Monday, January 25, 2021


Netflix subscription is one of the best things that happened to me in recent years. Haha. I cannot imagine a life without Netflix anymore. 

Just wanted to make a list of my all-time-favourite shows on Netflix, the ones that I really enjoyed and would recommend to anyone. 

Reality Series

- Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

- Selling Sunset

Drama Series

- Black Mirror  (It's my most most most favourite series ever.) 

- Modern Family (I only started watching Modern Family in September last year. How slow am I?? The good thing is, I am able to binge watch all 200+ episodes that was aired over 11 years at one go. I love the funny dialogues and I like the overall lighthearted pace and positivity.) 

- Izombie (Not sure why but somehow I'm hooked episode after episode.)

- Snowpiercer (Love the concept.)

- Into the Night (Very few episodes, can binge watch at one go like a movie)

- Crash Landing on You (not a fan of K-drama but this was good)

- American Horror Stories


-Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (I watched this in the theater but rewatched on Netflix)

-All the Money in the World (I watched this in the theater but rewatched on Netflix)

- The Impossible (I watched this in the theater but rewatched on Netflix)

- The Platform

- Circle

- Fracture

- Inception 

- Pretty Woman

- The Laundromat

- The Terminal

- The Martian (I watched this in the theater but rewatched on Netflix)

Comedy Specials 

- Baby Cobra

- Hard Knock Wife

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Staycay at Hotel Michael + Panamericana

Had a all-girls staycation at Hotel Michael with my mum and sis late last year! 

Ramen for lunch~

Redeemed some tokens for free games at Headrock VR.

The zombie busters was quite fun but game over so fast!

Panamericana has fantastic views!

The interior is also really pretty. 

Food was awesome too!

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Staycay at M Social

Booked a staycation at M Social to celebrate my 30th birthday in October! 

Initially booked Intercontinental Robertson Quay but afterwards they had to cancel my reservation as they were serving SHN guests :( 

Check in time was 3pm but there was a super long queue outside the entrance - only then I googled and realise this was the norm for M social. The wait time was 45 minutes to 1 hour before we got our room. 

Feeling extra so I got these huge balloons for myself. haha. 

Love the room interior and it was the main reason why we booked M Social even though there was a lack of the usual facilities in this hotel. Pretty gold walls! The room was much smaller than I expected. I had already expect it to be small but it was smaller than small. It was impossible to take a full pic of the room unless I float outside the window hahaha. Still, a cozy room for two! 


Looks pretty in the day and blinds drawn up!

There is no room service in this hotel... Guests can order through the menu in the room and then pick up at the restaurant downstairs. Wasn't expecting much when I ordered the Avocado Salmon Tartine from Beast and Butterflies but it is probably the nicest I ever had. It was a huge piece and I initially only wanted to eat half because I had a massage session right after, but I ended up eating it all. 

M Social rooms are quite affordable and pretty and there are many dining options around the area. It's probably okay for tourists but I personally prefer a full-fledge hotel for my next staycation! 


I feel like time is moving too fast. Hopefully time will slow down in my 30s.