Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Dimsum with Family

A week before my wedding, I brought my family out for dimsum at Fullerton Hotel!

It's been more than a week since I got married, and I already miss my family. Went back home twice before my honeymoon and felt so much warmth. Throughout the wedding preparations, I was full of excitement and totally didn't expect to feel this way. I guess the feeling of separation only finally came when everything got settled.

Braised bird nest with truffles and crab meat which was surprisingly yummy because I don't particularly like bird nest.

I really like this dress from Keepsake! Isn't it sweet?

Matchy outfits with sis!

Till next time!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

My Biggest Wedding Fears

Now that my wedding is done, I would like to share some of the fears I had!

1. Absence

One of my worse fears for the wedding was having any of my bridesmaid or his groomsmen back out last minute. I think it's something that most brides don't worry about but I did! I could only heave a sigh of relief on the morning itself when it's confirmed that all of them have woke up and are preparing to head over to my place. Hahaha. I mean, no matter how responsible your friends are, there are still some unforeseen circumstances that are valid reasons to not show up. Besides the main point about not having my dearest friends with me during the wedding, I was kinda reluctant to have an unequal number for bridesmaids and groomsmen. End up this became not important at all because we only had ONE photo taken with all of us in the same frame! Lol this sounded really shallow but I was really worried about it.

Absence also included the main important people as well. I wanted all my loved ones to be around!

2. Weather

Nope, it wasn't for any serious issue. My solemnization venue is outdoor but sheltered, so I wasn't so worried about it. So why do I care about the weather? As you can see, I'm quite particular about the bridesmaids photos. I wanted to take a nice photo of us in a nature setting with no shelter. Didn't help that when we checked the weather forecast days before, it was supposed to rain on the timing we planned to do the shoot! Also, it was raining the entire week before and after our wedding!

Luckily for us, it didn't rain throughout the shoot and solemnization!

3. Memory Card

Photographs are extremely important to me and I've had my own memory card fail before, so I was very very very afraid of having only one photographer. This is why I had two photographers - Kevin Ho Photography and NinebySG. Both sent me some sneaks which I will periodically share on my instagram.

4. Pimple

Tell you ah, I must be damn suay. I had a HUGE pimple during my prewedding shoot in Korea. Nevermind, can edit. Then when I went to Melbourne for the other prewedding shoot, ANOTHER pimple! Okay nevermind, photoshop comes to the rescue. Even during the studio shoot in Singapore, have also. This, for someone who hardly have pimples on normal days!

Oh well, guess what? I had clear skin on the week before the wedding, but at the second last day, two pimples suddenly popped up -_- Thank goodness it wasn't too huge and my makeup artist was able to cover it well.

5. Being sick

Imagine having the runs in your gown, on such a busy day. Just the thought alone is scary enough! I was caught in the rain few days before but luckily all was well on the wedding day itself.

I also thought of many other problems that could happen and I was prepping myself for that. I only hope that they are temporary issues that can be remedied within the wedding day itself. I even added a spare pair of heels, a sewing kit, and a spare laptop into the packing list just so that I have a "Plan B" for things that could possibly go wrong. So as you can see, my 5 biggest fears are the mainly the things I have no control over.

It's a one-in-a-lifetime event so I really hope that my memories of the wedding could be happy moments and not anger or sadness or even emotionless. I reminded myself again and again to not let little things affect me, and thankfully, besides feeling a wee bit stressed about the time, I felt mostly happiness! Actually, time passed by too fast for me to feel much! Haha.

Not sure if I had thought the worst or what, but the day went by generally okay. There were time delays here and there but we managed to do everything that we planned! Most of the credit goes to our bridesmaids and groomsmen because they handled the entire event extremely well. I was especially precise with the details during the preparation period, so that we can let go and chill on the day itself. All the hard work was worth it!

Can't wait to share more once I get the full set of photos :)

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Bridal Nails by Milly's

Check out my bridal nails done at Milly's! I've always knew that I wanted my wedding day nail design to be white 3D floral with blings, so I didn't have to do much research! I love how classic and bridal it is, yet not too simple! It's very important to have nice nails for the wedding day because people will get up close and the nails will be very noticeable!

I also went to Milly's for all my nails for the prewedding shoots! For those, I wanted it simpler as details wouldn't be captured anyway. Colour has to be neutral and the design has to be as basic as possible so that it wouldn't look old-fashioned twenty years later. Haha.

As you all know, I did three prewedding shoots so I needed three different designs!

I did french nails for the shoot in Seoul as the photography style in Korean studios tend to be softer and simpler. They looked really nice in the photo!

For the studio shoot in Singapore, I did pink nails with abit of bling.

And for the shoot in Melbourne, I did plain dusty pink. Gelish single colour at Milly's is only $20!

To book an appointment, call any of the following outlets. If it's for your bridal nails too, remember to inform the staff so that they can allocate a longer time slot for you!

Suntec: 62386216
Far East Plaza: 67376723
Jem: 67346216
Plaza Sing: 62526216
Bugis: 63376876

Sunday, March 5, 2017

And... We Are Married!

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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Today at ROM!

Around two months ago, we filed our notice of marriage and today, we went to Registry of Marriage for statutory declarations and to collect our marriage certificate in advance of our wedding three days later! As we are doing our solemnization outside of ROM, it was a fuss-free process. We were there early so we had lunch first, then went to take our queue number. The estimated waiting time was only 5 minutes and the whole process at the counter was only around 10 minutes?

