Friday, February 19, 2010

SX's house for dinner last week :)

Went to shop for groceries. Bf is a bad grocery shopper! He never see and count the prices one!!!! I more niao, i buy the cheapest for everything. Lol. Supermarket food, to me, is all the same no matter what brand it is. Lol. I think i'll be a great housewife! Can save alot money!

Black Pepper Pork:
Cut the piece of meat into slices, then marinate with pepper, salt, soysauce and abit of black sauce. Heat up oil, fry meat till cooked, add Hua Tiao Wine then mix with black pepper sauce.

Sambal Prawn:
Heat up oil, add in sliced onions. When there is a fragrance, add in prawns andn Hua Tiao Wine. When prawns are cooked, add sambal sauce to the pan and mix well. Tada! Very nice okay, but abit too spicy.

Our steamboat set up.

Bf loves clams, cockles, and all those sea shell thingy. I dont like.

One plate can hold alot of type of food! Can save plates and space. haha. Dishwasher also happy.


Don't see like very easy lydat. Me and SX spent alot of time in the kitchen cutting meat and preparing!

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The bags heaven.
This is my third time doing an advert with them!

Thus far, this is the best BAG blogshop I've came across. Everything is laid out so neatly and there is an abundance of pictures for every design. They update alot too!

The first time i did an advert with them, i got a pink chanel inspired bag. Damn chio right.

2nd time, i got this studded bag, perfect for school!

This time, I got this little brown simple bag for casual days out! Days when i only need my handphone and some cash!

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