Saturday, February 6, 2016

4 CNY Questions Challenge

Kena tagged by Nad on Dayre to do the #4cnyquestionschallenge. Wrote this on Dayre yesterday and decide to copy paste for my blog readers too!

* * *

Actually ah, I seldom get asked questions during CNY leh. At most kena comment "最近好像变胖了hor." It means, "recently become fatter le hor" -.-

The most frequent question I get is "要水吗?要黄利塔吗?谁便拿ah,不要客气。” (direct translation is "want water? want pineapple tart? don't need shy ah just take." Hahahah)
Nobody wanna know when I getting married, when I giving birth, when my kids start going to school and when I gonna have grandchildren? Lol.

Ok lah let me think about the four questions that I kena ask before.

Meanwhile I share story ok!

When I was still studying, people seldom ask me about my school results. I guess my entire extended family are quite average and none of us get super high scores in school so we don't really get compared much. But I have this Uncle from my dad side who I only meet once a year, he is super fierce one! I think in primary 3 we met and he told me to get at least top 3 in class and he will reward me. Don't remember if there was punishment if I don't score well, but I was damn scared of him!

That year I did quite badly in my exams and I was so afraid of meeting him again!!! Luckily, I didn't get to see him that year. The following year, I suddenly become one of the top few students in class and I scored third for my exams. I met him after that and after I told him about my results, he said, "good, want I bring u go arcade?" Of course I said no because I was still very scared of him. Then he said, "but third not good enough. Next time must first or second".


Second story is just to haolian abit. Hahahahaha. Got once this aunt came to visit during CNY and we haven't met for years. When she saw me she gave a shocked face and told me she couldn't recognise me. Hahahah cos the last she saw me I was a plump, no makeup, no confidence girl going through puberty. Haha. Then when she saw me, I was already wearing contact lens, makeup, and less shy.

Felt accomplished! Haha. Told ya already this story is just to make myself feel good only. Lol.

Then third story is, one of the years during which I had blonde hair and thick makeup, a lot of people didn't recognise me and thought I was probably someone else girlfriend that they didn't know. Then when they know is me, they asked my mum "you allow her meh??" Cos my mum was known to be quite strict with me, so it was quite unbelievable that she let me have such ahlian hair. Hahaha. My mum thinks I blonde hair nice ok.

Ok lah late already I go sleep first. Wake up then answer the 4 CNY questions.

Actually I only thought of two now. You all can pretend to be my relatives and ask me kaypo questions!

1. 你是姐姐还是妹妹?

(Translation: are you the elder or younger sister)

This happens when i visit not-so-close relatives with my sister. Because she's quite tall and I'm very short. Hahaha. But actually I prefer being the younger one instead because I don't like the responsibilities of being the older one (e.g more tedious chores grrr).

Somehow there's more good than bad to be the younger one, since there isn't much emphasis on respect for the older sibling these days. More like the big one must give in to the small one lor. Tell me, what's good about being the older sibling?

My benefits ran out as a kid when I had all the new clothes and toys while my sis had the old ones I used before. Hahahaha. And those were the days when I could still bully her, before she turned into this adult who could bully me back. Sobs.

2. "Are you still studying?"

Okay this question was quite frequent during my young twenties when it was a legit question because at that age it's either university or work. Not sure if it happened last year. But this year I'm turning 26. If anyone still ask, it's either I look young or that person still stuck in the past. Probably the latter.

I'm grown up now, completed my studies and graduated from Uni, and already worked fulltime for 6 years. Thanks!

3. 你的男朋友在哪里?为什么没有带他来?

(Translation: where is your Boyfriend? Why never bring him along?")

Er... Where ah, With his parents doing their own CNY thing? Why he never come ah, because he's with his parents doing their own CNY thing? Haha.

