Friday, August 29, 2014

Bintan Trip - Part One

Last weekend, I brought mum for a weekend getaway hosted kindly by Angsana Resorts, thanks to Nadia who referred me!

It was quite a last minute thing for the trip but because it was going to be our first time there, I was very excited!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

How To Pack Light For A Beach Holiday

I am usually a hoarder and I always store extra "just in case". That's why I found it quite surprising when I realize that I am usually the one with the smallest bag or luggage on staycations and vacations! In this time and age, people often take budget airlines for nearer destinations and travelling light is quite important especially for the 7kg carry-on limit.

During the weekends, I headed to Bintan for a little getaway and managed to pack everything into a small A4 size bag, looking like I am just heading out for shopping like any other day!

Here's my packing list for a weekend beach vacation.

1. Apparel & Accessories
- One set of clothes & undies for the next day
- One set of nightwear
- One set of swimwear
- Accessories
- Flip flops (No need to pack inside the luggage because you would probably wear it on your feet.)
- Small bag for important stuff (You don't want to bring a huge bag along everywhere but what if you have no pockets to store important belongings like cash? Bring your essentials around with you in this small bag and leave the bigger bag inside the hotel room)

Optional: Cover-up for swimwear. I didn't bring because I figured it would waste space and I could always use the beach towel provided at the pool or wear it under my tee!

***In my case, I brought only 1 pair of demin shorts and 2 tees (one for sleeping and one for the next day). My shorts got drenched in seawater on the first day and I had to dry it with a hair dryer. So, maybe bringing another pair would be a good idea for instances like this or if you plan to sit on sand! Haha. 

2. Gadgets
- Camera
- Camera charger
- Phone
- Phone charger

Optional: Earphones

3. Beauty
- Sunscreen
- Facemask/Night cream in flat satchets
- Contact Lens
- Basic Cosmetics
- Makeup Remover/Wipes (use travel pack size)
- Wet wipes/ Tissue
- Flat comb
- Tooth brush
- Plastic bag (in case)

Optional: Shades, Beach Hat, Mosquito Repellent, Waterproof cover for gadgets, Shaver.
Usually resorts provide shampoo/soap/toothpaste, but if you want to bring along your own, use sample sizes. You don't require the entire bottle for a 2 day trip. Use mini ziplock bags to store an appropriate amount if you do not wish to purchase travel sized products which may cost more because of packaging material. I tend to keep those "sample sachets" found in beauty magazines for travel use!

4. Essentials
- Coin Purse (IC, Cash, Credit Card)
- Travel and Hotel confirmation
- Passport
- Keys

As you can see, I hardly packed in anything unnecessary!
Hope this packing list for a weekend beach holiday helps! I only packed my bag the night before and I know there are many last minute packers out there. Just follow this list and you'd never go wrong!

If you are travelling on a long-haul flight to a far away destination, do check out fellow Singapore lifestyle blogger nadnut's post on how to avoid jet lag!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Wheeler's Yard

Friends have started to call me the café blogger.

Actually, I also never always blog about cafes lah..... Got meh...? Haha. I also got blog about other stuff mah...

So anyway, living up to the name, how can I not visit Wheeler's Yard, the "hipster-must-go" café right? I have been wanting to visit ever since I knew about this place, but heard negative reviews online about the waiting time and unimpressive food. However, on my visit, I experienced none of that. Perhaps the café has improved... or I went on a good day?

Just from the name, you know that this place is "bicycle themed". It was indeed so! There was an indoor area, furnished with bicycles and big tables for sharing.

I went straight to the outdoor area though. The outside area was made up of smaller tables of all shapes and sizes. It was crowded the way we went but luckily we managed to get a seat immediately.

It was surprisingly very breezy!

The ordering procedure = queue up at the counter (quite a long queue the day we went), order, and go back to seat with buzzer. When the buzzer buzzes, go to the counter to collect the food. Self-service, but that also means there is no service charge.

I had the Ham and Cheese Panini. I didn't have any expectations initially because of the bad reviews online but it was not bad! Trust me, I have eaten worse. I liked that the cheese was very cheesy (what kind of description is this. lol).

Bf had the Otah Burger! I initially was secretly thinking "eww" to his choice because I prefer otah on it's own. Well, it turned out quite nice leh! The otah is not the lousy type sold for 40 cents per piece. It's the $1.50 type filled with fish meat. Not sure if you understand my description!

Actually, one review even said many hot men were spotted at Wheeler's Yard but the day we went, we saw many old people! Like really grandma-grandpa type of old.

Of course, how can I forget the mandatory outfit photo outside Wheeler's Yard famous backdrop?? Here's mine. Haha.

Selling this Saint Laurent bag... Click here to find out more details.

The top is from Earthdoll! Just trying a more mature look since I always wear floral dresses. Haha. Besides the awesome quality, I also like the flattering cut of this top - no flabby arms!

Friday, August 22, 2014

She Sells Seashells On The Seashore

Showed bf a pic of my chicken rice lunch and he asked: "how much?"

"$3.80 + $2 extra meat + $0.60 egg"

"Wah!!!!! Hello where your money come from??"

