Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Called isaac up in the middle of my shoot (early in the morning! =x) to come and hold the reflector for the photographer. Hahahaha. No lah, asked him down to chill but in the end we spent more time on the shoot than chilling.

By the time isaac came we've done like so many frames without the stupid reflector already lor -.- Isaac brought along his friend benjamin, who takes arty pictures!

Made isaac do some pictures with me and turned out the photographer loved isaac's spiderman (it's "monkey" to me) flexibility. Wheet!

Here are some backstage pictures taken by benjamin. Nice!

I still have many pictures from the other photographer to put up soon! Wait for them alright :D

And also,
His newfound interest is TammyTay, because "she's VERY pretty and hot", as quoted by isaac numerous times. He even read her blog more than he reads mine lor!!!! Grrr, i used to be number one on his list leh!!! *CRIES*

And so, tammy, if you are reading this please go chat with isaac on facebook or something so that he'll be damn happy and thank me okay? Hahaha.

Anyway, It was great fun yesterday. I want to gather with friends more often now. I've spent too much time maintaining that past relationship that i realise i neglected so many of my lovely friends.

I think I'm feeling much better now.
I'm feeling the freedom and i no longer have any restraints in doing what i want to do anymore. I'm now glad that i made the decision that night. I'm glad we are not dragging it anymore.

I wont regret this relationship which started out beautiful and stable, and then turned rocky and then bland. Because you are a turning point in my life. Because you were the one who brought me out to see the world. Because i met you, you gave me the ability to change myself. Because of you, i was brought to many opportunities which also changed my life. Because of your support, i became stronger. Because of you, i became the Esther that i am today.

And now, it's time for me to start anew without you.
The Esther you know now is not the Esther that you fell in love with a year ago. And the Kelvin i fell in love with a year ago is not the Kelvin that i know now too. Well, I admit that if one day i open up the box that keeps the musical angels that you had bought for me a long time ago to take care of me, i'll definitely cry. But then, it's just the sweet memories.

I dont know if we'll go back together after months or years down the road. But for now, let's enjoy our newfound freedom.

The ring and the necklace, im not wearing them anymore.. Thanks for everything that you've sacrificed and given me :) Although i've never said it before during the entire relationship, i actually appreciated everything.

I didn't treat you right. Hope your next girlfriend would love you much more than i did.

YuanYuan, XiaoXiao, Dada, Zigzag, Babydragon.
Chipmunk, Crazybunny, Foxie, Angel. 271007.

Im moving on.
Because sooner or later, i have to.

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