I wonder how some married couples manage to match their timings so well. Cos I heard that usually first day go visiting at the male side. Then second day go visiting at the female side. So how is the female going to meet her brothers if the guys are gonna be visiting their parents on first day instead? How can a younger sister visit her elder brother if on the 2nd day he needs to visit his wife's parents? (Cos usually the younger one must visit the older one)

And, what if the parents have their own elder brothers to visit? I know in the past people just go visit the elderly relatives without calling in advance. So these people stay at home whole day to wait for someone to come? Those top on the hierarchy type I understand lah like grandparents. But those mid ones leh? Like people need visit them, but they need visit others too?

E.g male guy who needs to visit his parents on day one but he has a son who needs to visit him on day one too. Hahaha.


What else what else? One more question to finish the challenge! I think I too longwinded lah. Just four questions I answer so long lol.

4. 整天吃好料hor?

(Translation: Everyday eat good food hor?)

Dunoe issit suan me or what but some of them follow me on fb and I received quite a lot of these. I actually don't mind cos I do agree I pamper myself with food a lot. Haha. Eating is one of my favourite things to do and it brings me lots of joy. I believe that being able to eat whatever you want is a huge blessing.

I usually answer, "no lah I only upload nice food mah, those not nice one I also never take picture...." Haha. I also got eat hawker one lah, but I prefer to eat something nice during weekends after a whole week of mediocre food court meals. Actually if hawker, I okay! Just not food courts if possible. Haha.

I do spend a lot on cabs and food. But one buys me time while the other buys me joy. So I feel quite worth it. Plus I don't spend on expensive clothes and bags and accessories so I think that's where I get the money to spend on eating? Hahahaha. Maybe my priorities will change when I grow older. I shouldn't eat so unhealthily anyway.

Yesterday I ordered kebab rice for lunch and asked for it without veggies. But it came served with veggies. It's a sign I should eat more veggies. Haha.

Bought mala noodles for dinner to reward myself after tiring day at work but I ordered the wrong type of noodles. So I reorder another type to add on, also wrong! Wahpiang. I forgot which noodles was the nice one I had previously!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Tanuki Raw

I've been seeing these really nice pictures of food at Tanuki Raw on Instagram so I decided to find out more and visited them for lunch some time back!

We went to the Orchard Central outlet. They were previously located at Orchard Central, but is currently temporarily closed for renovations at another unit. Meanwhile, they opened a new unit at Bras Basah! Just do a quick search online for the exact address.

Sat at the balcony overlooking at Orchard Road. Ordered a side of spam fries. Bf's favourite!

Their signature dish should be the beef bowl but since I don't eat beef, I ordered the salmon don which is equally good too! Three types of salmon on top of flavoured rice.

Bf's beef bowl.

Delicious good-looking food, see already also shiok! Haha. Ordered an additional egg to go with my rice. Don't see the bowl like so small, I will very full after the meal!

The best thing about Tanuki Raw is that the food is not pricey at all!

Wore this casual floral top from, easy to match plus material is comfortable too. Do check out the new arrivals, if you want anything from the CNY collection by this weekend, just send an email with your request and a meetup session may be arranged this Saturday! :)

Sunday, January 31, 2016


Two CNY collections launched on!

Get your CNY outfits in time:
Free next day delivery with tracking number if you order before 2359, 4th Feb 2016 :)
*special delivery not applicable for sale items. Orders up to 2359, 1st Feb will be by free local postage.

Also remember to quote ESTHERXIE for an additional $2 off!

Here's me wearing one of my favourite piece from the CNY collection~ Love the crochet sleeves and comfortable material. Plus, it's a romper so can anyhow sit while playing card games with relatives on the floor. Haha.

This off shoulder white piece also quite presentable if you don't wanna be too red and dressy.

This sling bag is so suitable for collecting angpows! Haha. Available in black too, if you are wearing a red dress.

Here are other CNY pieces which I also like~ Take your pick!

Shop now: 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Open Farm Community

Is it too late to go on a diet and be slim enough in time for CNY??

