Monday, September 1, 2014

Bintan Trip - Part Two

Read part one:

The next morning, we went downstairs for breakfast at Lotus Cafe! I don't usually eat breakfast but it is the thing I look forward to the most on holidays! It's such an awesome wake-up motivator. Haha.

I loveeeeeeee egg stations! I usually will order sunny side ups. And then I will ask for either scrambled eggs or omelette. That day, I ate all three types! Was tempted to order soft-boil eggs too (rarely hotels will serve this for breakfast!), but didn't in the end because I couldn't find the black sauce. Eggs overload! Haha.

Croissants are my favourite type of bread. Love the buttery taste!

With happy mum! The other bloggers are probably still sleeping...... Haha.

Afterwards, we went back to our room to relax the morning away! Here's how the exterior of our accommodation looks. They roomed us at level 4, the top floor!

The interior of our room!

You know what is the thing I love most about our room? The seafront view!!! When you see the side, you see the swimming pool.

When you look straight ahead, it's the big ocean and some trees. What a fantastic view to wake up to! I kept sending photos to dad and sis who were back home.... Make them jealous! haha.

Took an instavideo!

I can just sit here whole afternoon looking at the beautiful view~

A photo of my Juicy Couture bag which I brought along to this trip for bringing my necessities around!

OOTD time again - Top is from (retail store at Bukit Panjang Plaza #03-21). I was attracted to the interesting cut-off sleeve! I also felt that a floral top would be really apt for a beach holiday! :D

Took some photos around the premises for your reference~! I think that the entire place is very serene and peaceful, perfect for a weekend getaway!

Pedicure by Millys! First time after so long doing a pedicure after breaking my toe nail last year. Finally grew it back!

Oh, we also spent some time at the pool! I saw photos of the pool on other websites and really liked it! Reminded mum to bring along a swimsuit because we definitely must take a swim in it! Although I don't really know how to swim.... Hahaha. I just soak myself in the water..... quite shiok too! I must really go learn how to swim.... It's an important life skill! Plus, I am tired of standing in water all the time too. Haha.

The towels were heated up before distribution, which I feel is really thoughtful and nice! I like the feeling! If only my towels at home can auto heat up before my usage too :x Or if I have a maid next time I get her to iron just before I go for a bath.... Haha. Just kidding of course. Maybe by then towel-heating machines are easily available already.

Before the trip, I bought this waterproof cover so that I can bring my phone together with me and take photos in the pool. It was an awesome buy because if not I wouldn't have all these photos to post!

But the problem is, because I bought it online and it only costs $4.90, I was quite skeptical about it's waterproof reliability. I didn't dare to put it all the way into the water and still hold it above water even when I am not taking photos.... Haha. Anyway, even if I dare also no use.... because I cannot put my whole face inside water to take pics because 1st, I have makeup on. 2nd, I didn't want to ruin my makeup so that I can take more photos. 3rd, I can't control my breath under water. Lol.

Took loads of photos..... Hahaha. I am not really swimming. Just taking photos inside swimming pool :x

With Carrie!

Us in our favourite corner! There are seats in the pool with bubbles and it was really comfortable! Was so reluctant to leave!

All good things come to an end and it was time to say goodbye to the amazing weekend at Angsana Bintan.

Many thanks for Angsana Resorts for hosting me at Bintan and thanks Nadia for referring me! :D I really enjoyed my time at Bintan and the new experiences too! Looking forward to more girly trips together!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Bintan Trip - Part One

Last weekend, I brought mum for a weekend getaway hosted kindly by Angsana Resorts, thanks to Nadia who referred me!

It was quite a last minute thing for the trip but because it was going to be our first time there, I was very excited!

Onboard the ferry to Bintan with Nadia and her hubby, and Carrie with her boyfriend! :)

Arrived at Bintan ferry terminal after awhile! Now I can say that I have been to Indonesia! Although just a small corner. Haha.

A private car was arranged for our transfer to the hotel and we were brought to the lobby where we met Rina, our host from Angsana Resorts, while the staff proceed with check in arrangements :)

Welcome drink of refreshing iced lemongrass!

After the room was ready, we dropped our bags in the room and went out immediately for lunch at Pantai Grill and Beach Club!

Excited for lunch! Meal times are my favourite times. Haha.

Took a photo of Carrie and her boyfriend while we waited for the food to come. Check out the gorgeous sea view from my seat!

Wouldn't it be nice to just sit on the couch over there, listening to waves and enjoy the sea breeze?

I think someone commented about the beautiful weather and within minutes, the sunny skies became rain. Drizzled, then a downpour. Took the opportunity to take a photo while under the shelter! And Carrie's hat came into good use for this weather. Haha.

In the end, we all moved to Lotus Cafe instead and had our lunch brought over.

Photo with mum before we tuck into our food! I love this photo of us!

