Saturday, April 19, 2014

March/April Updates

So much to do so little time!

Here's a random update with lots of pictures because I feel like rambling today!

First, let me tell you a joke my colleague sent to me the day before.

Ah Soh is filling up an application form for a job.
She supplied the information for the columns on Name, Age, Address etc.
Then she comes to column on "Salary Expected"
She is not sure of the question.
After much thought, she writes "Yes".

Recently got myself a new love - this pink Kate Spade bag. Love it very much! I have been very into bags recently, got myself at least 10 new ones in this month alone :x Okay, now I know why I am so poor :'( Gotta scrimp for the rest of the month!

Anyway, I really need to find a way to organize my bags properly in my closet. Currently they are all on top of each other and I really can't bear to do that to my new bags. Anyone knows anywhere I can buy some kind of bag shelving to be placed inside closets?

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Pardon the messy hair. This was the result of not going to the salon as frequently as I should. Haha.

I have been wearing this skirt from Femmex alot! It's not easy for me to find shorts/skirts that fits nicely on me so whenever I find one, I wear them repetitively and pair them with all sorts of tops! You will definitely see photos of this skirt on many of my future posts too. Haha.

The bag is an old one which I seldom use. Found it in my cupboard and rekindled my love for it. Haha. The material is so good and it's so spacious inside! I have been carrying small bags recently, it felt unusual too have so much empty space suddenly! Haha. I think there are water droplets on my bag in the photo above. It was raining that day! It seem to rain alot during the weekends these days.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Park with the girls

Hello people!

I've been terribly obsessed with shopping lately, I think someone needs to freeze my card. I kept buying bags, tops, skirts, and dresses non-stop!! It's not like I'm earning a lot, so this impulsive-spending habit is bad! Sadly, I also misjudged my size and bought a few pieces which cannot fit, so I'm wondering what to do with them now.

The increasing weight must be due to me eating out a lot! Fidelis recently invited us along for a food tasting at Park. I went to Park once before and remembered that the food was quite good, so I was looking forward to go again!

Park is located right outside Holland Village MRT station. I took the MRT that day and it was easier than expected to locate the restaurant, which was in the middle of a big grass patch, separated from rows of shops beside.

Nice photo of Carrie, Nadia and Fidelis in front of Park. Most of the photos in this entry are from Carrie's awesome DSLR! Love the crisp and clear images :)

A group photo of us!

We were served Premium Wild Berries Cider and Pear Cider. It is a light and refreshing drink for a hot afternoon.

I had my fave brunch drink - Cafe Latte. It was so good I had to stop myself from ordering a second cup.

Spam Chips and Truffle Fries to start our meal. The Spam Chips were tasty and crispy, a good treat for any day! Unfortunately, I was still recovering from my wisdom tooth surgery then, so I only managed to swallow down one piece. The Truffle Fries were a delight and we finished the whole bucket.

I had the Eggs Benedict during my previous visit and recalled it to be a quite a feast and indeed it was!

Duo Pork Belly, probably what I would order if I visit again. Two different styles of pork belly on a plate - tender braised and crispy roast. I highly recommend this!

Another good one - Grilled Portobello. Love the juiciness and delicious stuffing inside!

Truffle Mac and Cheese. Everyone on the table gave thumbs up for its creaminess.

We were stuffed by then but the dessert came anyway. The Tiramisu and Chocolate Pancakes is definitely a crowd-pleaser and a perfect ending to our meal!

Bf came to pick me up shortly after. For OOTD pics of this day, refer to my previous entry!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

2nd Year Anniversary

After Universal Studios, we got changed and went for dinner! Bf made reservations earlier but refused to tell me which restaurant he chose till the day itself. The only hint he told me was "nice view", and "dress nicely". Haha.

So happy when he told me he was bringing me to Salt Grill!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Chrome Hearts

Did my nails at MILLYS again! Decided to venture out of my usual "floral" style and tried a darker design this time! I have been seeing a lot of Chrome Hearts inspired nails on my instagram feed since early this year and was tempted many times but always got won over by other designs at the last minute.

Anyway, at the salon I decided to customize my own Chrome Hearts nail design! That's the wonderful thing about Chrome Hearts. Although they all look the same overall, it's very difficult to find two exact same designs because there are so many elements to choose from!

Even for colors, I could choose between black x silver, black x gold, black x red, black x blue, etc. I decided to have all black base with silver embellishments except for one finger which will be silver glitter base!

I had two fingers on each hand drawn with white lines on black base, and studs on the rest. Super in love with my design!!!! My nails are not big enough but if they are, I would put round studs around the finger so that it looks more glam!

I seriously feel that Gelish is an awesome invention! I no longer have to wait around for my nails to dry, and I get to have my pretty designs last longer! And, for this set it cost only approximately $70 - $80. Super worth it!

To make an appointment, call the following branches!
Bugis Street Level 2: 63384137
Far East Plaza Level 3: 67376723


Hair and Lash Extensions are also available at MILLYS, so do visit the website to find out more!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Universal Studios Singapore

It was our two years anniversary so we took a day off work and went to Universal Studios!

The date was just 10 days after my wisdom tooth surgery, so I was very afraid that I would not be healed in time to smile properly for nice photos!

