Saturday, September 20, 2014

fArt tArtz

When bf first said he wanted to bring me to Farttartz for our weekend date, my mind was thinking "what Farttartz I don't want". The name wasn't very nice but I went to search it on Instagram and realized it was the cafe that serves flower dessert which I saw on a magazine and wanted to go! Haha.

We ordered all these. Honestly at first I had very low expectations of the food because I thought it would be just a fanciful cafe with mediocre food. But I was wrong!!!! The food was quite yums!

Especially the Grilled Hot Wings. I am actually craving for it right now!

Bf ordered sandwiches.

And I ordered Pepper Chix Linguine which came in a jar! This cafe is really all about visual pleasantness, I like! And I have to say, the pasta was not dry at all and it was tasty. I am not usually a pasta person but I enjoyed the entire jar.

Never thought much about fruits infused water before but that day I had it and felt quite inspired. Like quite easy to make at home leh. Throw in grapes strawberries berries and mint leaves. Sounds like an easy way to healthy drinking! It tasted good, didn't stray too far from how plain water taste and it felt quite nice eating the sweet fruits inside too. Plus, look so pretty!

For desserts, we ordered a jar of Strawberry Shortcake. IT WAS SO GOOD. The berries, the cream that wasn't too sweet and the crumbs were a good combination.

Again, the presentation makes instagram-worthy pictures! Haha.

And the highlight of the meal was........ the flower dessert! It's actually mud tart, and the flavour we chose was orange-something. I actually wanted oreo because it had the sunflowers but the selections of orange-something one didn't have them. The service staff was very nice to change the flowers when she knew i preferred these instead of the original ones :x

Isn't the flower pot dessert so cute?!!!

Besides the visually appealing food, I liked the flowery decor too.

I want a panel of flowers like this in my house next time! Would be such a pretty backdrop!

Love the gardeny theme!

It was an awesome lunch but dampened by bf's grumpy mood. One minute he's sweet and another minute he's pekchek. Tsk!

But he surprised me later by secretly buying another flower dessert and hiding it in the car. Ok la I happy after that. Haha

OOTD picture! Green floral top from! It is exactly the same top I wore to Bintan, just different colour. Haha.

Bf and me have been taking turns going overseas for the past few weeks so we haven't had a proper weekend date for a long time. Can't wait for our next one!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I received a pretty package just recently!

It is a Memory Locket that I customized with Ztyle.Co! There are choices of keychain, necklace, bracelet, or dust plug, and I chose keychain. Just thought it would be really nice to have a pretty personalized locket attached to my keys! Anyway, if I want to use it as a necklace, I can also easily change it myself as the top pin attached with the clipse hook can be changed. How awesome!

The memory locket has two sides. I chose 30mm stainless steel silver crystal keychain; comes in gold as well as heart shape! For the front, there is mini photo 13mm of myself in the middle, and my name embossed on a 22mm silver stamping plate. In additional, I also chose three floating charms to be inside the locket - Love, Flower, and a pink Crystal. Really liked my selections!

At the back, is a 22mm photo of myself. You can put photos of your baby, pet, or boyfriend too!

Best thing is, although it's a customized item, it only takes 3-5 business days before item is shipped out. Many people have done their lockets with Ztyle.Co and you can view the gallery in the website for inspirations on the kind of design you want :)

Also, the locket can be open at the side to add or remove charms! There is a wide variety of charms to choose from on, I am sure you will be spoilt for choice just like me.

Here's a special promotion code for you readers!

Quote "EstherZtyle5" for 5% off orders above $50/- from when cart out. Besides customizing for self, I think that it can also be a very meaningful gift for friends or the other half!

Check out now for customized lockets! Follow them on Instagram @shopztyleco or too!

Monday, September 15, 2014


Sometimes when we have nothing better to do on our weekend dates, we just spend the day taking photos. In this entry, I am wearing Earthdoll's top, which has become a staple in my wardrobe because of it's versatile colour and design.

Earthdoll is fast becoming one of my favourite place to shop because of its wide variety of designs suitable for different occasions. Earthdoll was founded in 2007, starting out with a retail shop at Bukit Panjang Plaza #03-21. New designs are updated everyday in-store, with wallet friendly prices ranging from just $10 - $20. Earthdoll's myriad of styles are inspired and sourced all over the world with self manufactured designs. With the recent start up of the site, Earthdoll hopes to bring your shopping experience with them to a greater level!

