Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 - A year of many "firsts"

Today is the last day of 2014 and this post is a summary of my 2014. Overall 2014 was a year with plenty of first-times for me!

Some of the interesting first-time experiences for me:

First time I... Became a bridesmaid
First time I... Learned how to make prata
First time I... Experienced -15°C coldness
First time I... Plucked all my wisdom tooth
First time I... Extracted four healthy teeth for braces
First time I... Put on braces
First time I... Sat on a plane
First time I... Applied for BTO
First time I... Jet-skied
First time I... Rode a horse
First time I... Went on a yacht
First time I... Roller-bladed (will blog about this soon!)

Blogging is wonderful! It's like a storage for all my memories :)

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Lyraminn C60

Recently I have been kinda lazy in dressing up unless I really have to. I wanted to post some OOTDs on instagram but realize I haven't been taking any new ones for awhile. Asked bf to snap a photo of me in this black and white romper from Lyra Minn's latest collection 'Floral Fields'. I really like how comfortable yet pretty it was, perfect for uninspired days when I can't be bothered to mix and match articles from my wardrobe.

Shop now at! Use code 'ESTHERXIE' upon checkout and you get $2 off! Free local postage too! :)

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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Isaac's Surprise Birthday Party

Met up with Benjamin and Randy for lunch at Supply & Demand before the surprise birthday party for Isaac!

Chose comfy sofa seats by the windows!

Snapped a short video! ^_^

Found a nice quiet spot for photos!

Tried to take a cool "crossing road" OOTD but failed miserably. Hahaha. Check out the passerby at the back, candid also nice!

Proper outfit photo! Skirt from Must be the umpteenth time I wore it out!

The party was at a suite in Regent Hotel. We hid in the bedroom with lights off and surprised Isaac when he came in! Hehe. Surprises are always fun!

Photo with the birthday boy! :) Much love because he is one I can count on to support me all these years.

Found a spot with nice lighting and began snapping many photos from the same angle! Lol.

Youth is awesome! I think we should all enjoy ourselves and have fun while we are still young, because these are the good old days we will all miss in the years ahead. Wonder how we would be like 10 years later!

Group photo with everyone after cake cutting!

More wonderful days like this please! :)

Thursday, December 25, 2014


Part two of my birthday celebration with bf! After horse riding, he brought me to Forlino for dinner!

Before that, presents time! :)

Victoria's Secret perfume. The scent is really very nice!

Earrings from Swarovski.

... and a necklace from Swarovski! Not sure why he gave me three presents haha. I love all of them!

We seldom take photos together so here's one! We were trying to take a photo with the unicorn-elephant behind but we blocked it. Haha. My hand not long enough lah!

Dress from Stylebliss! I look more dressed up in it and it's a nice change from my usual casual outfits. Got it quite awhile back but I reserved it for this special date!

And new heels!

Our view. It was enjoyable having a lovely dinner while watching the world go by.

I was craving for foie gras that night. Yum!

Bf had his usual order of angus beef.

I can never resist cod fish whenever it is available on the menu. It is probably one of my favourite type of fish!

Sweet end to the dinner.

Time really flies. It felt like just awhile ago I was a teen, and suddenly I am 24 already. One more year and I would be a full-fledged adult. I still don't feel like an adult at all!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Horse Riding

Just thought that I should blog about my birthday before the year ends! Have been delaying it for quite awhile because I haven't got time to sort the photos! My birthday nicely fell on a public holiday this year so no work woohoo! Bf brought me to horse riding at Gallop Stables at Punggol!

He actually planned way in advance and I sort of guessed it was horse riding because he asked if I was over a certain weight (tsk!) and told me to wear casual clothes and covered shoes for the activity.

First, we had lunch at a nearby cafe Bacon and Booze. The food was mediocre and the service was poor. I later heard from another friend that she felt the same way too.

Chose to sit outside because it was quite dark inside and I need my sunlight!

Bf's choice of main.

My eggs were overcooked and not oozy at all. I felt like I was having salad with two hard boiled eggs!

Luckily we ordered chicken wings because it can never go wrong.

Ended the meal with yummy birthday tarts that bf ordered elsewhere and brought along!

Finished our meal and all ready to ride horses!!!! Bf bought a package for us to ride a horse for 30 minutes each. There are also pony joyrides at only $10 for kids and it lasts 2-3 minutes. Saw many kids there! Anyway, it was so coincidental that I happen to see not one, but THREE colleagues there! Just nice all of us went to the same place on the same day. Haha.

These wagons below are actually resorts!

Checking out the horses at the stables!

I kept referring to my horse as Horsie (Horse-C) and bf made a joke saying his horse is Horse-B. Lol. Anyway, I didn't expect that the horses will be so huge.. They are taller than me! Quite scary actually! I wouldn't want to offend a horse. Haha.

While waiting, we went to buy some carrots for pony feeding. We thought there would be several ponies for us to feed but actually only this one.

It just kept eating away. Haha.

Yay time to ride the horse! I did ask for the name of my horse but I forgot already. Lets just call it Horsie!

View from the top of a horse.

The staff first took me around an enclosed field for a few rounds and taught me some basic riding tricks.

Selfie on top of a horse! Selfie with a Selfie tee!

The staff asked if I want to ride the horse myself but I was afraid it would just gallop away so I insist that the staff hold on to the latch the entire time. Haha.

Then, we ventured out!

Passed by bf on his horse...

I want that pink car in the background!!!

It was a really fun and interesting experience! Photo with my horsie to end this entry! :)

After that we changed outfits for dinner at Forlino. Will blog about it in the next entry! :)