Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I bought a $2 blusher from daiso some time ago for spare use.

Then afew days ago, my revlon blusher was used up suddenly! (cos the palette was also the same colour as the blush so i didn't realise that it was almost finished already. haha)

I had no choice cos i wanted to go out so i went to dig up this $2 blusher from my cosmetics box (which holds all the cosmetics ((of all the wrong shades)) given to me when i go to events). I spreaded it over my cheeks while worrying about pimples appearing the next morning. Haha.

Surprising, the next day my skin was still clear from pimples. Hahaha. Heng ah! I even feel that the blusher's brush is so much better than the ones that i used from better brands previously. It was smooth and doesn't feel like sandpaper scratching my face. The colour was obvious at first spread ( last time i have to spread many many times before you can see a littttttttle bit of rosy colour lor.)

I conclude that i love this $2 blusher.
not sure if daiso still have anot.

URBANSTREET has just updated with collection 2.
Do support :)

Nothing in there for more than $20!!
I have afew pieces of what they are having up there, and i really love them so should you! :)

*oh ya, the pretty model for this collection is my friend kaihui, so all the more you all should support the shop!!

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