I actually have a lot of "back-log" ootds featuring Earthdoll, which I have yet to share. Hope to post them up soon!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Tastemaker Store

Today, I want to share about this new cafe we found a while back - The Tastemaker Store, located in a quiet corner of Havelock Road.

This place left quite a good impression on me and I immediately introduced this place to people around me even though I have only been there once. I have nothing but praises for this new cafe: its simplicity, low prices, and pretty, cozy interior. If only it's not located so far from where I stay.

The design inside was extremely simple - very modern muji inspired style. Check out the menu board against the wall. Most items are from $3 - $6, extremely affordable!

Got ourselves a nice corner by the full length windows where sunlight was shining in. Bf ordered the Ham & Cheese sandwich, which came looking like a burger instead. Looks good nevertheless.

I just had my braces fixed a few days before my visit to this cafe, so my teeth was still hurting alot then. I did not have much appetite for anything else and just ordered a simple fruit jam toast. Simple, but so satisfying! Good food doesn't have to be complicated. Now that my braces do not hurt anymore, I am contemplating to come back again and enjoy the food properly! Although I can eat harder things now, I think I will order the same thing.

The set also came with soft boiled eggs, which is my all-time-favorite snack.

Bf also ordered glutinous rice off the local delights menu. It was good too.

Ended our meal with a hot cup of tea. I could laze my afternoons away like this all the time, anytime. I recommend this place for cafe-hopping students with a budget. This is one of the rare places with good ambience, good food, good price.

The Tastemaker Store
22 Havelock Road
Singapore 160022

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hey Mickey

Went to have nails done at Millys with Nadia after lunch at Koh Grill on Sunday! We have wanted to do our nails together for so long but always failed because our schedules didn't match. Finally managed to have a manicure session together!

As this was just before my trip to Hong Kong, I wanted to do something related for my nails. I thought of "dimsum" but decided against it because I couldn't find any nice designs to copy from online. Haha. In the end, I decided to do a Disneyland theme because it was one of the attractions for my Hong Kong trip too.

I chose the combination of Red, White, and Black to fit Mickey colours. I went to search for inspirations but mostly were red base with white polkadots, which I have done before. Hence, I went to use powerpoint to do up this design myself! Haha. Chose to do something simple instead of having Mickey faces because I did not want to wait for it to be drawn....

My favourite nail is the heart one! I like how perfectly drawn it was!

Nadia did simple glitter gelish, which was sparkly and pretty too!

For appointments with Millys, sms to 83835395 and remember to quote my name "EstherXie" for discounts! For more nail ideas, you can refer to Millys instagram page: MillysBeautySG

Millys is located at Far East Plaza Level 3 and Bugis Street Level 2, so it is really convenient and accessible!

Outfit of the day was this fringe pastel blue top from, paired with floral shorts. Nadia was in pastel too so we were really matchy that day! After our nail session we went for a little shopping spree and got so many new tees! Plus the ones I got from Earthdoll, I have to start heading out a little more so that I can wear these new pieces soon! Haha.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Over the weekend, we watched this movie called "Cafe.Waiting.Love".

I think I chanced upon a review on a magazine and was interested because the story is by Giddens Ko, the guy who did "You are the apple of my eye" which was a box office success.

I like this kind of dreamy, true love type of movies because they make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Anyway, I love the movie! It was a little slow at first, but the story eventually unfold and I ended up crying buckets and laughing a lot at some parts which were quite nonsensical and unrealistic. But even though I knew it was impossible for such things to happen in real life, I enjoyed the movie very much.

I personally liked this more than "You are the apple of my eye".

One of the quote in the movie which I agree with:

And while watching this, I suddenly conclude that bf is not in love with me!!! One man in the movie said that he has no 人生目标 except to see his girl happy all the time, and that's enough. Bf's 人生目标 confirm is not that lo. Tsk.

OOTD: Dress from // I am extremely in love with this dress that I picked out from their latest collections. I love the floral print and flattering cut on me. The material is also very comfy! I think it's going to become one of the staples in my wardrobe :)