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Braces: Decision

Remember how I blogged about my dental consultation and my considerations on whether I should do braces? That was in December 2013. Time really flies, because 6 months have passed and I am finally getting braces this month.

(If you haven't read the first part to my braces journey, the link is:

Well, in summary, it started when I was considering invisalign since it sounded like a painless way to correct my protruding mouth. I went for consultation at TLC Dental Centre and was advised that my condition require traditional braces instead. I understand that not everyone is suitable for invisalign and I am really glad that I was not anyhow given invisalign just because I requested for it. I would not want to waste my time going through the treatment and have just slight improvements that doesn't really change what I wanted to.

I spent a long time weighing the pros and cons - I felt that my teeth is not super crooked and wondered whether it was worth it to spend two youthful years uncomfortably for a problem which I never really cared too much about. I have never ever considered traditional braces before that and many people lived their entire life normally even with imperfect side profile. I am the type of person that want to look good but refuse to suffer for it. Haha, like beauty would just magically happen.

Since I knew I had a horrible side profile, I always take frontal photos. And in most of my photos, I have to smile with teeth because I look super bad smiling with my mouth closed. And because of that, while deciding if I should go for braces, I looked at all my nicer photos and thought to myself, "okay what.... not that bad lah.... I can live with this. No need to go through unnecessary pain lah...." Yes, my decision to put on braces is mainly because I want to change my facial appearance more than straightness of teeth.

While considering, I went through other treatments for my teeth first.

I had a few sessions with Dr Kevin Co - first, wisdom tooth extraction (link), a cleaning session, followed by two sessions for gum treatment. I am very afraid of pain, and before every session, I would always worry a lot but once I am in the room, I feel very at ease with Dr Co. Unlike the other dentists I have met in school during compulsory appointments, he is especially gentle with his patients and I am not really afraid of cleaning visits to the dental clinic anymore. I have decided to go for regular cleanings every 6 months to ensure that my gums would not be unhealthy again. After the gum treatment, I saw huge difference to my gums and I want to keep it this way.

Anyway, all these sessions gained my confidence to having my braces done at TLC Dental Centre. I had my first braces session with Dr Enrica Sham last month. Dr Sham is an accredited Specialist in Orthodontics with the Singapore Dental Council. This is important because I definitely feel more comfortable having my teeth worked on by an Orthodontist who knows about braces deep and well. This session, we did some teeth moulds and decided on the extractions. I will be taking out two premolars from the top and two from the bottom, so that my front teeth can be pushed backwards. Good news: I don't have to put on spacers!!!! I read online that the most painful period throughout the braces journey are the spacers.

Here's a photo and xray of my side profile taken at the clinic. As you can see, my mouth protrudes. More photos of my side profile in the next braces entry. After seeing these photos I feel that it's a good decision to do braces after all! Haha. (Besides putting on braces I think I need to go on a diet too.... My face is so chubby!)

And of course, the most important thing is... I am not really doing the traditional braces as in metal kind. I will be doing Ceramic Braces, so that it looks less visible.

Ceramic braces are a type of tooth-colored orthodontic appliance that works in the same way as metal braces but are considerably less visible as compared to metal braces.

I have set the date for my braces to be put on! Stay tuned for more updates on my braces journey!

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If invisalign can solve your dental concerns then that would be great but if you are not suitable like me, ceramic braces is an awesome alternative too!

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