Friday, February 26, 2010

I was having soup with Benjamin, Randy, Raine, Elise and Javelynn (omg, i forgot her name i had to dig out her namecard just to write her name here so sorryyyy!!) yesterday and i was complaining to them about how my comments count is so not proportionate to my hits at all!

If I do not have a hits counter, I would honestly think that I'm blogging with only air as my audience lor!

Why you all don't leave a comment after reading one ah. Very sianzzzzzzz you know. I see other bloggers, even those with only 10 times lesser readers than me have 10 times more comments than me lor! I used to have many comments in each post but in recent months i get very little comments leh! WHY??!!

I promise I will try to reply every single comment okay. You all don't comment then i dont want blog already! :(

Okay luh, be nice and leave a comment k!

Reward you all with SX's picture. Haha. I dug out his kindergarden certificate... cute right!

Blogging is only fun with you readers being active.
If i had just wanted to upload photos and thoughts into the internet just for myself to read, I would have opted for a private blog.

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