Monday, February 8, 2010

I need a piece of cheongsam by this wednesday. Any blogshops got nice cheongsam (doesn't have to be traditional cheongsam), can email me at with pictures of the dress. The blogshop that i selected the cheongsam from will receive one free short mention on my blog for the help - i only need to borrow it, will return :)

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New updates! Besides other pretty dresses, there is also this cheongsam-dress with floral laces, ultra-slim tailored cutting, & heartshape bustier neckline! Made of high quality material with good workmanship, it is a good alternative to traditional cheongsams if you want to please your elders yet still want to look modern!

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Some cravings for dessert afew weeks back. TCC, but it wasn't a nice supper. Aglio Olio wasn't great, and mood wasn't good that day. Cake was good, i think. Dont really remember cos i often mix up CoffeeClub and TCC!

Yami Yogurt. I prefer Frolick and Fruzen Yoguz though, cos they got nicer toppings!

Yogurt with 3 toppings: Longan, Lychee jelly and Nata De Coco!

Anyway, my new favourite dessert is Mango Pomelo Sago! It's super nice!!!!! Why can't it be available everywhere!!!!

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