Nadia and her hubby had beef burgers. They are a beach-loving couple! And check out Nad's red hair! Looks good on her ya? Made me kinda miss my red hair too!

Mum decided to order the Ham & Cheese pizza, which was quite yums!

Meanwhile, I had fish and chips! The fish was snapper meat and it came with yummy fries.

After a good lunch, we headed to the beach! The purpose of this trip was actually the Angsana Bintan Chill Out Beach Party happening that day. For this amazing event, guests get to choose from a wide range of complimentary beach activities, including the BBQ dinner party!

We decided to go on the ATV ride first! It was my first time on an ATV and I was quite nervous! Mum chose the mini car instead of the bike, because she felt that it looked safer. Haha.

Here's us in our mini car! It works exactly like a real car and the problem is....... I do not have a car license and I have no idea how to operate a car! The crew gave me a quick course on how to drive and off we set!

Behind the wheels for real! I am driving!

The ride on the beach was relatively easy, as the path was smooth and straight. Then, we turned into the jungle, where our adventure started. For a start, a whole piece of branch with leaves sticking out into the path welcomed me with open arms and slapped me as I passed it. Haha.

It felt safe that we had a crew leading the way, and another crew behind Carrie's ATV, which was trailing behind us. At least I am not in the unfamiliar jungle alone!

Deeper into the jungle, it was not easy controlling the vehicle at all!!! I didn't know how to gauge the turns properly, nor coordinate between not pressing too hard on the accelerator and at the same time focus on the steering wheel. Through the bumps and curves of the jungle, we almost went down a slope but luckily the bushes stopped us and I also managed to brake in time. I went off-course and almost bang into the trees multiple times and I could see mum was extremely scared beside me :x

I must be damn lousy at driving, because eventually the crew asked if I wanted to be a passenger instead. Hahaha. Yes, of course! I heaved a sigh of relief and agreed instantly.

The crew drove the car with my mum in it, while I went to sit in the ATV with the other crew at the back. IT FELT SO MUCH BETTER TO BE A PASSENGER!!! The crew I was with rode really well and smooth, and managed to avoid all the muddy areas. I enjoyed the ride through the jungle alot!

Even managed to take a photo of myself on the ATV! When we reached the beach again, he let me be the driver of the ATV and it was so fun!! It's much easier than the mini car.... at least for people without a car license. Well, after this lesson, I know that I can never own or drive a car. I'm just not born for it. Haha.

After our little jungle adventure, we had a relaxing massage by the beach! I was lucky to get a really good masseuse! She managed to knead all the right areas with the right strength! I actually wanted to go for 2nd round but paisei lah so I didn't. Haha.

Photo of happy mum!

Queuing up for Jetski! I was quite hesitant about it at first because I was scared to ride mainly because I cannot swim. I saw the other jetski going super far out into the sea and the waves looked really choppy! However, I also wanted to try since I have never jetski before. In the end, I asked if I can get the crew to work the jetski while I sit behind. I guess this is better than being out in the seas myself alone!

I am in this photo below but you can't really see me. Haha. And so, I didn't have any photo of myself on the jetski. Such a pity! But the experience was really fun and thrilling. I am so glad I picked up my courage to try! This is probably the highlight of this bintan trip. My jetski went so far out!! By the way, I forgot to wear bikini underneath my clothes so I went into the seas in my denim for the jetski and it was soaking wet when I came out! Had to dry my denim using the hair dryer in the hotel room after this because it was the only pair of shorts I brought along for the trip!!!!

Besides ATV, Beach Massages, Jetski and other watersports, there were also turtles releasing that day, and other beach activities like games, and aerobatics, which we didn't really participate. However, the above we did was already enough to fill my afternoon with so much fun!

My OOTD for the day - Daisy blue top from and I got myself the version in green too. Will wear it some other day! :) I really like the design of this top and I'm glad I wore it to Bintan because I took more photos there than I usually do. So I really milked the worth of this tee. Haha.

Soon, it was dinner time at the beach again with the rest!

There was a BBQ buffet going on and I was so happy because I really love BBQ food! So many different type of meats and seafood for us to feast on!

Freshly BBQ-ed on the spot!

My platter of goodness - prawns, fish, crayfish, chicken, lamb, mushrooms, and more! I really liked the crayfish and I ate so many of them that night.

The setting was so romantic! Haha. It was kinda dark, I didn't realize we were actually seated very near the shoreline till midway through my dinner.

Wine to go round the table.

People dancing to music and enjoying themselves.

Time for desserts! So many to choose from!

Mum took these! She loves dessert!

Then suddenly, fireworks erupted! What a surprise! This was my first time being so near to where fireworks are set off. Managed to take a photo after I recovered from shock!

It was a great night chatting with the rest of the bloggers, and we retreated back to our comfy room when it was late.

Good night! That's all for now! Will update Part 2 in Bintan soon!

Update: Read part 2 here