Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Did a CNY event last week!
It was damn fun cos the girls there are quite nice!

I had troubles with my cheongsam and they offered to help even when i havent met them before! I like friendly girls :)

In the car with Alison and Aki!

On the way home.

The event was quite relaxed and fun... The climax was when i was in the toilet with Aki and Nikki, the lights suddenly went off and the toilet turned pitch black!!! We 3 stunned and looked at each other for a second before dashing for the door together while screaming at the top of our lungs. The people looked at us with astonishment.

Someone asked:
"Saw a cockroach ah?"

"Worse than that!!"


Anyway, selling away this BRAND NEW blue nintendo ds lite.
Email to the-ice-angel@hotmail.com if interested. Free games cd too :)
Handling of product by meetup, so you can check too.
100% guaranteed not used before.

I was watching this old MV on youtube justnow, and i saw about how a guy chose to hurt the girlfriend that he love 'so that the girl can give up on him and live happier'.

I dont understand why,
why you love someone, you think that leaving him/her will make her more xingfu??

I'm sorry uh, they seems to make it sound so "wei da" but i really dont understand it lor.

The excuses are usually:
The guy is fighting a lethal illness and is going to die soon, thus afraid that the girl would feel too sad over his life departure.

The guy is bankrupt and feels that the girl would not have a good life with him, thus hoping for her to get another better guy.

In the first place, the girl you love, is perfectly in love with you and does not mind you being penniless or even if you are going to die, she'll want to be there for you till your last day.

By doing things to make her leave or give up on you, DOES NOT MAKE HER HAPPIER. It only HURTS her more because she won't understand why you are hurting her with all those nonsense! She won't know that you are doing it for her good, and even if you explain it to her eventually, im sure she would rather you stay by her side than making her leave for someone else so-called better.

In any case, the worse break up excuse is:
"I'm doing it for your good."

If you really want her to be happy, STAY by her and love her! Not try to push her off to another guy she doesn't even love! Who cares if that guy is richer, healthier, or has more ability to 'love' her? The only one she wants is YOU, and YOU are the only one who can make her happy - no matter what you are.

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