Sunday, May 29, 2016

Homerun Baseball

On one of our double date weekends, the boys suggested going to Homerun Baseball! Something new, why not? 

So with a sporty day in mind, I searched my entire wardrobe for a casual outfit that morning and realized I have nothing suitable to wear! How could it be that I have no clothes for sports??? I remember buying some running shirts last year when I just got my new treadmill but I didn't even wore it once (I always run in home clothes) and it's nowhere to be found in my room.

In the end, I went out wearing this. Yea yea... I know... How is this even close to sportswear right? Hahaha. At least I wore suitable shoes ok! I ended up with very painful toes at the end of the night because I'm so not used to wearing such shoes. 

We paid $20 for 5 tokens, and each token has 15 hits. Plus 2 free tokens, it was 7 in total. We initially thought that this would last very long since each token has 15 hits, but we were very wrong. 7 rounds were over in no time and we paid another $20 after that. 

Started with the pitching cage! I was quite amused by the automated ball-throwing-machine. Lol. Catching the ball is damn fun! I conclude that I'm better at catching the ball than throwing the ball. Hahaha. Didn't even try to hit the correct numbers, got hit the box already very happy liao! 

Afterwards we went to the 80KM softball pitch. There are several speeds and we chose the lowest one first. 

This is me missing the ball. It is so difficult!!! The bat is heavy and the surface area so small. How to aim?? It's very depressing to swing the bat so hard and every single time miss the ball. Badminton is so much easier! 

Alvin managed to hit several balls though.... so I guess is I lousy, shouldn't blame the stick. Hahaha.

The boys eventually moved on to faster cages. Bf fared not too badly too! 

Me and Keryn used the remaining tokens to play pitching instead. Haha. So much more fun lor. I ended up with 3 in the box and just nice one of them is the correct number. Woohoo! 

After we left, they told me that the 2nd row was a free line (for their 2nd year anniversary promo ending 31st May), that's why got alot of people queuing for that cage. Omg, then why we pay???!! No wonder we didn't have to wait at all! 

Anyway, I don't think I'd be back on my own accord again lah, this kind of sports not really my cup of tea. Hahaha. But there's a trampoline park nearby and a cafe which is supposedly quite nice, so perhaps I'd visit those instead! 

If you are interested, here's the address!
200 Pandan Gardens, 609336

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Family Staycation at RWS Hard Rock Hotel

Last year, me and my family had a staycation at Hard Rock Hotel, Resorts World Sentosa! Finally got around to uploading the photos! :)

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Wedding Preparations - Getting Started

After the proposal. we were at a loss on what to do first so I did up a draft checklist of the things to do leading up to the wedding and the first two items were - Choose a Date and Book a Venue. The rest can slowly decide after that.

We actually wanted to calculate our dates first, but realize that we ought to find out what are our parents' expectations and traditional customary beliefs before getting started.

So, a couple of days back, my bf invited my parents for a dinner with his parents in a Chinese restaurant. Main aim was to discuss about both sides' expectations before we start booking anything. Glad it went quite well and not too awkward!

The Chinese traditions really got us so confused, and sometimes, I think it's better to not know all the superstitions else it really limits the things we can or cannot do! I didn't mind the general traditions but some others are either ridiculous or too restrictive. Also, different people say different things so which version to listen to? Hence, we decided to ignore those that doesn't make any sense. Luckily bf's family isn't very particular about these stuff.

Actually even without the dinner, we can also discuss by passing messages back and forth but it's not as good as meeting face to face. For many people, the parents only meet up during the food tasting session for the banquet, but I felt that it would be too late for any major changes as that would be midway into the wedding planning timeline. I'd rather know what they want before we start planning, instead of having to make changes after we already got it settled.

Next, to confirm our date and book our venue!

Monday, May 16, 2016

It's Monday Again!

It's Monday again! Contrary to the chat log above, I'm actually quite refreshed today!

Woke up earlier than usual and aimed to take the mrt instead of cabbing like I always do. But just as I was a distance away from my bus stop, I saw the bus drove off. I'd end up late if I wait for the next bus, so I took a cab to the mrt instead.

I used to always do this and BF always say nag and say I waste money. Then I started taking cab all the way to the office instead, now BF wishes I would take cab to mrt only. Hahahahaha. See, perfect example for "you never know what you've got till you lose it."

