dont like to eat imitation crabmeat. In the end that night he have to eat all the crabmeat he took. haha.

Fried tofu is nice!

He accompanied me home. The bus ride was super long, sit until backside pain lo. haha. He complain that he kena cheated cos i made him carry my heavy laptop all the way. Heh.

Anyway, i've just changed my desktop wallpaper to Zac Efron's cute face =D Love him.

I've got to take more pictures liao. Really nothing to blog about already.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Looking for models/aspiring-models for upcoming photoshoot events.

At least 15 and above.

Enthusiastic and hardworking.
Responsible for every assignment given to them.
No attitude problem will be tolerated.
No habitual late comers please.
Experience not necessary, although preferred.
Preferably free on most weekend mornings.

Please send the following details to chainlove@live.com
with subject title: MODEL-[Your name]

- 3 or more clear pictures of yourself (Attach to the email as picture format, not document format, i dont have time to download every single doc and open it).
- age
- height (not important)
- contact number (very important)

The pictures will be judged by a group of photographers, and if you are selected, you'll be sent for a testshoot casting some time within this few weeks. After the testshoot round, if you qualify, you will be given paid photoshoot jobs quite regularly depending on the response.

For more enquiries, can email chainlove@live.com too.

Comments disallowed for this entry.

Random pics. heh.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Before i go on into the very photo-massive Singapore River Festival, let me present you with a little shopping treat!

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Before the open event, afew of us bloggers were invited to the cocktail launch of the SRF.

Cabbing down from school. Was very rushy for me cos i had to go down to orchard to pass SX my laptop first before heading to clarkequay. Huiwen/Ming said that the transport will leave immediately on the dot and i was so jing zhang that i wouldn't reach in time! In the end i think i was the first to arrive lor! QWERTYUIOP.

We were supposed to meet up at the new ParkHotel at clarkequay. While waiting, Kenny randomly snatched my cam away and shot this act cute picture. haha.

A little bus then came to pick us up and dropped off at the Asian Civilisation Museum. It's easy to get to this place if you alight at raffles mrt station.

I think that i've seen this picture somewhere before but couldn't remember where.

i can wear one side as a tube dress lor.

I feel so stupid you know, i wanted to take this "turn left" picture but i used flash....

And it turned out like this -.- Cos the picture was made out using shadows so if i use flash, the shadow wont be there!

We then proceed to the field where there are little picnic mats for us!

Nadia's saviour cute fan.

Kenny and Pinkpau.

Clear blue sky!

Performance starts!

People splashing water.


People on water.

After that we joined the other bloggers for the boat ride! Joined alton and andy's train instead of the next one which the initial bloggers were in. Heh.

I totally LOVE the boat ride. it feels so good to travel on water and feel the breeze blowing against your face.

it was damn funny when we took this picture cos andy seem to be resting his hand on the infront person's shoulder to stable this shot! Me and alton were laughing like mad.

Went to join the others standing at the edge. This is so much more fun than sitting down!

With angie.

After the boat ride was the pyjamas party at THE ARENA!!!

With estee.

Valerie! I love her makeup that day. Makes her look so different.

Fidelis finally came and she changed into this little pink cute pyjamas!

Matchy matchy with leon! Sweet~!!

Kenny came out of the washroom as a lady!!

Pink nightie. Haha.

Dragged off to the dancefloor by valerie. haha.

SX came to pick me up and hungry us went for suppppppper!

wahaha my favourite. STINGRAY!!



Dress worn on SRF available at 3rd collection of URBANSTREET.livejournal.com

Oh ya anyone knows where i can get non-plumping nude lipgloss? my lips are so dry and chap but i dont want to use those usual lip gloss that usually bloats up my lips.