Monday, May 30, 2022

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

I have so many travel backlogs and I'm on the verge of giving up blogging about them all but everytime I look at my old posts, I get reminded why I want to do this. I like the composing part but hate uploading the images. 

So this was pre-covid, 9 Aug 2019. 
Went to Vietnam with the family for a short trip. 

The parents wanted to stay in a proper hotel so we booked Palace Hotel Saigon, which was 4 stars and very central, located on a busy street. 

It is very crowded and busy downstairs at night! 

Mcdonalds for supper~ 

The next day was the start of our touristy itinerary. 

We travelled everywhere via grab and it's super cheap! Most of our trips were $1.79. 

Located opposite the Saigon Central Post Office was Notre Dame Cathedral which was under maintenance when we went. 

Super crowded at the post office. Think there was some event going on. 

Lots of merchandise for tourists. 
Super cute ornaments. 

Afterwards we went to Bến Thành Market.

Had lunch at this eatery serving Vietnamese cuisine after seeing fantastic google reviews. 

S stole the job of the coconut drink seller. haha. 

War Remnants Museum 

There was a long queue but we were ushered to enter quite quickly. 

Went back to our hotel for spa before heading out again. 

The traffic at Vietnam is super loud. The horning don't stop. Also, it's very difficult to cross roads. 

For dinner, we went to a restaurant recommended by my sister's friend, San Fu Lou Cantonese Kitchen. I remember the food to be very good. 

Visited a fair nearby.

Next day, we woke up early for a day tour we booked on Klook - Cuchi Tunnels & Mekong Delta Day Tour. Cuchi Tunnels is one of the major attraction in Vietnam so it's a must-go, however, it wouldn't be easy for us to travel there ourselves so booking a day tour is best. 

Photos not in sequence. But it was just many many many boat rides. From the big one, to the medium one, to the small ones. 

Yes. Many many many boat rides. 

Finally on land!

There were afew stops. Some to eat fruits, some to listen to their villagers perform. 

Passed by a sweets company! They wrap the candy in paper..... by hand. Very traditional. So they just throw the candy on the table then the next person wrap with the paper. 

This was the scary stop where there were so many bees around because they were serving honey tea. Pulled my cup of honey tea away from a bee and it continued to chase the cup and fell in. It was so terrifying I couldn't wait to get out of there. 

Lunch~ The scales on this fish quite scary looking ya.

At the Cuchi tunnels, we experienced going into these underground caves and it was really tighter and darker than I thought. The ceilings are very low so gotta bend down all the way. 

Human trap! If you accidentally step on this patch of grass in the dark... good luck.

Spikes inside.

Many different types of traps.

First time firing a gun and it was actually very scary! The gun is very heavy and it throws you back on each shoot. Movies make it look so easy, I think me as the shooter was more scared than the target haha. It was too scary for me and I gave up after a couple of tries.

Look at my face. Hahahahaha.

We tried this one too! The hole looks super tiny but surprisingly we could all get in. Really good cover.

Dinner at Pham Ngu Lao area afterwards. 
My neighbour told me to try the Broken Rice so we tried it here. It was quite meh though. It's like eating caifan. Haha. 

Wandered around and had pizza for our 2nd dinner at a mall.

Next day, we went to visit the morning market! It's one of my favourite things to do overseas. The markets are always interesting. 

Here, we saw many little bikes carrying large cargo items going through the crowd. 

Check out this one! 10 huge boxes on one small trolley.

Quite chaotic but nice experience. 

Chicken rice for lunch!

dropped by a retro cafe! 

On another $1.79 grab ride.

Went back to the hotel and googled and found this pink church called Tan Dinh Church and so we went! It's in a beautiful shade of pink.

Dinner time! Went to have BBQ at a roof top restaurant.

Went to experience their night life street. Super happening!

Escaped the loud music at a quiet cafe upstairs. 

Tried Vietnamese coffee

It was our last night there and we felt that we didn't try enough street food so we went to dabao some supper from the food stalls below our hotel.

Overall quite a fun trip! 

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