Saturday, May 14, 2016

My Ramen Week

I had three and a half bowl of ramen from japanese restaurants last week. And then for the past three days, I've had three bowls of Japanese instant noodles.

I'm officially sick of ramen already!

First was this last Friday night near my office because I was trying to reward myself for the end of a week of hard work.

$18 for a bowl of crab ramen which wasn't fantastic because it came with Chilli flakes and I felt it affected the soup. Sian.

Then on Saturday we went to Ippudo for lunch cos I wanted to intro it to BF.

It's comparable to our favourite ramen at Keisuke Tori King (note tori, because the tonkotsu branch is not as nice)

After that on Sunday I had this Chashu udon which is not really ramen but the soup is ramen type of soup so it's 0.5 ramen.

Then on Tuesday after work I was craving for my fave mala noodles at a small stall in a street alley but it wasn't open so I settled for mala ramen at a Japanese restaurant but it didn't have the authentic mala noodles type of taste that I wanted. Another $18 fly away.

Then on Thursday, I bought this back for dinner because I was craving for Japanese ramen and didn't want to spend another $18.

This was $1.35 and tasted quite nice!

On Friday I decided to buy back the same cup noodles for supper for my family because when I ate it the day before, she commented it looks good.

Ya, everytime Friday must celebrate.

And I just cooked this for lunch today because
(1) I'm alone at home
(2) nothing in the fridge that is easy to cook for one person
(3) delivery options all have minimum order
(4) it's raining
(5) actually decided to just go down and buy food then when I was infront of the storeroom selecting umbrella, I realize that I don't really dare to anyhow select one and risk cockroaches flying out when I open.


Anyway I cook the ramen until very pekchek because it's very windy and my fire went off like 4-5 times while I was cooking a 4-5 minute meal. Next time my house gonna use electric stove.

The ramen turned out to taste like ee-mee which I don't really like, but the soup is good! :)

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory

Over the weekend, we went to Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory for dinner, Was looking forward to it the entire day because... CHICKEN!!! FRIED CHICKEN!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Love Language Test

Today, we took the Love Language Test.

Actually we tried it before but I forgot the results, so we re-did it!

My results were as expected.
My top two love languages are "Quality Time" and "Words of Affirmation".

Quality Time

I wish my bf was more clingy. HAHA. I'd be very happy if he wants to see me all the time. I've had ex-boyfriends who prioritize me and make plans to meet me WHENEVER they are available. If I am not free, then they go find their own activities. I like this arrangement leh, because this makes me feel that he misses me and wants to spend time with me.

It took me some time to get used to my current bf's way of managing time.... he likes to pre-plan his schedule and never one time he plan to meet me every single day of the week! Haha I think if I say "ok lah you no need to meet me at all this week", he will gladly oblige.

For me, I love spending time with my boyfriend, even if we are not going anywhere or doing anything. It's not a MUST to stick together all day long, but I don't mind. Somehow for him, alone-time is more important than GF-time! :(

Words of Affirmation

I love receiving long texts/ written letters about feelings. I feel happy when my bf suddenly say "I love you" for no reason - which he very rarely does. I think he only said it like less than 5 times throughout our 4 years together? All the other times were out of habit... The standard sentence before sleeping... "Goodnight, sweet dreams, I love you~" type. Haha.

I also like hearing reasons why my bf love me, and words of appreciation about me etc, but he could never come up with anything deep when I ask. Sometimes I feel a slight envy when I see other guys gushing about their girlfriends with so much pride and love.

Bf's Love Language

Bf didn't have any love language that stood out more than the rest - highest two were "Words of Affirmation" and "Acts of Service". I don't think I do very well on thes two though, cos I'm not one who say mushy things and I am too lazy to do things for him. Haha.

And when I saw that "Receiving Gifts" was the least of his priorities, I said to him, "Yay no need give bf gifts. Save money woohoo!" Lol. Funny thing is, I receive small gifts from him all the time so I thought it would rank higher on his chart.

Anyway, I searched my email and found the results of the same test we did in 2014.

For me, my result was almost the same but his one got quite abit of difference!! So fickle minded. Haha.