Hello Everyone!

Thanks for visiting this little blog of mine!

I started blogging here in May 2006 and named myself 'The Ice Angel'. The URL was previously 'The-miracle-season'. Whenever I attend events in the past, people would either call me ice-angel or miracle-season. Either way, it definitely sounded ridiculous in real life. Well, I have since grown up and now go by the name Esther Xie!

Let me share more about myself!

Esther Xie
I'm 26 this year, a Libra, and left-handed.

I love food. I can eat ALOT. I'd go out of my way and do anything to get the food I crave for.

I love holidaying! I wish to go on more trips and explore the world! Read my travelogues here: http://www.estherxie.com/p/wander.html

I absolutely love heels and wedges. I get excited whenever I'm surrounded by pretty ones!

I love blogging. It serves as a platform for me to share the highlights in my life without ringing up all my friends and telling them one by one. It serves as a channel for me to post nice photos of myself hahaha. It serves as a memory bottle for me to store all my life stories and photos. Reading my old entries after years passed has always been a joy. I feel lucky and thankful for the bunch of readers who were here to share my joy and sorrow with me through all these time!

I share mostly about lifestyle and my travels, mundane things in my life, places I go to, fun experiences and personal stories such as my wedding and home renovations.

Blogging brought me to places I never thought I could be at.

Here are some of the highlights in my blogging journey so far!

It is now my 10th year since I started blogging and I've changed a lot!

I started out designing blogskins at Blogskins.com. I'm happy to say that almost all my skins were featured Blogskin Of The Day back then. Contrary to popular belief, I can't code html for nuts. And according to critics on Blogskins.com, my style is brush spamming. I guess that is true. So anyway, my first batch of readers were probably people using my blogskins. For those who started reading me since then, HELLO THERE!

In 2006, on the same year that I started blogging, my readership grew gradually day by day. I was featured in various newspapers, appeared in magazines and interviewed on campus radio. I was also invited to be be a guest on Channel U TV Talkshow - Shoot3. It was an amazing experience.

In 2007, I went on to participate in a blogging activity on Youth.sg with Isaac, a long-time friend I knew since Friendster days. I was a Youth.sg Grand Finalist.

I also won Sgfriends Best Of Blogs consecutively every month for over a year.

This was the year I joined the Nuffnang family. Nuffnang manages my blog commercial activities. Thanks to Nuffnang, I was given the chance to write advertorials for various big brands.

In 2008, I was invited by Omy.sg to write as a guest fashion blogger. 

I also had an episode in the online variety show - Sweets, hosted by Nadnut and Jayden.

In 2009. I became a guest blogger for Gadget3 Magazine.

In 2010, I was an OMY SG Blog Awards Y-Bloggist Finalist.

In the same year, I wrote for SauceInk Magazine as a Fashion Blogger, and was happy to be featured in an episode with RazorTV on makeup!

I became a POCC ambassador to encourage my readers to go for their cervical jab. I also did a fashion walk for POCC's pink party at Zouk alongside other ambassadors.

In 2011, I am honored to have won CozyCot Holygrail Fashionable Lot together with other stylish ladies.

I also became a ClubCouture ambassador for that year.

I was invited to be a guest speaker for Nuffnang G+ event with two other prominent bloggers like Bongqiuqiu and Typicalben.

In 2012, I was nominated as a finalist for OMY SG Blog Awards 2012, under the category of Best Individual Blog.

In 2013, I was named Nuffnang's Featured Blogger in May!

Perks of blogging:
I was invited to concerts, food reviews, movie premieres, went on sponsored trips, and sat in limousines.

I was sponsored manicures, hair care, clothes and gadgets. Cool right. Go be a blogger now. Hahaha.

I met many new people and made some friends through blogging. Love them all!

Nuffnang and Me.

I joined the largest blog committee in Singapore - Nuffnang, when they started in 2007. Here are just some of the activities I have done with them!

I look forward to many more exciting years in Blogging!! :)


Instagram: www.instagram.com/theiceangel

Email me at the-ice-angel@hotmail.com :)



  1. I love your blog! It wants me to go out and take pics too, lol.

    But, really, its really cool! :D

  2. Cute blog! Just found it off Nuffnang. I like how honest and open you are. Keep it up! Feel free to visit mine some time!

  3. I like reading your blog! :) It was fun reading your overseas trips' blog posts. :)
    Feel free to visit my blog too!