Thursday, June 18, 2009

Me and SX saw a very very very tall person yesterday.

After awhile, he said this:

SX: you know why he so tall?
ME: Why?
SX: Cos he eat long bean grow up one.
ME: (i was going to rebutt that SX eats shortbeans growing up, but before i could speak, he beated me to it first)
SX: And you eat peanuts grow up one right.


Usually when i talk to someone on msn, the display picture is very important.

For example:

I was chatting with alfred on msn one particular day when i suddenly felt super uncomfortable. Then i realised that it's because his display picture is a picture of him doing a stupid face which looked like a pervertic old man.

I told him: "anyway change your dp luh. i feel very uncomfortable chatting with someone whose face looks like that."


Then just now i was talking to shuana:

I really can't smile properly without showing teeth.

Im so sleepy but i have to finish blogging about this entry and also blog about the flashmob later.

Day 4 of Pcshow. After work i forced Roxanne to go eat Seafood horfun at Hkcafe with me again. Haha. I totally love the seafood horfun there.

We spent like more than an hour there chatting.

Chicken feet. Roxanne ordered this. Not nice one.

Prawn with beancurd skin. Tasty, but oily.


Love the tee. So casual but i love the cutting. Tell you babes where you can get it when i do up advertorial for this particular blogshop.

Woke up super early yesterday to have a shoot done in the morning. While i was in the cab, i ran out of eyeliner! Omg, that is like the most important factor in my makeup! When i alight from the cab, i quickly went to the nearest shop which is "SINMA". I usually buy my eyeliner elsewhere but i couldn't possibly walk so far without eyeliner. The salesgal recommended me this cheapo $5 eyeliner and marvelled about how it wont smudge yada yada. I bought it and guess what, by 2 hours the smudge was terrible. By the end of the night, i look like i have 1 cm of eyeliner under my eyes =.=

New hair sponsored by Milly's again! :)

Am so sad because i took out my super long ones and replaced them with these normal shorter ones. It looks so boring now. Milly says she's going to sponsor me the longer ones soon :D

Added 4 pink strands! 3 on the right and 1 on the left.

$1 per strand only, it's so affordable!

Yeap i also went to cut bangs again, this time at Clovers. It's at far east, 3rd storey. The wash&blow service there is so comfortable :)

Okay, gotta go do up flashmob entry now. Tell me if you like my new way of applying eye makeup. I think it looks less panda-ish and brighter now since there is colour. I applied dark blue eyeshadow near the outer end of the eye, and light blue eyeshadow on the inner end of the eye. After that i just drew an outline of my eyes with eyeliner. Im unable to draw it thinner because i have different eye shapes so im using eyeliner to equalise it. Should i add black eyeshadow to smudge the eyeliner line or can i just leave it like that?

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