Arms and thigh super flabby now. Tried running on the treadmill last Sunday but only managed 10 mins, 1km, 86 calories. After the weak attempt, I was still determined so I wrote on my phone's notepad my plan to diet:

1. Less Carbs
2. Veggies in Every Meal
3. Run At Least 30 Mins Every Alternate Day
4. Drink Water Before Every Meal
5. No Snacks
6. No Sweet Drinks (Initially was this... then I added, "1 Teh Peng A Day" Hahaha. Cannot don't have Teh Peng!

On Monday, in an attempt to be healthier, I ordered soup with rice for lunch. Was feeling pleased about the amount of veggies I was eating when my mum called to ask if I want rendang chicken for dinner......  

Omg so fattening but how to resist???? Chicken drumsticks leh!!!

Told her to give me less rice (more chicken is fine). Hahaha. Not like less rice will make a difference but I guess knowing I didn't eat a full bowl of rice makes me feel better about the sinful meal.

Then on Tuesday, I had Yong Tau Fu, which is supposedly better than the usual food court fare.... But I had 3 fried ingredient out of 6 :x My colleague even asked me, "only 1 veg?" Hahaha. For dinner, I was rushing to get my hair done before the salon closes so I anyhow bought a packet of fried chicken chunks from a random stall instead of the one I usually go to, thinking it's all the same. If anyone think that fried chicken can never go wrong, it's not true! They went to put plum powder on it and it tasted so horrible, I went home to have curry maggi mee for supper. Diet? What's that?

On Wednesday, for lunch I had Mcdonalds' because they were giving out a set of adorable angpows for every Golden Treasure Burger! Super cute, they look like burger, fries, and coffee. By then I already forgot about my diet plan already. Haha. For dinner, I had Chong Qing Grilled Fish at Bugis. It was so SHIOK! Who cares about flabby arms and thighs now? Grilled fish in oily, yummy, chilli ~ I want!

And today.... I was craving for kebab and actually I only wanted the chicken kebab rice but the lamb looked especially juicy and I couldn't resist so I added lamb meat to my plate of chicken kebab rice. And I asked for no sauce (good), no veggie (what?!). Very yummy. For dinner, I actually only wanted to eat steam egg with rice but don't know why, I went to order steam chicken to go with it. Glutton indeed.

So yep, as you can see, I failed miserably for point 1 and point 2. As for point 3, I'd just say my last run was on Sunday. 4.... I've not been very diligently following this rule because er, I totally forgot. 5. I bought sweets today. Now I am more worried about getting sorethroat tomorrow morning. 6. Truth be told, I kind of naturally/habitually reach into my fridge for a packet of chrysanthemum tea every night. But the packet got a sign that says "Less Sugar"! Heh.

Hopefully I have better control next week.

What a long introduction for yet another food entry!

Awhile back bf brought me to this cafe called Open Farm Community, which has an interesting concept. It's part of Spa Esprit Group's initiative in spearheading local farming and connecting the community to nature. Whatever it is, I'm up for any yummy food!

I sat outside because it looks like a nice place to sit and spend the afternoon at!

Inside is quite nice too.

No caption for the above photos because actually I already forgot what we ate and how it tasted. It was so long ago!

But I remember the below! Alvin joined us after that and we went to have cod fish steamboat at this old rundown place and IT WAS SO GOOD. As usual, we over ordered for three pax, but we finished everything! And I forgot if it was the meeswa or beehoon that is heavenly, but one of them is super yums! And the omelette.... such a simple dish but done so well. Sometimes, these old food places are the ones with the best food.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Benjamin Browns

So this year, I'm 26 already. It's like suddenly I'm not a young adult anymore? In 4 years I'd be 30 and somehow I feel that I haven't really accomplished anything! I feel like at the rate I'm going, I'm probably only at 22 year old standard...! There's so much I've not done yet.

Time pass so fast! I just have to blink and I'd probably be 60 soon. Haha.

