Thursday, January 15, 2009

So hot- WonderGirls (

Omigosh, They're damn hot.
I think they are every man's dream lady.

Love their dance, charisma, and perfect figure.
Life's indeed unfair, boo!

Tomorrow im going to take out my curls and put on straight ones at Milly! :) She was so nice to sponsor me another bunch of hair after i complained about curls not suitable for me because im such a messy person so curly hair makes me look like siaocharbor. Haha.

Go support her too k? Got CNY promotion going on now. Go to for more information! :)

I've got lots to blog about. Yay.
Wait for the entries k.

Two pictures for tonight.
Saw this overdued picture while bloghopping.

Credits to Photographer Shawn.

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