Sunday, February 28, 2010

Drinking ABC soup now!! Damn nice.

Many of you do not know about this - i work as a waitress in a restaurant. It has been around 2 years already! I'm not going to tell you where though, because I usually do not wear makeup to work. Haha.

I used to do events and manage models in the past but after I stopped doing all those, I depended solely on my blog for food, transport, shopping. But being the filial daughter i am (^^), I'm working extra, this part time job, to contribute to the household income.

Many memories were formed while working in this place. I had fun with the colleagues and one of the major point is getting to know SX here.

Sometimes i meet nasty or rude customers, while sometimes I meet rich people with gracious manners. You know what? Although they say that customers are always right, the service staff ALWAYS end up serving the nicer people better. It's just human nature. In front of smiley, polite people, you just naturally feel better around them.

Like today.
I dropped two glass bowls at work. (i dropped a cup during breakfast, don't know what's wrong with myself today. must be the lack of sleep!) It shattered to about a million pieces, and I swept them up. After awhile, a mother from a nearby table asked me for a plaster. Then it crossed my mind that a broken piece must have flew and scratched her. When passing her the plaster, I asked if it was my broken bowl which caused her little injury.

She nodded her head and gave the secretive "sheesh" look and sign because my boss was nearby. She did not want to get me into trouble. HOW NICE!!!!! Usually customers would throw a big fuss about it lor!

I was very apologetic to her about it but she kept saying it's fine. Before the incident, while i was ordering her food, I also admired the way she handled her daughter. She gave me the impression that she was a cool, open-minded mum. She talks to her daughter with respect and like a friend. In turn, her daughter was well-behaved throughout the meal and also looked quite clever. Guess that's her good karma :)

She totally brightened up my day. Nice people makes me happy.

I met a couple of other nice people too, like people who helped with passing around the rice so that i don't have to go around the table.... Like people who automatically helped to pass me their plates while i was changing plates for them. These little gestures may seem small but they leave a good impression.

Remember, the next time you want good service, treat the service crew with respect too. They are not your slaves. I make it a point to always say thankyou when people serve me. It's only polite and from first-hand experience, it makes the service staff want to serve you with more enthusiasm.

One of the downturn of this job though, is that I kena a painful burn on my finger just now. Ouch :(
i hate last night!!!!!

i was on my bed the whole night changing positions every 3 seconds just to get 'the right fit'.

I was in panic mode cos i had to work up early the next morning n i was already late into bed. For your info, i eventually overslept. Lol.

It's not insomnia.
I was really feeling damn sleepy n my eyes were shut throughout the process. It's my mind that refuses to shut down n rest all because my body hasnt found the right position.

At every position, there would surely be at least a hand, a leg or the neck being uncomfortable one.

The worse thing is... the position always feels perfectly right IN THE MORNING when u have to wake up.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Went to the nuffnang office to collect my cheque! Yippie!

After that bf came down and we had lunch at this indian restaurant near the office as i was craving for spicy food.

Chicken kebab drumsticks. It's good.

Prawn masala. The indian restaurant at fareast was better. There was very little prawns inside too.

Chicken soup.

Eat like very little right? Adding drinks and an extra bowl of curry, bill was around $50. Haha. At coffeeshop if i order indian food for two i think $10 can cover everything.

Cabbed down to Bugis to shop and watch movie!

SX bought these for his new position in the company :)


This machine was really bad. The "designing" part was damn short. Like only 60 seconds altogether. The picture quality wasn't very nice too. Blah, waste money.

Cabbed down to have dinner! Here's SX tanned. Other people are saying that he looks better this dark, but i prefer him lighter. Haha. And my face is covered by that thing cos i always look bad without flash and he always look bad with flash. Have to compromise sometimes lor :(

We wanted to eat at "Pang Xie Zhi Jia", a relatively famous place for crabs but when we realised they had crappy service, we settled on another nearby seafood place.

We ended up here!

Seem like a family business.

First up, seafood fried rice.
Only $4 for such a big wok. Can fill 3 people i think.

SX wanted to try the hokkien mee. I felt that it was so-so only.

Our chilli crab!
The sauce was too salty and tasted abit off. It was also very watery.
If i go there again, i will try ordering black pepper instead of chilli because it's really that bad.

