Friday, January 30, 2009

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sometimes i wish that every decision i make could turn out right.

My first bakkwa of the year not nice one lor! *grumbles* Dry, hard, and tasted weird. Turns out it was some unknown brand bought from the neighbourhood. Luckily daddy saved the day by opening another packet of more wellknown brand of bakkwa and it was oily, soft, and yummy! It was finished in 2 days =x

CNY eve was already packed full with activities. In the morning was a cheongsam photoshoot that i organised for 8 babes, namely Winnie, Faith, Serene, Michelle, Jessica, Janelle, Xiaoting (thanks so much for the great help during the preparation period), & Lena.

One of the girls was late and that led to abit of disorganisation and redrawing of timeslots, which made me quite stressed because there were 17 photographers + 7 models there to be responsible for. In the end got everything settled but i was still disappointed at the outcome of the whole shoot, and i had to keep apologising to the photographers for the time dragged. Also had to pay a couple of those girls more for them to work longer to fit the new timeslot. Phew, glad it's all over. Although organising photoshoots allowed me to earn quite a sum, but it's always stressing because you never know which model is going to oversleep or go mia.

Location was Chinese Garden. Damn far from where i stay, but i feel that it's a beautiful place - minusing away the big wind that messed up my hair and the big sun that made me so tired.

I got addicted to using "widescreen mode" in my camera. Haha. That's why the pictures look so flatten down.

Didn't take any pictures with the other girls, only Winnie and Janelle.

Actually wore a super high pair of heels but it got tiring after awhile so im wearing Serene's slippers in this picture. So unmatching, i know! Haha.

It was around 2pm when the shoot ended. Walked with Alywin to the hawker centre near where his car was parked and devoured lunch. I was so hungry! And then he drove me to grandpa's home, where everyone gathered for reunion dinner.

Baby of the year is her! Damn cute :) Love her active eyes that seems to have a sparkle in them. She seem so curious about anything!

Every baby in the house loves food. Haha.

She gave me this expression when my sister attempted to kiss her. Hahaha.

And then she cried. LOL.

Happy Lunar New Year!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I must remember not to buy Freshkon lenses anymore! Although their colours are vivid and nice, the material was too thin and i had a hard time taking them out of my eye. I felt like i was peeling the top layer of my cornea because the contact lens was like sucking onto my eyeballs not wanting to let go. Boohoo. Very scary experience. I prefer thicker material which are easier to take out. Thin contact lens also tend to move around in my eye whenever i blink or something so it felt really uncomfortable.

One day, everyone will realise.
Facts will unfold themselves without me making efforts to explain.

:) Pot calling the kettle black. That's all i have to say.

** It's a little disheartening to know that almost everyone around me are harbouring ill intentions nowsaday. Im not totally kind, upright, benevolent, nor generous, but.... aren't them a little bit too coldhearted? Maybe i have to isolate myself away from this messy environment for awhile. I need to meet some genuine nice people. Where are all of them??

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Not the most intelligent. Not the most interesting. Not the most fashionable. Not the slimmest. Not the tallest. Not the sexiest. Not the cutest. Not the funniest. And definitely not the most attractive lady around.

Yet, i am lucky enough to have thousands of wonderful readers supporting my blog everyday, leading me to lots of interesting experiences & valuable opportunities that i would never have chanced upon if not for you all. Thanks to all those who stayed by my side through all the ups and downs :)

I dont have to care, nor be unhappy if haters dont like how i look, how i talk, how i think or how lucky i am to be what i am today.

Because im happy and contented with what i am and what i have currently. The people i care about, they all love me back and i know there are unknown strangers out there caring and supporting me all the time.

Although im not perfect, and i definitely dont have a perfect life, i appreciate all that was given to me.

Loves and Thanks.

Friday, January 23, 2009 updated!! :) updated!! :) updated!! :) updated!! :) updated!! :)

New addition to my makeup case. Bobbibrown.
Love the gel eyeliner!! The rest i havent try yet.

Byebye curls, I've removed them and replaced them with straight ones from Milly's. It's very very very long now! I think even longer than waist length. Next time when i have time i'll take full length photos let you all see :)

Satay at downtown east. Yum!

After a photoshoot on Sunday, had japanese lunch with June and two other photographers!

The ramen was great!

Sony erricson people are super nice :) After receiving christmas gifts from them just afew weeks ago, chinese new year hongbaos appeared at my door step!

Starbucks with Isaac and Benjamin.

Random camwhore picture.

Credits to Photographer JQ.

I dont look pretty in the picture but i like the feel of it.
Anyway, i dont smoke. It's just a for show there. updated!! :) updated!! :) updated!! :) updated!! :) updated!! :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Overheard the conversation of a classmate yesterday and found it quite interesting. What if the one who kissed Sleeping Beauty is an ugly dwarf instead of the handsome prince? Haha. Something to think about.

This picture taken a long time ago.

Organised a groupshoot for Celestina about two months ago.
The hotel room was spacious with a transparent glass bathroom wall. The bathtub was super comfortable to rest in! LOL.

Caught some shots of Celestina :)

First two is digital camera.

The rest is using dslr.

Got hungry and ordered room service. Very expensive, but very nice! All the photographers sniffed the fragrance in envy. Haha.

Roasted Chicken.
Lamb Shank.

Okay, abrupt ending here.
I've got to finish an article by 5pm today. Havent even start leh. Gotta rush!