Monday, January 5, 2009

On the day before Xmas eve, met up with June to get present for winnie's bday. Decided on a black classic design from Prada :)

The pink card very nice hor?
As i was unable to make it for her night party on the 24th, went down to her resort on 25th instead. The place looked damn fun, but it was a pity i had to leave early.

Xmas night was spent at workplace. They organised a mini christmas party, and we had turkey, ham & bacon, log cakes and champagne. It was yummy!

I realise that i am now unable to take alcohol as much as the past, ever since the big throw-up during my bday party. A little sick of alcohol.

2 weeks before the party, manager asked each of us to draw a piece of paper from a box. On the paper is a name of one of the staffs, and we have to buy a present for that someone and put it under the xmas tree in the restaurant, to be unwrapped at the party. As the restaurant is not very big, we know everyone there and everyone is friendly and funny. Luckily, the person i had to buy a present for is one of the younger guys working in the kitchen, not the uncle chefs. Heh, I know that i can buy something funny for him because he always accompany me home so we are not really strangers.

Bought a RED boxer for him. Hahah.
In order not to make it such a crap gift, i added a small wallet into the gift as well.

He gave me a perfume in return.

The other guy who picked my name gave me a very cute softtoy! i think it's my favourite xmas gift for 2008. When he first picked my name, his first reaction was "Die liao lah, must buy very expensive thing liao T_T " Hahaha. Everyone in the restaurant had the impression that im very high-maintenance -.- Just because i usually dress up to work, wear alot of makeup, and sometimes take cab to work.

Got a gingerbread spice tea box from boss. It tasted funny though, not to my liking. She gave the manager a wallet from Salvatore Ferragamo! Then she told me if i work 5 years for her, she will give me one too. Hahaha. Im currently only near to one year lor... still have to wait 4 freaking years.

Mummy gave me a mini doggie soft toy.
Winnie gave me a necklace.

I remember that i still have a few other gifts but i forgot what they are and who they are from already. Oh no.

Nevertheless, it was quite a pleasant xmas.

Then it was new year countdown. Stayed overnight at a friend's place just like the past years..

Cute balloon.

Not alcohol. Just grape sparkling.

My transition from 2008 to 2009 was passed quietly. Because... youknowwhy.

More updates soon. Waiting for pictures from the others :)
Thanks to all the friends who offered concern in msn and the care expressed through emails by some lovely readers regarding my relationship. Very appreciated.

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