The steamed fish, however, was reallllllly good.
It was the freshest fish i've eaten for quite some time. I think it was a live fish before we ordered it. The texture of the meat was smooth and solid, slightly semi-transparent. I would definitely want to order it again if i come again.

Kailan was to my liking.

Salted-egg prawns didn't taste like salted-egg prawns though. Too little of the buttery taste i was hoping to get.

I think i will go back there again, but a picture of a live frog on the wall opposite where I was sitting was really disturbing. I hope they cover it up soon.

Friday, February 26, 2010

I was having soup with Benjamin, Randy, Raine, Elise and Javelynn (omg, i forgot her name i had to dig out her namecard just to write her name here so sorryyyy!!) yesterday and i was complaining to them about how my comments count is so not proportionate to my hits at all!

If I do not have a hits counter, I would honestly think that I'm blogging with only air as my audience lor!

Why you all don't leave a comment after reading one ah. Very sianzzzzzzz you know. I see other bloggers, even those with only 10 times lesser readers than me have 10 times more comments than me lor! I used to have many comments in each post but in recent months i get very little comments leh! WHY??!!

I promise I will try to reply every single comment okay. You all don't comment then i dont want blog already! :(

Okay luh, be nice and leave a comment k!

Reward you all with SX's picture. Haha. I dug out his kindergarden certificate... cute right!

Blogging is only fun with you readers being active.
If i had just wanted to upload photos and thoughts into the internet just for myself to read, I would have opted for a private blog.
I was on facebook some time back having a "become a fan of random groups & pages" spree.

Lets see if you have any similarities with me! Here are some of the groups that i joined. Some are really quite funny. Haha.

The guy who discovered milk....What was he doing with that cow?
Hilarious!!!! Who would have thought of this??

Flipping the Pillow Over to Get to the Cold Side
Do you do that tooooooo? I asked my sis and she said yaaaaaaaa!!! When i saw this group I realised that so many people also like that too. Then i asked my mum and my dad and sx, they all gave me a weird look and said "huh? no." WHY THEY NEVER ONE?!! Make me feel like a weirdo lor. Hahaha. Tell me you do that too!

I Hate the "I know i forgot something" feeling!
I rather forget about it totally than knowing that im forgetting it!

Feeling like if you turn on all the lights, you will be safe from anything.
When im alone at home, i open all the lights at home.

Yeh I got your SMS I just didn't feel like replying

Counting how many hours of sleep I will get right before I go to bed.

I need a hug. Don't ask why, just hug me.

I feel like going online when I'm bored but feels bored when i'm online

I like long text messages because I appreciate a complete thought
I always feel happy when readers draft long emails to me :)

I wish I could call my stuff to know where they are
Just like when i misplaced my phone, i can call it to know where it is. Everytime i lose other things, i always wish there is a sensor for me to track it's location too.

When we eat oreos with milk, We don't Twist, Lick and Dunk. We just eat it.

At times i just want to be someone else.

I Don't Care If There's Plenty More Fish In The Sea.. I Want THAT Fish.. ♥

Watching TV with your family, and suddenly there's a kissing scene. AWKWARD.
Totally. Me and sis always pretend we weren't watching. Lol.

I was gonna post a status, then I remembered I have family on Facebook.
Yes, my mum reads my status updates so i cannot write mushy things about sx up there. Very paisei one leh!

Just because I'm not smiling doesn't mean i'm angry/unwell/unapproachable.
Nobody smiles to themselves while walking alone right??!

I see your typing,then u stop...WHAT WERE U GOING TO SAY?!
Always happens on msn.

The First Thing I Do When I Wake Up Is Check My Phone
1st, check time. Oh can sleep awhile more. 2nd, read twitter updates from my phone.

I swear I don't lose my things, they run away from me

I hate untangling my earphones

I don't sleep enough because I stay up late for no reason

I love when teachers tell the class stories that makes the class waste time
This only applies in secondary school where our school timing are fixed. It's the total opposite in Poly, when the case is the earlier the teachers finish talking, the earlier we can go home. In this situations, i wish the teachers stop wasting time. haha.

I need more MONEY!!!
Yes, so that i can travel around the world and show nice pictures to my readers!

"Did you do the homework?" "No" "K good me neither, i'm not the only one(:"

I hate it when i missed the bus by just afew seconds!

