Thursday, January 1, 2009

I can't stop crying....

I have always believed that he would be the guy who wouldn't stop loving me no matter what. It's heartbreaking to know that i was so wrong.

Suddenly, i dont know how to be strong anymore...

I feel so helpless because i have no way to revive this relationship even if i want to. If there was love, all sorts of problems could be saved. If there was love, there would be willingness to compromise. If there was love, anything could be done. If there was love, there would be hope.

Without love, nothing can save a falling relationship.
So damn true.

A part of me is still wishing for a little glimpse of hope. But why isn't the light shining yet?

** I'm torn apart about what i should do now. Should i save the relationship? Or should i give up like how he did? Sometimes i think i'll just let nature take its course, like the saying goes about letting something go and if it will come back it will. But i simply can't sit down here and do nothing. Sigh.

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