Thursday, June 26, 2014

Braces: Tooth Extractions

And so.... I went for my tooth extractions earlier this month. I decided to take all 4 out at one go instead of two by two because I figured that I didn't want to go through the pre-appointment jitters and post-extraction recovery twice. In the two weeks leading up to the extractions, I went on a mission to eat all my favourite food. Haha.

I had already removed all 3rd Molars (Wisdom Tooth). For braces extraction, I removed two upper 1st pre-molars, and two bottom 2nd pre-molars. A total of 4.

So anyway, I was extremely afraid just before the extraction. Tooth extraction was the most dreaded part of the entire braces decision. After all, it was the first time I did something irreversible to myself (after plucking my teeth out I can never have them back, + I was going to have lesser teeth than most people). I have never dared to go for permanent changes like tattoos, plastic surgery, etc. All that I ever did for beauty was simple changes like punching ear holes, dyeing hair, nail polish, make up, etc - all of which can be reversed if I wanted to. If I had the choice, I would definitely avoid removing healthy tooth. However, I did not want to waste two years with braces only to have insignificant results, so I went along with what was recommended for my ideal outcome. Also, many people who went through braces had their teeth extracted too, so I comforted myself that it was a common procedure.

Before the extractions, I had injections done to my gums to numb the area. The injections were quite bearable for me, and I have a low tolerance for pain, so I guess it should be ok for most people. While Dr Co was pulling out my teeth, in my heart all I could think of was, "What am I doing??!! Why am I removing perfectly healthy good teeth????" I felt a lot of heart pain for my teeth and I was honestly very sad about it because I know that once they are gone, they are gone. They would never grow back. When the fourth tooth came out, I knew I had to proceed with the braces already... No more backing out and cannot give up half way already - because I lost four healthy tooth for it, plus now there's a gap, I must bear with braces for the entire duration!

I think I kinda underestimated tooth extraction.... I thought it would be a breeze but I guess because I was sleeping throughout wisdom tooth surgery previously, I was a little uncomfortable being conscious this time while the teeth was tugged. It's just my mind troubling me, because actually it was not pain at all.

On every session, there was an assistant beside to help with anything. So to me I felt quite safe in the hands of TLC Dental Centre! After any extractions or treatment, the staff also called in the evening to follow up about my teeth. Very good service and I felt cared for!

After the extractions, Dr Co gave me a mask to cover my numb lips.

Took this selfie to send to my colleagues because they asked for a pic. Haha.

Although there was lots of bleeding when I got home and it scared me a little, I just had to change the gauze and the soreness only lasted 2-3 hours. I woke up fine the next day and could head to work already! No problems talking! As for eating, probably a little weird to have gaps between the teeth, so I tried to eat slowly. But it's okay because I could still bite with my front teeth.

The extractions didn't look obvious from the front, unless I smile very widely then you can see it from the side. Not many people realize until I deliberately show them!

From the front can't really see the gaps!

I had my braces put on 2 days later. Will blog about it in the next braces update!

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  1. Wow, I had braces for a very long time, but I never have had to have my teeth removed because of it. I like your confidence in enduring the braces for the entire duration. I think it is a good idea that they used injections to numb your gums before the extraction. teeth whitening

  2. How was it like to put on braces so soon , right after extractions? I'm nervous as mine is only 1 day apart!

    1. It's better actually! Because after extractions got gaps between the teeth! If got braces then at least people know the gaps are for braces and not because drop teeth. hahahaa.

  3. I'm estatic with the service, especially with the friendly staff and the reassuring attitude offered when needed. wisdom tooth extraction edmonton