Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Xmas gathering at Strangers Reunion

Christmas dinner with Nuffnang and Churpchurp peeps at Strangers Reunion yesterday! (Yes I know. I am so efficient. HAHA)

I have long heard of Strangers Reunion but it was my first time at this lovely cafe!

Christmas dinner spread. So meaty me love! Especially the crispy pork belly roulade!

Selfie with the ice latte because I just arrived and was feeling shy so I pretended to be busy with my camera. Haha.

After selfie, snap photo of nice things on the table.

After that I really got busy with my camera because I realize I have no more space left and had to clear some old photos away. I am a hoarder and I just can't bear to delete photos until I really have to.

Very funny when I got home I kept this gingerbread man in the fridge and when I opened the fringe door again, it dropped/jumped to the floor. It is trying to run away just like the real gingerbread man story!

Really happy that Isaac joined the Churp team! :) Now we can attend events together!

Dessert time!

Candy cane waffles!! What a cute name. Heard so much about the waffles at Strangers Reunion so I was excited to try it myself! This pink waffle is indeed yummy. My first time eating lychee rose buttermilk waffles!

The berry ricotta hotcakes are really good with the ice cream that came with it! Felt so sinful after that. Haha.

Group photo before everyone leaves!

Merry Christmas in advance!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ballerina Nails by Millys

Did my nails at Millys again!

This time, I went with Nadia and we sent each other design ideas before the appointment and settled on a simple ballerina theme! We did different variations of the same design though. Mine is sweet and pastel, while she did glamorous red.

Close up of mine... Love it!

Photo with Nadia during our nail session! I also realize that I always tend to spend alot on shopping whenever we go to Bugis Street together. Tsk tsk! Anyway, we went separate ways while shopping and came back to find that we both bought the exact same piece. So coincidental! Afterwards I introduced her to the very yummy chicken pot downstairs. This is why I love Bugis. Good shopping, good food.

Anyway, there is now a new Millys branch at Bugis Cube and there is a very attractive opening promotion for you all!

Call for appointment!

Far East Plaza #03-131/#03-141: 67376723
Bugis Street Level 2: 63384137
Bugis Cube #02-12: 63376876
SMS: 83835395

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Brunch at Salt Grill & Sky Bar

My third time to Salt Grill & Sky Bar, this time for brunch!

Salt Grill is a modern Australian restaurant by celebrity chef-restaurateur Luke Mangan, well known for its one-of-a-kind dining experience that boasts a 180° city skyline view from the highest point on Orchard Road. Check out the pretty view from up high!

Photo with pretty Elaine before we start!

Our spread of yummy goodness. On the brunch menu is the ‘Make Your Own Brunch’ Platter ($40++), featuring a menu of four main dishes and eight side dishes. Diners can choose any combination of one main and two sides to make their own brunch, with a glass of freshly squeezed juice and coffee or tea. I always look out for customisable options in cafes because I love to be able to make my own choices and have only everything I like!

We tried all four mains, and I think the must-order for most people would probably be the Full Aussie Breakfast - eggs in any way, grilled toast, bacon, spinach and mixed mushrooms. All the good things on a single plate!

French Toast, served with eggs any way, bacon, spinach, and mixed mushrooms. I loveeeeee this dish so much, mainly because the spinach and mushrooms tasted so delicious. I ate at many brunch places before and the food served at Salt Grill is indeed of a higher quality.

Eggs Benedict, extremely popular among brunch-lovers, is also another dish worth ordering. The poached eggs topped with hollandaise sauce are served with salmon gravlax, house-made crumpets, and spinach. The salmon is definitely a winner.

Even after so much food, we still had the Buttermilk Pancakes topped with brûlée bananas and home-made maple syrup ice cream, which made for a sweet ending. I am not a pancake person usually, but the ones here are so good that although I was already so full, I couldn't stop myself from taking bite after bite of the pancakes with ice cream. Was so satisfied after everything!

On the side, guests can choose from options such as Grilled Wagyu Sausage, Roast Mushrooms with Garlic Butter, as well as Rocket and Pear Salad with Blue Cheese and Caramelised Walnuts.

Salt Grill is such a beautiful place for brunch! I really love it here! The high ceilings and full windows overlooking a city view, gorgeous indeed.

My lovely companions for lunch! Elaine, Nadia and Shasha :) It was nice sharing stories and chatting over  brunch.

I think it's a perfect place for a girly gathering over a good brunch. The ‘Make Your Own’ Brunch Platter menu at Salt grill & Sky bar is available on Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays from 11am to 2pm. Among all my visits to Salt Grill for brunch, lunch, and dinner, my favourite is this time.

Photo with Nadia! Met her so many times over a short span of 2 weeks!

Happy Sunday! Maybe for next Sunday's brunch, call up some friends for Salt Grill?

Friday, December 12, 2014

All things sweet

Had some spare time last weekend and painted again! Probably to date the most difficult painting I ever attempted. Previously I always painted scenerynature, flowers, and recently, a pair of birds. So I thought maybe I can try something else and decided to paint some pancakes. Not so satisfied with this piece though! Looks like I should just go back to painting scenery! So much easier! Well, at least this is not blue-background unlike most of my past paintings!

What should I paint next?

Thursday, December 11, 2014






Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Braces: Pricing

On my previous appointment, I got my teeth cleaned again. Teeth became whiter and alot cleaner! I like how I feel comfortable doing my regular cleanup at TLC Dental Centre because Dr Kevin Co is very gentle and friendly. The procedure wasn't as scary as previous experiences when I was younger.

I also like how clean and modern the rooms look!

After cleaning was done, I got my braces tightened by Dr Enrica Sham. I received plenty of emails asking me about the price of doing braces with TLC Dental Centre.

Honestly, at first I thought that it would be very expensive because TLC Dental Centre is located in a very central and convenient location - Park Mall, which is just opposite Dhoby Ghaut MRT station. Also, Dr Sham is an orthodontist and specialist charges are usually quite high.

But after I found out the rates, I realize it's very much lower than I expected! I have heard of other dental clinics charging way higher. Or at the same price but a normal dentist instead of orthodontist, who are much more experienced and skilled in braces.

I asked Dr Sham why and she said she wanted to make braces more affordable for everyone.

Metal braces package: From 3900
Ceramic braces package: From 4400
Invisalign: From 5000

Payment can be made via installments. You can call 63386639 to find out more :)

Here's a recent photo of me in ceramic braces. Can't really see that I am wearing braces right? Ceramic is just few hundreds more than metal braces so it's very worth it actually!

Before each appointment, I get a call from TLC Dental Centre to remind me of my appointment and I find that very helpful because I always forget my appointment dates since each is a month apart! Everyone in the clinic is also very friendly, and remember me by name :)

If you are considering to get braces, remember there is FREE CONSULTATION at TLC Dental Centre just by saying you read about it from my blog or quote "Esther"!


9 Penang Road #07-27
Park Mall
Singapore 238459

Phone: (65) 6338 6639

To read all my entries featuring my braces journey, click HERE.