Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Beast

Short entry today because I just reached home after a long day at work...

Had a sorethroat the other day but bf still brought me out to sin at The Beast!

It was an extremely hot day! Lemonade and southern sweet tea.

I wanted truffle fries but bf say "always truffle!", then proceeded to order Cajun Fries :'(

Ordered the 'Big Biscuit', which consisted of salad, sunny side up, candied bacon, buttermilk biscuit, and fried chicken. Quite a hearty dish! Recommended for chicken lovers, though I prefer the bacon to be normal instead of sweet.

Bf ordered the Mac and Cheese burger which sounds quite interesting! Also came in a generous portion. The fries are sweet potato instead of the usual type, which is quite good! This place feels really manly and suitable for an all-boys gathering ya?

Threw on a black jacket on top of the basic striped top that I got from I seldom do layering on my outfits but whenever I do, I love the result! Perhaps I should be hardworking more often.

Alright, signing off here! Tomorrow is another day at work before I see the weekends again!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Line Brown and Line Cony

Everyone around me knows that I'm in love with Brown and Cony from the Line app. Already got myself plushies of Cony, Brown, Sally, Moon but I knew I still wanted the entire set when Mcdonalds launched their Line Character toys!

Brought them out and recreated the Brown/Cony sticker with Marina Bay Sands background. hehe. They are so adorable!

My fave is Cony, followed by Brown and Sally. Only bought the Moon and Leonard because they are in the set and Moon does look quite cute here.

Love the line chat app! Lots of exaggerating stickers to use. Me and my friends always use the app to chat and had fun expressing ourselves using the stickers! Some of the conversations between me and bf are also on my dayre: Follow me if you haven't!

Saturday, January 24, 2015


BoCHINche was an unexpected find. We had intended to visit another restaurant nearby but its power supply had been disrupted so we had to find another place to have lunch. After walking quite a bit, we saw the signboard boCHINche and out of curiosity (and hunger), decide to take a look.

We were led upstairs and was pleasantly impressed with what we saw. BoCHINche definitely scored well with us aesthetically for sure. After deciding that the indoor seats were too dark for photos, we moved to the balcony deck which was brighter! Yes, I will suffer the heat for sunlight!

We started the meal with Pan & Manteca ($7.00). House baked bread with salted butter.

Classic Provoleta, Almonds & Honey ($17.00). I saw this served at other tables and it looked very yums so we ordered it!

Doesn't this look super delicious??? Too bad the "Chimichurri" Burger v2.0 ($28.00) is made of beef patty, so I cannot eat it at all. Bf had this and he loved it!

For me, it was difficult to order from the menu because almost everything has beef in it. Had the Yellow Fin Tuna, Grilled Pak Choi, Spicy Humita & Crispy "Aji Molido" Tofu ($30.00), one of the rare dishes without beef in boCHINche.

WS had the House Chorizo Sausage, Malbec Braised Ox Cheeks & Caramelised Onions ($25.00). The portion is so big!

Brioche French Toast, House-cooked Ham & Bacon Ice Cream ($19.00) for my sis! This is my first time seeing ice cream with bacon bits!

Dessert time! Grilled Pineapple, Mate Tea Granite & "Arroz Con Leche" Sorbet, Lemon Crumble ($18.00) was an interesting and unique but is a wonderful end to our good meal!

Photo with sis! The top I am wearing is from Earthdoll! Knew I wanted it the moment I saw it on the racks at their retail store in Bukit Panjang Plaza level 3!

It was a joy trying Argentinian food for the first time!

22 Martin Road, 239058
Tel: 6235 4990

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Video Shoot

Photos from the video shoot I did for a client some time back!

My skin complexion is usually okay, but on this particular day, several pimples broke out on my face including one super huge one, which is quite rare for me. Aiyo, early no come late no come, come on a day I had to go on camera! I also had morning bloating due to the early timing. Really is quite jialat!

Taken during a break! Thankful for the crew who were so patient towards me because I was quite nervous and couldn't say my lines smoothly! My spoken English has never been good.

