Monday, November 6, 2017

Melbourne Day 1-2

A year back, my sister had a two-week study attachment in Melbourne and we decided to make it a family trip! My dad and me were there for 9 days while my mum stayed with her throughout. S tagged along as well and we took the chance to have some photos taken for our prewedding album! Read about the photoshoot here:

I have very fond memories of Melbourne and I will be sharing our itinerary in detail!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Birthday Staycation

The husband booked a weekend staycation at Naumi Liora for part two of my birthday celebration! (Part one here -

Naumi Liora is a boutique hotel full of character. The contemporary interior with its chinese townhouse facade is centrally located at Keong Siak Road, well known for its rich heritage.

He booked the porch room, which comes with an outdoor area.

Finally went out for late lunch at Potato Head opposite the hotel. There are plenty of other eateries around the area too!

The truffle cheese fries are da bomb. The hamburger is yummy too.

Went back to the hotel to rest before we headed out for Korean BBQ dinner.

The next morning, I was craving for toast so we had tradional breakfast at Keong Saik Bakery.

After that we picked his mum up for our favourite ramen! :)

Weekend well spent!

Gotta clear up my travel backlogs soon! One of them goes way back to almost a year ago already :x

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Happy 27th Birthday

Anyone still here? Haha. It's been awhile since I last blogged because I have been busy with work! (Omg I just realize I only posted once in September?!) Adult life sigh. We are getting the keys to our BTO very soon so I foresee my schedule will become even more packed. Feel free to email me if you have awesome renovation vendors to introduce :) I have some friends who offered their contacts and I'm looking forward to sharing more about our renovation journey creating a home of our own.

So anyway, I turned 27 yesterday! Woke up to a bowl of birthday meeswa cooked by my mother-in-law. If I can choose, I'd have hot noodle soup over cake anytime!

We went into JB today! It was supposed to be only dinner after work but I decided to take leave at the last minute and the husband suggested we drive in. We thought that the traffic would be smooth since it's a weekday but nah, we kena jam both ways -_- Is it everybody no need work one?

Did some search online for cafes in Johor and Bev C was one of those that popped up on almost every blog. Decided to visit since their food looked interesting enough.

For example, the ice cube expresso. It was supposed to look prettier but my cubes weren't very visibly cubic so I didn't manage to take any nice photos of it. There are various variety in addition to the original and I had the chocolate and milk option while the husband had Spicy Mango, which came with a piece of chilli padi in the drink. I love the combination of sweet chocolate and expresso here, except that it became more and more bitter towards the end after the ice melts.

I ordered ham & cheese croissants and chose the charcoal version. The croissant is yummy but the rest were meh.

Then came along the husband's dish and I was green with envy because it looked so good!!!

Everything about Bev C is just visually pleasant. I knew I had to order the Earl Grey Dark Chocolate dessert when I saw it on display. Too pretty for words.

Here's the address of Bev C'afe if you are keen!
54, Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Afterwards we drove to Mount Austin where Little Paris is. This place is like a combination of Parisian streets/ dreamy outskirt town... It looked nothing like Johor Bahru!

I LOVE THIS PLACE, also the reason I took so many photos! Gonna spam it on my instagram over the next few days haha.

We came for the picturesque Cafe De Flore. 

We were still full from brunch so we only had tea and some snacks. I'm quite amazed by how nice the staff are over here.... Both cafes had great service!

Cafe De Flore
Jalan Jaya Putra 1/1, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

After tea, the husband offered to sponsor a classic mani pedi session at the nail salon nearby. Yay! Feeling very pampered!

Went back to Singapore after that and we headed to Oso Ristorante located at the level 27 of Oasia Hotel. Just nice for my 27th birthday! Haha.

Ambience and food was good. Would love to come back here again! I really like dinner dates like this :)

After dinner we went back to my parents place for cake cutting with the family.

Feeling so loved this year. The husband sent flowers to the office which made me so happy ^_^ A bouquet never fails to please!

Celebrated with my work peeps a week in advance at a nice Japanese restaurant too! Had so much sashimi we all concluded that we will not be having it again anytime soon hahahah.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Childhood Montage & Prewedding Video in Korea!

For our first march in, we had the childhood montage followed by proposal highlights. We videoed and edited the whole video ourselves! It was so much hard work! The ending part is very long because that was screened while we cut the cake and all that after march in haha. Forgot to edit before I upload.

For the second march in, we screened the prewedding video taken in Korea during our prewedding shoot! Still have very happy memories whenever I look at this video.

For our morning highlights, go to:

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

My Taobao Wedding with Ezbuy

Today, I wanna share about some of the wedding hauls I got from Taobao through ezbuy!

Red bridal robe in the morning before I change into my first gown. I wanted to wear something nice instead of my usual sleeping clothes because I know the photographer will take photos! It is also silky soft and comfortable! Get it via ezbuy Prime

I bought plenty of these decor for the house! It's so much cheaper than getting from the retail shops in Singapore. Each piece is less than $1! You can get it via this link.

My own bouquet is from TheFlowerGodmother but for my bridesmaids, I got these white bouquets from at only less than $10 each via ezbuy

Wrist corsages too! Each is like few cents only!

Dartboard for one of the gatecrash games. Link:

My favourite buy should be this love nest ring holder during the solemnization! There is option to customize the wooden board inside but I decide the default is already nice. It's only $10+ and comes with several colours. Get it here: Something different from the geometric terrarium ring box that almost every bride is using nowadays.

Glittery gold pen to sign our marriage cert.

And carrot pens for the reception at less than a dollar each! Fits our garden theme just nice plus they are so cute! We didn't manage to get any of these back after the wedding though..... Wonder where they went. Lol.

Also got red packets from Taobao! Each piece at just few cents. There are many different designs available and I got mine here:

We placed our red packets in this nice pouch!

We also bought a number of things for our guo da li!
Tea set

Trays that came in handy.

Stickers. These are really useful! Usually for guo da li we put this double xi sticker on everything!


Also got plastic bags and canvas totes with the double Xi word!

Thank you cards for my bridesmaids...

Floral boxes for my bridesmaids gifts...

Why shop from Taobao? It's way cheaper because shopping directly from the country of origin helps to bypass any importer, exporter, distributor or retailed. I saved so much money by getting some of the items through Taobao!

I used ezbuy Prime, which gave me unlimited shipping fee at only $2.99 each time regardless the size, weight or quantity! Needless to say I compiled all the items in my shopping cart and only checked out at one go! Another benefit of Prime is that it includes all Buy-For-Me services such as Purchase, Inspection and After-sales support + instant upgrade to SVIP membership to enjoy 50% off agent fee!

Something special for you all, Free $10 Shopper Voucher when you register through this link!

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