Luckily, I got well days before so the worrying was for nothing! :) Lots of pictures taken for this entry! Probably the most number of times my face ever appeared in a single blog posting. Haha. Loved the photos in this entry! So bright and cheery, I think most of them will end up in my instagram feed over the next few days :D

Do you all go clockwise (turn left) or anti-clockwise (turn right) upon entry? I think the correct way is to turn left and go in sequence of Hollywood, Madagascar, Far Far Away, The Lost World, Ancient Egypt, Sci-fi City, New York. I conquered the sections one by one in that sequence the last time I went, so this time I was quite bothered when bf turned right upon entry! And instead of enjoying each place thoroughly (ride, take photos, walk slowly, breathe the magical air) before moving on to the next, he was going from ride to ride spontaneously without a "planned route"! Haha. So, we decided to play first, photos later! In the end he accidentally mentioned that the weather forecast said there would be rain in the afternoon. No wonder he was so eager to finish the rides first!

(I guess the above paragraph only applies in Universal Studios Singapore, because I just realize I am quite anyhow too in other amusement parks! I think it's because Universal Studios Singapore is mapped in a circular design.)

First ride, Sesame Street Space Chaser. First time on this ride, because it was not there the last time I went a couple of years back. It is a very kiddy ride, so I think I would skip it next time! Luckily we didn't waste a lot of time in the queue for this one.

Next was another ride which wasn't around the first time I went. Transformers! I think it's one of the more popular rides there because we queued the longest for this.

Before we entered, the park attendant told us it would take 1.5 hours but I thought that was an over-estimation so we went in anyway. Look at us in the queue, the place looks empty right? We were around the middle of the queuing hallway and it gave us the illusion that we were not that far away from the ride. This photo of us was helpfully taken by an angmoh infront of us, before he got into a bad mood after we went into room after room of endless queues. Don't be cheated by the half-empty hallway outside, because what awaits inside are numerous rooms with queues. The ride was quite ok, not really a thrill ride, but the graphics were awesome and effects were fantastic!

Actually the previous time I went was also on a weekday and it was not crowded and the queue time was not long at all too! Surprised that this time the queues are all so long! Waiting really kills the fun! :(

Some characters at Ancient Egypt!

And we managed to get a photo with them! The lady was in character throughout and didn't smile AT ALL. I wonder how she does it. Doesn't she have urges to smile at people who wants to take a photo? Haha. And after the photo, bf told me he thinks the guy is not fit. I think my bf siao one. Where got not fit. The guy looks like he can lift me up with just one hand!

Then, onto the Mummy ride! I think this is probably the most thrilling ride in Universal Studios. Bf was happily laughing away while I screamed!

Another photo of us in Ancient Eygpt!

Next, my favourite city in Universal Studios Singapore. FAR FAR AWAY!

It's so pretty and magical! I had to stop myself from going overzealous with taking photos of every possible angle in here. Haha.

Hi Fairy-godmother! Her wig looks extremely heavy!

After going on the Shrek 4D Adventure and Enchanted Airways (love this ride!), it was time for lunch! We decided on Goldilocks!

The burgers were blah, but the chicken was not bad!

Bf was tempted by the milkshake and got it! I don't really like it though.

After lunch, we saw Pinocchio! So cute!

Photo outside Gingerbread's candy house!

Another pretty photo of Far Far Away before we move on!

Madagascar! I've never watched the movie so the characters don't really appeal to me. Haha.

Photo on the boat ride~ After the ride, bf said, "the story doesn't make sense." hahaha. Ya lor, I was quite confused in there.

Moving on to Hollywood and New York!

Performance beside Mel's Drive In. They look really retro!

Wore a black necklace from HURS, featuring the words Love, which totally fits the occasion! Haha.

I love the entire street! Lots of picturesque moments! If only our streets are also as charming as these! The whole place looks just like how I pictured towns from storybooks when I was a child.

This Charlie Chaplin guy was very funny! He was trying to tease my bf by pulling me away. Lol.

Afterwards, we went to Lights Camera Action! I always feel very scared in there!

We skipped The Lost World initially because of the wet ride, but since we were done with taking photos, we went in to play our last few rides!

The reptile he was holding moved in a really realistic way until we realize it is a puppet controlled by his hands. I thought it was a super-realistic robot toy! I think the kids totally believed it to be real!

Rapids Adventure.... also my first time on it because the last time I went, it was under maintenance. Bf say until like so scary, but it wasn't that scary lah! Luckily we didn't get very soaked... Just splashed!

And then... the canopy flyer! I remember I was totally terrified on the ride the last time but this time it was super fun we went up twice! The queue time was also not as long as my previous visit. Only 15-20 minutes now!

Us on the ride!

High up in the air!

Time for a kiddy ride!

Bf trying to show off his.... ear? Lol.

Then we passed by Ancient Egypt again!

And met two other characters who are from The Mummy movie I think!

Got a nice guy to help us take this photo (so that not all our photos have my big arm at the side. Hahaha).

We went on many of the rides again! This time the queue is significantly shorter, like just 10 minutes only (the walking through the queue poles took longer than waiting!) It makes everything so much more fun!

So happy that the Battlestar Galatica was still suspended when we went! Hahaha. This is because the last time I already went, and it was quite scary, so I didn't want to feel obliged to go again! If it was operating, I am sure bf would want to go and would want me to go too. Luckily it was closed! Hehehe I'm probably the only person happy about this! Heard that they are going to dismantle and change it to a new ride. Looking forward!

Craving for some ice cream so we got a cup from Starbot Cafe!

I was slowly eating my ice cream and by the time I was done, the attendants at Accelerator told us that it was the last ride already :( Sad! We didn't manage to play this in the end because of our ice cream!

Ending this entry with a photo of us! See, we got chemistry leh, both our legs in the same position. Hahaha!

We had so much fun that I forgot about time! We had wanted to leave at 5pm but ended up staying till 7pm without knowing!