Took many photos on this special day!

We also signed up for a marriage preparation programme at the ROM, which was scheduled after our appointment.

It was a simple 2 hours session together with a few other couples. I have always wanted to attend something like this to learn more about ourselves but most programmes out there are more suited for couples from certain religion beliefs. This one was very neutral and focused on communication between couples and helped to identify some of the areas both of us can improve on. I didn't agree with some of the methods suggested, but overall I think it was quite helpful!

We were served some food but all carbs :'(
I couldn't resist though, and took a small bite of the potato wedges. Alas, it was so yummy that I ended up eating quite a number of them. Diet fail max! Aiyo, must be I too long no eat all these already!

Wore this pretty white dress from Keepsake!

Can't wait to start on forever with this man!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Circles.Life Discount Code - Q0EM1

21.4 GB?!?!????

I usually use around 15 GB in a month, not sure why it's so high this time!

Sent these to my friends and they all exclaimed that they have difficulties going beyond 2-3gb in a month, whereas I sometimes exceed 1gb in a single day??

How is it possible sia. I only scroll Facebook and Instagram and I'm not even that active! I'm not the type to scroll till the end of my feed, usually just for a minute or two. My main usage is on the line app, maybe it's the stickers?

I refuse to spend $200+ on my phone bills every month!

So last week, I signed up for Circles.Life data plan! I heard about it a long time back but didn't really pay much attention to its benefits, until now!

For $28 a month, I get 4gb of 4G data + caller number display + unlimited whatsapp + 100 min talktime! I only took the base plan because I can change plan anytime or add on for $6 per gb (so much cheaper than what my current service provider charges! They also have option to boost small amounts like 100mb 200mb etc. How awesome is that? Sometimes I pay extra $ for an entire 1 gb when I only exceeded 99mb!) No contracts.... might as well! If I port over my current number, I get another 2gb but maybe next time.... Try first. Hehe.

Get $20 off when you sign up with my referral code so that I get bonus data!! Some other users managed to accumulate 30gb/month of bonus data sia... maybe if your social circle is big, you can too! Use my circles.life discount code okay -  Q0EM1


(Update: Circles.Life just announced that if you can also pay $20 more to get additional 20gb! OMG BEST DEAL EVER)

Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Day I Ate Fish Testicles

Went for an Omakase session at Teppei with the girls earlier this month and it was quite an experience! Omakase is a Japanese term in restaurants for letting the chef decide on the entire menu. And this is how I ended up eating fish testicles for the first time ever. I will elaborate more later.

Nadia is a regular at Teppei and she has nothing but praises for it so I was quite looking forward to the dinner!

Counter seats for everyone so we had a good view of the chefs preparing our dishes. After we were seated, a waitress came to each of us individually to note down what we don't eat. I asked for no beef, no oysters, and no wasabi. The list could go on and on but I decided to not be so troublesome. Hahaha.

It all started seemingly tame at first. Our first six courses served in a single platter. Everything was yummy, a good start!

Next up, sashimi! I usually only like salmon but everything was so fresh that I liked every single piece although I don't even know what fish they used! I am already impressed at this point.

There are supposedly 20 over courses but I lost count mid-way through because the food just kept coming. The following photos are not in sequence. I'd just caption the more interesting ones!

This is probably the best hand roll I ever had! Fish, rice, tempura, and other ingredients in a crispy seaweed. It was so good that I had to finish the entire roll even though I was already feeling a bit full from all the rice!

From time to time, the chef would "spoon-feed" each of us directly and the scenario was hilarious because sometimes they'd cheekily tease the diners by retracting the spoon. In fact, all the staff are friendly and energized throughout, which made the whole experience very fun!

Warm sweet broth was comforting.

Chef Yamashita Teppei looks jovial that night!

My first time having Uni (sea urchin). They say this is a delicacy which you either love or hate. I guess I wouldn't eat it again out of my own will. I guess I don't really like the texture and taste?

Oh this one was da bomb. Super yums!

Ok, now the "highlight". Before the dinner, Jacelyn was telling us about how she tried whale's sperm at a previous omasake session and it was horrible. So when this appeared, we immediately suspected that it's the same thing! We asked the staff and they said it's Fish balls. As in, Fish Testicles. OMG! I would never have ordered it on my own accord so I decided to give it a try. It wasn't as fishy as I thought but the texture was... ewww. Never again! Must make sure I don't eat this again! But at least I've ate it once in my life!

The rest of the dishes were so tasty too! We were very very very very full towards the end but every single dish was so delicious that we finished everything!

I chose four types of sushi for main course.... Teppei's sashimi and sushi are really good!

The girls had wagyu beef!

Meanwhile I had the Kurobuta Pork which was tender and so good!

Foie Gras and Unagi! Perfect combination, melts in the mouth!

A scoop of ice cream for dessert!

It was quite exciting throughout because you never know what's the next dish! I felt so adventurous that day! Lol. Also, I got the chance to try a few dishes that I would never have thought of ordering myself outside.

Only thing is, I had to rush through every course because I'm a slow eater and it was super pressuring when everybody else already finish their dish except me! But still, I would definitely want to come back here again!