Thursday, April 15, 2021

Taiwan 2018 - Taipei

Wow how time flies! It has been more than a year since I last travelled due to the pandemic but I guess it's a chance to catch up on my travel back log! 

I went to Taiwan in December 2018 and visited Taipei and Kaohsiung. I'd focus more on Taipei in this entry! 

Tried the pork version of sausage mcmuffin and it's so yummy! 

Visited Yehliu as part of our "touristy" itinerary but honestly, it's my 2nd time there and I don't think I want to see this place again. Both times I went it was super hot. Lots of walking and not much to look at. This time was worse because it was supposed to be cold during the time we were there and I was wearing this super thick long sleeve under the hot sun. 

Lazy to queue so just take photo from the back haha.

After that we headed to Jiufen, which i also went before on my previous trip. Jiufen is one of the must-go places when visiting Taiwan! 

Saw a very popular store selling these red blob. No idea what it is because I didn't dare to try even though we ordered. 

One wrong turn and you may end up walking up and down long flights of stairs. I remember being so tired because I walked so much. 

After Jiufen, we went to Shifen! I wanted to visit this place because of the classic "release lantern over the train tracks" scene. 

Look at how thick the bakkwa slices are!

It's a working track!  There will be an alert to get off the tracks before it comes. 

Of course, night markets are the highlight for any trip to Taiwan! We went to Raohe Night Market and I must say, it is the best night market in Taiwan for me because the food here is SO SO SO good. 

The Braised Pork Rice and the Mee sua was so damn good that I craved for them every day of the trip.

Got curious by this stall with a Mahjong Bingo game so we tried.

From the covered tiles we have to choose some tiles and open them. If they form a bingo line, then we win! Quite fun! Why don't we have this in our pasar malam? 

He managed to win something!

Back to our hotel, I forgot the name. 

The next morning, we tried Chen Ji Mee Sua and it is the best ever meesua I ever had. 

It is a MUST-EAT. 

After this, we went off to visit Chia Yi and Kaohsiung, which I will cover in another entry. 

So after Kaohsiung, we deviated from the original group as they headed to other parts of Taiwan and both of us returned to Taipei for some time on our own. 

Booked an airbnb room right beside Xi Men Ding. Super convenient and cheap. It was only $44 for a night, which means $22 per pax. It's very tiny though, this is the view from the door. Beside the bed is the toilet and right infront is a TV and TV console. Smaller than my bedroom. Also, the "double bed" feels like a single. But still, prime location, super worth it. 

Went to Wu Fen Pu, which was a disappointing trip because it's all cold wear. 

And then, my favourite Xi Men Ding

Ahzhong really pale in comparison after trying Chenji. 

I loved this from my first trip to Taiwan and the braised chicken wings are a must-order too. 

Visited Ning Xia Night Market

No idea what's this silver thing.

Ended the night trying to look for good braised pork rice. Told ya I was craving for it every day since the nice one from Raohe Night Market. 

Went back home on Hello Kitty flight! 

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