When the shoot wrapped up I was famished! Went to a nearby restaurant for Indian food. Such a long time since I last ate Indian food! I remember I used to have them quite often, but not anymore. My favourite is masala prawns because I like the flavorful spice used in the dish. Ordered pepper chicken too because I wanted some meats (I cannot have no meats!!). Think I ordered too much because I was so full by the end of the meal!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hungry Heroes

If you are a fan of superheroes, you are going to love today's entry!

Was invited by Art Art and Away to visit their art gallery and have dinner at Hungry Heroes, a superhero concept restaurant housed within!

While the rest had ciders, I had this recommended bottled serum - Stewart's Orange N' Cream ($5). Perfect drink to go with all the meat later!

The restaurant has a unique decor which made me feel I am far away from all the real world outside.

We had Hungry Heroes Platter - The Steak-out ($108+, serves 5 to 6)! It includes 200gm ribeye, full rack pork ribs, pulled pork, sausage trio, 250gm de-boned chicken leg, beef stew, veal osso bucco. What a feast! I am sure meat-lovers like me would love this.

My favourite out of all was the pulled pork and chicken leg, while they were all fawning over the beef! I guess they do their meats really well!

We also had the Truffle Mash Potato ($6+) which was extremely fragrant and unique. It's a must-order! Also had Deep Fried Luncheon Chips ($5+), which I know my bf would love if he was there!

After a sumptuous dinner, we went upstairs. Check out the decor! Love the bright colours and character!

Really like this area! There is a big table at that corner, which is really perfect for a gathering with friends.

The furniture and art pieces are for retail too. I checked out some of the prices and was surprised that they were all very affordable!

Didn't noticed at first but on a closer look, I realize the chandelier was made up of many superhero figures!

With Nadia and Jacelyn infront of the Hungry Heroes mural!

We had an enjoyable time at Hungry Heroes and Art Art Away! I think it's a nice themed restaurant to bring your boyfriend (men will love this place), or a friend who is a fan of superhero comics!

The restarant is located at 27 Tessensohn Road!

Friday, January 16, 2015

A day at the countryside

Feeling a little bored with our usual movie-and-dinner dates, we decided to venture to the countryside one fine day!

We went to Farmart Centre, but were in for a disappointment. Compared to the crowd few years back when I last visited, it is now quiet and empty. Only 1-2 shops were opened the day we went.

We stopped at the parrots area for quite awhile. Probably the only spot within Farmart that has some activity going on.

The bird perched on his finger looks like it can blend perfectly into the picture canvas behind.

Tricks time! This little bird pulled this toy trishaw like a trishaw uncle! So adorable to watch! After that, they even had a game of basketball!

With nothing else to do at Farmart, we drove to nearby independent farms like Qian Hu Fish Gallery.

Remember the luohan craze many years back?

Went to feed some fishes!

I was seated by this pond with my mobile phone on my lap. When I stood up, I forgot about it and it dropped into the turtle pond!!!!!!!!!!! I was afraid to put my hands into the pond in case the turtle bite me and waited for bf to come from the opposite side and retrieve the phone for me and that resulted in a bit of delay. Quickly wiped it with a towel and was so afraid it would be the end for my phone there and then! Thankfully, the phone worked!!!! It was such a miracle!

After that, we went to D'Kranji Farm Resort!

Saw a pair of swings and parked by the roadside to sit on it for awhile, doing nothing except twirling round and round and round, taking in the afternoon fresh air and just relaxing. Haha. The nail art is an indication of how backdated this post is.... I had this design few months back!!!

Went to the backyard and explored around the fruit garden.

Wanted to get out as soon as I got in because there were so many insects flying around. How I wish I repel insects naturally.

Wearing striped romper from Earthdoll! Paired it with orange necklace and orange wedges!

Went back to Farmart for dinner because I saw BBQ wings on the way out earlier. IT WAS SUCH AN AWESOME DINNER. The BBQ wings were perfect, the sambal stingray was perfect, the chicken was also perfect! There was also a makeshift KTV at the dining area and it was quite entertaining to eat while watching amateur uncles and aunties sing hokkien songs on stage. Haha. Wanna go back just to eat this but it's so far in the west :(

Bf also brought me to see the Neo Tiew Estate, abandoned HDB which is now used for army training. That sums up my day at the countryside!