Monday, June 22, 2009

I received this email in my inbox some time ago but i was busy and forgot about it until today:

I just wish to spread a message across.
Charmaine is a 4 year old child with cancer.
I thought this space of yours' would attract your blog readers help charmaine in her donation.
Even though i am not related to her pesonally, her perserverance struck me with awe.
I am just trying to help her mum to spread the word.
I would really appreaciate you if you would do advertise her condition and attract more donation for more information
with regards

Help the little girl if you can:)

Before the bloggers flashmob the other day, me and my babes met up for lunch! Was supposed to be 1pm. Then it became 2pm. Then 2.30pm. And finally 3pm! Roxanne reached at 3.30pm and shuana even later! Haha.

I've this very bad habit of expecting everything to go my way and if it doesn't, i'll sulk. I expect people to give in to me most of the time if not i'll throw a temper. Yea, quite a bit of being too spoilt. That's why i cannot get along well with people who are too stubborn and refuse to give in (yes, people like myself. hahaha). i think the only person i would try to give in more to is Fiona and that's only because i've been friends with her for many years. I know that if neither of us (both so strongheaded) give in, then we'll definitely quarrel and that wouldn't be worth the friendship.

That's why I love these girls.
I know that each of them are as stubborn as me, but whenever we are together, they always give in to me without thinking and im so grateful for them letting me get my way almost all the time. I'm glad i have these understanding girl friends who accept me for the way i am :)

Lunch at Crystal Jade. I was craving for their wanton soup! Damn nice damn nice. Oh no im craving for it liao.

Steamed Fish~

Sweet and Sour Chicken & Pork! This one order specially for roxanne one. Cos she pushed away afew event jobs just to be there for my flashmob event! Love her loads.

Fried Pork Buns. LOL. Just wanna try how a fried bun would take like. Actually it's the same as normal steam buns, just that the bread is harder.

Strawberry Pudding! Very nice leh.

After that we rushed to the flashmob event and after the event was EATING again! Shuana had to go first so we are left with jayden, fabian, shawn, andy, alton, roxanne, sophia and me!

I was like asking them where they wanna eat then they all so indecisive one lor! Tsk!

In the end we settled for Sushi tei. We went from level one to the top level of paragon only to ....

The whole group: "WAH!!!"
ME: *blur* huh? Oh wah~!

Turned out that they were wah-ing at the queue, but i was wah-ing at the nice lights. LOL.

In the end we decided not to queue and we went all the way down to the basement again. All the restaurants had queues. The no-queue ones are the ones that we dont want to eat at. So mafan right.

And so, we stood outside this soba restaurant window display crowded in a circle to decide where we are going to eat.

When the discussion started,the dough was tiny. After the chef finish rolling the dough to such a big size, we still havent decide!!! WAHLAO.

I was freaking hungry by that time so we decided to walk over to Wheelock place for sakae sushi.

When we reached there, they dilly dally again! In the end we went into NYDC which was next door. Finally i get to fill my hungry stomach!

This is jayden's i think. Looks nice. I love whipped cream.

The brownie was disappointing. I abandoned it half way.

Order chicken nuggets cos i was craving for chicken but their chicken wings were out of stock.

I love going out in big groups :D So much fun.

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