Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Overheard the conversation of a classmate yesterday and found it quite interesting. What if the one who kissed Sleeping Beauty is an ugly dwarf instead of the handsome prince? Haha. Something to think about.

This picture taken a long time ago.

Organised a groupshoot for Celestina about two months ago.
The hotel room was spacious with a transparent glass bathroom wall. The bathtub was super comfortable to rest in! LOL.

Caught some shots of Celestina :)

First two is digital camera.

The rest is using dslr.

Got hungry and ordered room service. Very expensive, but very nice! All the photographers sniffed the fragrance in envy. Haha.

Roasted Chicken.
Lamb Shank.

Okay, abrupt ending here.
I've got to finish an article by 5pm today. Havent even start leh. Gotta rush!

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