I'm not hiding anything, but stop looking at my phone while I'm texting.
It applies to blogging and msning as well.

How many points do you have that is similar as me? Share!! I havent finish adding all that i need to add though. Everyday got new pages that will amuse me one!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Watched two movies recently!

As i said before, I love hongkong movies.

This one is good too!
Well, at least the storyline is something different.

It had me laughing at afew parts, and the actresses are a pretty lot.

This movie, although also focusing on many different people's love lives, it is different from "NewYork I love you", which was crap and boring at most parts.

This movie is slightly better, and much interesting. However, due to the many main actors and actresses, it was confusing for me at first cos i felt that some of them looked similar! 2 of the actors looked like the same guy, and Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Garner looked too alike to me! The only actress that looked distinctively different from the rest was Taylor and Jessica Alba.

Taylor Swift talks in a very irritating way in the movie. I wonder if she's like that in real life or it's just bad acting or it's just how her character in the movie was supposed to be like.

Some of the stories were forgettable though.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chinese New Year.

Greetings from bobo. hee.

Tuan Yuan Fan.
Reunion Dinner!

Mum cooked 5 yummy dishes!

Nian Nian You Yu!!

Xi Ha Da Xiao!

Pork with Asparagus.
Asparagus in chinese means RU SHUN, which also means a road with no obstacles.

Steam chicken. The veggies got CNY meaning one but i forgot what it is. haha.

Day One.
It's the most important day! Must smile whole day cos they say if you are happy on the first day of the year you will be happy for the rest of the year but if you cried on the first day, you will be unhappy for the rest of the year.

Went to several relatives houses, no gambling! Mostly old people and little kids. Me and sis depended on the TV lame shows for entertainment.

Alot of my relatives complimented my looks on the first day!!!! A great start to the new year! Lol. I don't think they really meant that I look pretty. They just meant that i look prettier than how i look 5 years ago - which is impossible to not top. Everyone would look prettier than how i looked 5 years ago.

Actually i looked the same as how i did when i was 4 years old. Just that the face you see now has a new mask with several layers of makeup. Haha.

Fortunately for me as well, makeup was easy for that day! On some days i have bad-face-days which makes makeup look really bad on my face. But i kena good-face-day on Chu Yi!!! Good sign! I know it looks like too much eyeliner in this picture but that's only cos my eyes are slightly squinted! It looks perfect when i open my eyes fully!

My zodaics says must wear red on the first day but i didn't get any pretty red dresses, so i had red nailpolish! Counted also la right. I actually also wanted to wear red lingerie inside as well but FORGOT!!!!!!! T_T Now my luck will only be as tiny as my fingernails :(

Went to my Grandma's mum house. I love their interior!!!!!! Like floral palace lor! At first sight when entering, opposite you is a mirror with a plant infront. Like hotel lobby design right!
(side angle in this picture)

Behind this window is the balcony! I loved the sofa, the curtains and the concept.

The place is huge! Here's one of the bedrooms. The big window is prettily shaped above the bed, with floral curtains. Then there is a wall separating the dressing table as well! Very grand leh!

Nextime i also want to decorate my home like that!

Day Two.

After visiting a relative, my family went to the nearby bugis junction to have some drinks! I think the menu is super cute! In the shape of a bowl. Lol.

After that we went home and it was time for SX to come over and bai nian!! SX was so nervous cos although he met my mum afew times before, but it was the first time meeting my dad!

SX was so afraid that my dad would be fierce to him. My dad where got fierce! My dad very nice to strangers one. Lol.


Lots of my childhood friends and their families came over to our house to bai nian! Damn fun one cos everyone is humourous kind. Played blackjack - there was two gambling tables and i was at the low bet one (lowest bet: 10cents, highest bet: $2 ). The higher bet one was lowest $2, highest bet $5.

In the end i lost money lor! A couple of bucks!!

Someone won $50++ from the high bet table. *envies*

Sunday, February 21, 2010

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Japanese food with Sophia.

The cheese is so thick and nice!

Soft shell crab.

Sophia's rice.

I love this sushi! I always eat this at japanese restaurants. Forgot what it is called already.

Eek. I dont like corn.

Chawanmushi! =D

Eeek. I dont like tuna!

Oranges! They looked so tempting i couldn't wait to finish my meal so that i could have them!