Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Buyer Scam

I always thought it was easy to spot a scam... for example, those sending an email promising million of dollars, but I think they are getting cleverer.

Yesterday, I received a whatsapp text requesting for my bank account details so that he can transfer the payment for a bag that I listed for sale. Luckily, I went to ask bf for advice first because the buyer claimed to be from Canada and wishes for me to ship the item to Africa. I was more comfortable with selling it to someone in Singapore, since it wasn't just a few dollars at stake. Bf told me it could be fake, so I went to search the buyer's country code online and true enough, it wasn't a Canada number. It was from Nigeria, and apparently it was a scam.

I quickly blocked the buyer on whatsapp. Then, I started to wonder if they can access my phone even though I didn't give my bank details. Meanwhile on Linechat:

Me: U think they can access my phone? Since I replied.

Bf: Don't think so bah... Bank details never give can le :)

Me: Like maybe they plant a bug in my phone.

Bf: Haha. Won't ba. Don't need worry.

Me: He seeing this now!!!

Bf: Ya ya right.

Don't take my bank details please!
Me very very poor.
Want take also take my bf's. He richer.

Bf: Lol. Crazy.

Me: He reading! I write here he can see.

Bf: Lol. Then why you ask him to rob me!
Hello don't rob me. Rob my friend.
He is richer. He taking pilot license now.


At this time I burst into laughter because I know which friend he was referring to and it was funny to see him also say "hello" to the Nigerian. Haha.

After that, bf called me on the phone and the first thing he said was, "Talk softly. he can hear us."
Me: Ya. So Scary!




Nadia just texted me this:

Nad: I wanna transfer u money earlier. but I scared Nigerian scam me after that.
Nigerian man, if you see this, I got no money actually. don't scam me.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Authentic Saint Laurent Monogram Bag in Black Patent Leather

Golden hardware fold-over flap with magnetic-snap closure
Measurements 17.0 x 11.5 x 4.5 cm
Condition 10/10 with dustbag

Selling Price: SGD1750 (Retail price at around SGD2350)
Email to if interested.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Milly's Birthday on a Yacht

It was Milly's birthday awhile back and she invited us on a yacht with her friends! It was great to meet up with the girls again! Here are some photos from the day.

Milly brought along her dog 'Toto'!

Photo with the birthday girl x4. Haha.

I just went to the dentist that day to tighten my braces. Don't know why so coincidental. On my first braces fixture date, it was Milly's 3rd outlet opening and 6th anniversary celebration. Of course I have to attend! Then on my first tightening session, it was Milly's yacht party. Then I remember, on my second tightening session, just nice I scheduled my manicure session at Millys right after my dental appointment!

I still feel very happy that the ceramic braces are hardly visible in photos! Just hoping that the side gaps will close faster. Call TLC Dental Centre if you are keen to explore ceramic braces! FREE consultation if you quote my name!

Photo with Nadia!


It was quite relaxing and nice to just sit there and look at the waters, enjoying the breeze and do nothing at all.

Elaine and Fidelis!

With Fidelis :)

Yummy food onboard!

Then, we went upstairs to the upper deck to chit chat!

Toto came up too! Hehe.

Group photo just before the sun sets!

Cake session!

Happy Birthday Milly!

We even caught some fireworks before heading back!


Ending off with a short video I took that day! Thanks Milly, for inviting us to celebrate your birthday! :D Looking forward to our next steamboat session!!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Just another weekend date

Something different from the usual brunch! Bf brought me to Taiwan Railway Bento for lunch on one of our weekend dates!

This was what we had! It was not bad! I had stewed pork (quite fatty) rice bento while bf had the soya chicken rice bento. Sides of fried chicken cutlet (crispy and yum!) and fried intestines.

The bad thing is, it is located in this mall called CT Hub, which has nothing except tuition centres and some random shops...

The obligatory ootd photo. I make it a point to wear new clothes for weekend dates because it's the only time I get to have the afternoon sunshine and bf's awesome camera to take photos for me. Haha.

Really envy those people who can take photos of their ootd every day! If only bf is free to come and take photo for me in the afternoon every single day. Hahaha. Then I can do a book called 365 days of OOTD. Speaking of book, I was telling bf that he can publish one called "Esther's Caifan Diary" already because I have been eating caifan everyday recently (to save money), and everytime before my meal, I send him a photo of what I'm eating. It requires skill to act like I'm not taking photo when I'm actually taking photo of the food, because it's really quite paisei to be taking photos of food in a coffee shop. Haha.

After that we went to watch movie. Then, it was dinner time liao. Yea, our date is so "exciting". Haha. We are totally a movie-and-dinner type of couple.

We finally tried the highly-raved Kin Kin Pan Mee! I feel that it's not bad, but over rated. Doesn't really live up to its hype and didn't really impressed me! Not really worth the wait that was reported in the media when they just opened! Luckily we didn't have to wait at all the day we went, so it was alright. However, we had to share tables even though it was near closing time and there were empty tables around.

And that concludes just another weekend date.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ramen Champion

s I have mentioned multiple times, my favourite ramen in Singapore is Ramen Keisuke Tori King. But it is located far away in Tanjong Pagar, where I seldom go.

Where can I find good ramen, somewhere I often visit? I frequently go to Bugis to do my nails at Millys, do my hair at Bugis Essensuals, or just shop. Most of the time I dine at Itacho when I'm there - my fave Japanese sushi place in Singapore. When I am craving ramen, I go to Ramen Champion.

Ramen Champion is located at Bugis+, level 4. Ramen at Ramen Champion is almost always good because all of them are contenders of a ramen contest, so there is bound to be some level of quality no matter which stall you choose to order ramen from. I was invited to try three of the new names, and will be sharing my verdict in this entry!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Hello Monday

Loving this top from LYRA MINN! I knew I wanted to get myself a piece the moment I laid my eyes on it. I liked the flattering wing sleeve, which gives the "cape" look, which helps to cover my flabby arms. Haha.

It comes in white too! I was so torn between the both colours. The white one would look really angelic. Another piece from the latest collection which I really like is the Zelia Floral skirt. Do check it out!

Remember to quote ESTHERXIE2 for $2 off all orders ok!


Do join the mailing list or like the facebook page as there are many exclusive giveaways from time to time, be first to know!

Not sure if you noticed, but I chopped a few inches off my hair! Not really obvious but I really did! None of my friends believed when I told them I cut off around four inches. Haha. They have been asking me to cut short for a long time already! I don't think I will ever want to do that... I personally feel that I don't have the type of features that go well with short hair.

Anyway, my hair got really tangled last month and I finally scheduled an appointment with Wayne, my stylist at Bugis Essensuals. He got it all sorted out and after a treatment session, I went out of the salon with pretty, smooth, shiny hair!

And you know what is the most shiok part of every appointment? The head massage at the sink.... It's all I look forward to!

I was the last customer that day and took this photo to let you see how Bugis Essensuals is like. Behind this is a TV console where your boyfriend can play games while waiting for you to finish doing your hair. I thought that it was quite thoughtful of Bugis Essensuals! I also really liked the vibes there... the music changes on different days, the lively people, I feel really comfortable!

Most of all, here I found the stylist who knows my hair best. Do look for Wayne and let him know you are a reader of Esther if you go! Do quote my name and ask what promotions are ongoing too!

Tel: 63330039
241A Victoria Street, Bugis Village 188030 (level 2, above burger king)