So anyway, today's entry is just some photos from the day we went to have lunch at Benjamin Browns. This was from half a year ago. Actually I still have unpublished blog entries from June 2015. Gosh.

Bf brought me to here because of this unique drink! I'm not a fan of thick milkshakes with all the sweet candy stuff on top though, so he drank it himself. It's too much sugar for me. Haha. I'd just have a cup of classic ice lemon tea.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Gumtree Flea Market

Hello all!

Me and Yutakis will be at the Gumtree Flea Market which will be happening this Saturday and Sunday!

Do come down and support us! I will be selling clothes from from $5-$10! Buy more I give you more discount ok! If I'm not around can bargain with my stall assistant also! Don't need shy haha. I will also be giving out FREE vouchers at my stall, so even if you don't buy anything tomorrow, can just take the voucher to shop online next time! 不拿白不拿haha。

There will also be goods from many other blogshops and Yutakis with his merchandise from Nutcase. I'm currently using a "biscuit" casing which he is also selling, and it's damn cute!

You'll also get to enjoy FREE truffle fries and gourmet coffee along with awesome live music. Can't wait!

Gumtree Flea Market
23rd & 24th of Jan 2016
11am - 8pm
Lowercase Cafe @ LASALLE College of the Arts

See ya!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

J65 Buffet at Hotel Jen Tanglin

Last weekend, I was invited to Hotel Jen Tanglin to see the newly unveiled hotel lobby which was still under renovation during my staycation here last year. I also had lunch at one of the hotel's restaurant, J65. The name represents Jen and the country code of Singapore, 65. I thought it was quite a cute name, which highlighted Hotel Jen Tanglin's quirky side. The hotel is full of character, yet never compromises on the comfort and experience of its guests.

The buffet spread at J65 features many local food so I think it's a suitable place to bring your foreign friends for yummy local food in the comfort of aircon! I am rarely impressed by buffets but I was like wow wow wow when I walked around the spreads before eating.

Couldn't resist and had chicken rice for my first course. The accompanying rice balls are fragrant and much better than many chicken rice stalls in coffee shops out there.

Another local dish served here is the laksa, and in so many different variations! Me being typical me, chose the safer choice of Singapore laksa, topped with a lobster. The gravy is nice, not too milky and the spicy level is just right.

Bf had the Penang laksa, which was good too. There were also others like Sarawak, curry, etc

For western dishes, remember to try something from the carving stations. Not like other buffets where there is usually only one type of meat, there was an entire table of chicken, ham, beef, and fish! I was so spoilt for choice and with everything so nicely presented, I went shutter happy.

In the end I chose chicken and ham. Was expecting to be disappointed because I've tasted many bland and dry meat from deceptively yummy-looking meat on carving stations at one too many buffet restaurants. I was in for a surprise because the meat here turned out yums! The ham was soooo tasty! To think I left the carving station to the last because I didn't think I'd like it. Regret max cos I was so full by then and couldn't eat another plate.

There are also a few salad selections for the health conscious peeps. For me, there were so many choices I didn't bother to try any veggies cos my stomach prefers meat. Haha. For those who love seafood on ice, there's many choices too, ranging from oysters to prawns to crabs. For people like me who prefer savory and hot, there's chilli crab with mantou, as well as salted egg prawns!!! J65 definitely knows that pleases people. Haha.

For desserts, I spot a rainbow cake! Took a photo when we walked around checking out the spread before eating. Can't believe I forgot to have a slice after I was done with the main courses!

Drinks include carrot juice, fruit punch, and soya bean with grass jelly. Service was superb, everyone was so nice and polite and helpful. There are also singers singing live in the restaurant while we dined and it made the experience even more enjoyable. I highly recommend this place, do check it out. Price from S$88++ for adults.

Hotel Tanglin Jen
1A Cuscaden Rd, 249716

For reservations: 6831 4374