Thursday, February 11, 2010

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Imagine dressing in a sweet pink tube dress, pretty heels with floral designs, a cute ribbon hairband and a stunning furry white bag. Strutting down the streets turning heads.

And then you take out your laptop from your bag.
A black, square ugly laptop.


Won't you wish to have a matching laptop as well?

Perhaps.... a smashing pink or red laptop that goes perfectly with your OPI manicured fingernails?

I can already hear you saying WOW.


Here are some designs by Deanne Cheuk which i really like.

Its Hi-definition, 15.6¨ LED widescreen design is multimedia-rich, and with a wide choice of colors, the Dell Studio 15 is easily personalized to fit your style!

the purpose of this entry is actually to RALLY FOR VOTES!!

Recently there was this Dell design contest called "Make it yours". Now is the voting space and YOU ARE THE JUDGE!! Help the lucky winner get his/her own self-designed Dell Studio Laptop, PLUS $2,500 cash voucher!! I'm sure it means alot to the contestants, so do help MAKE IT THEIRS!! CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE ENTRIES.

I viewed through all the pages and there were plenty of beautiful designs! After much considerations, im voting for this one by Kelly Ong!

To be honest, i had a hard choice choosing that and this, designed by Eyeka:

The latter is much better in terms of designing, but me being me, would definitely choose to have the pink design on my own laptop. Doesn't it look sweet?!

Click HERE NOW to vote for your favourite design before 12th Feb 2010!!!!

Note: You need to sign in or register in order to vote.

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