Monday, April 19, 2021

Taiwan - Kaohsiung

I didn't visit Kaohsiung during my first trip to Taiwan so I was kinda excited for it during this trip. 

Our itinerary was Taipei - Kaohsiung - Taipei and I blogged about the Taipei part here:

On the way to Kaohsiung, we passed by Chiayi and visited some of the tourist stops too. 

First, the High Heel Wedding Church, which has lots of cute backdrops for us to take photos. 

Visited a local seafood market for lunch

I think they specialize in oysters because there were so many restaurants selling dishes featuring oysters. Like this oyster soup. I don't like oysters though so it was quite ewww for me.

Inside this is the bagful of oysters above. 

Can't visit the salt flat in Bolivia yet, visit a salt farm in Taiwan. 

Next we went to the Beimen Crystal Church in Tainan. Super pretty! I think I have seen it in many wedding photos before. 

Finally at Kaohsiung! Visited Liuhe Night Market.

Da Chang Bao Xiao Chang.

Spotted another super thick bakkwa!

Booked a super cute airbnb/hotel with theme rooms. It's cute but it doesn't have a lift so if you are travelling with elderly, it may be difficult for them to climb up as there are rooms from 2nd level to 5th level. 

Pink room. It was taken by his brother haha.

I stayed in the lilac room, which also looks rather sweet. 

Santorini Theme

Breakfast at a nearby cafe - Dou Jiang You Tiao! 

Next up, Dragon and Tiger Pagodas

I climbed all the way up!

View from the top 

Went to this artsy place which was rather quiet. 

Market again. Each dish is around SGD5, can select and they'd cook for you. 

I couldn't stand the heat anymore so I went to buy a random T-shirt from a shopping cart. Feel so much better after I changed out of my thick clothing!

Went to walk around to look for food again that night. Tian Shi Chicken Cutlet was recommended by many people online so I tried it and it was good!

Egg soup

Roadside stall selling meat sticks

Had to try Monga chicken cutlet too~ 

Next morning, we went to try this breakfast place recommended by my friend. There was a long queue in the morning so I guess it's quite popular among the locals too. Xing Long Ju 興隆居. 

They are known of their Soup Dumplings. it's like Xiao Long Bao, but in Bao form. 

It's nice!

After that it was time to take the train back to Taipei. Why is it Kiss and Ride? 

Bought some bento 

I think this trip to Taiwan was more enjoyable compared to my first because I tried better food time time! 

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