"I shake the tree then the money drop"

"Which tree?! I also want! Go shake money!!!"

Lol my favorite thing about us is that we always talk nonsense and he will always 配合. I think we already ran out of proper dating topics liao. Hahaha.

Aunt gave me this pair of super pretty floral heels! Can't wait to wear them out! :)

Manicure at Millys again. In anticipation of my upcoming beach holiday, I decided to a blue themed one!

Very satisfied with the final design! Gold seashells for the beach theme. White, dark blue, and light blue. You may refer to the NAIL tab in my navigation header above whenever u run out of ideas!

Anyway, there's currently a $20 gelish promotion. Super worth it since each gelish last around 1 month or more.

Not sure if you know (but you should know by now if you are a regular reader of my blog), Millys also provides lash and hair extension services in addition to manicure/pedicure, which are quite popular and the clientele just keep coming back for more. In the past when my hair wasn't long enough, I had Millys hair extensions on and it gave me pretty and voluminous long hair! I am actually quite keen to experiment with coloured hair extensions now~ There is a wide variety of colours available, and I especially love the pastel ones!

Far East Plaza: +65 6737 6723
Bugis: +65 6338 4137

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Alkaff Terrace

Hello! Just thought I should clear some of my backlog today.

I have wanted to go to Alkaff Terrace since quite awhile back but never actually made plans to go. One fine day, we decided to head there for brunch.

Pretty pretty setting. Too bad it was too hot to actually sit on un-sheltered seats. You can see from this photo below how scorching hot it was that day. Kena many mosquito bites that day... Sigh the price to pay for outdoor dining in Singapore!

Nothing beats a cup of ice cold freshly squeezed orange juice on a hot Sunday. Pretty place to dine but very hot even though we were seated near a big fan. Midway through lunch I went indoors on the pretense of using the washroom. Actually just want to enjoy the aircon. Hahaha. The ideal brunch place would be air conditioned with glass walls so that the sunlight can enter and still feel "outdoor".

Snapped a photo before the food arrive!

Ordered these... I remember the food to be average. Nothing memorable. Bf had the sausage dish while I had the smoked salmon. He didn't really like the scrambled eggs but the sausage and smoked salmon were quite yummy.

The waffles looked good but was actually quite soggy and soft. Quite a disappointing end to the meal!

OOTD: Maxi dress from! Got it from the retail shop at Bukit Panjang Plaza #03-21 because bf says I seldom wear long dress.

Actually.... this was around 3.5 months back... I checked my dayre and realised that I went to Alkaff Terrace on 4th May. *gasp* Time really flies!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Buyer Scam

I always thought it was easy to spot a scam... for example, those sending an email promising million of dollars, but I think they are getting cleverer.

Yesterday, I received a whatsapp text requesting for my bank account details so that he can transfer the payment for a bag that I listed for sale. Luckily, I went to ask bf for advice first because the buyer claimed to be from Canada and wishes for me to ship the item to Africa. I was more comfortable with selling it to someone in Singapore, since it wasn't just a few dollars at stake. Bf told me it could be fake, so I went to search the buyer's country code online and true enough, it wasn't a Canada number. It was from Nigeria, and apparently it was a scam.

I quickly blocked the buyer on whatsapp. Then, I started to wonder if they can access my phone even though I didn't give my bank details. Meanwhile on Linechat:

Me: U think they can access my phone? Since I replied.

Bf: Don't think so bah... Bank details never give can le :)

Me: Like maybe they plant a bug in my phone.

Bf: Haha. Won't ba. Don't need worry.

Me: He seeing this now!!!

Bf: Ya ya right.

Don't take my bank details please!
Me very very poor.
Want take also take my bf's. He richer.

Bf: Lol. Crazy.

Me: He reading! I write here he can see.

Bf: Lol. Then why you ask him to rob me!
Hello don't rob me. Rob my friend.
He is richer. He taking pilot license now.


At this time I burst into laughter because I know which friend he was referring to and it was funny to see him also say "hello" to the Nigerian. Haha.

After that, bf called me on the phone and the first thing he said was, "Talk softly. he can hear us."
Me: Ya. So Scary!




Nadia just texted me this:

Nad: I wanna transfer u money earlier. but I scared Nigerian scam me after that.
Nigerian man, if you see this, I got no money actually. don't scam me.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Authentic Saint Laurent Monogram Bag in Black Patent Leather

Golden hardware fold-over flap with magnetic-snap closure
Measurements 17.0 x 11.5 x 4.5 cm
Condition 10/10 with dustbag

Selling Price: SGD1750 (Retail price at around SGD2350)
Email to if interested.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Milly's Birthday on a Yacht

It was Milly's birthday awhile back and she invited us on a yacht with her friends! It was great to meet up with the girls again! Here are some photos from the day.

Milly brought along her dog 'Toto'!

Photo with the birthday girl x4. Haha.

I just went to the dentist that day to tighten my braces. Don't know why so coincidental. On my first braces fixture date, it was Milly's 3rd outlet opening and 6th anniversary celebration. Of course I have to attend! Then on my first tightening session, it was Milly's yacht party. Then I remember, on my second tightening session, just nice I scheduled my manicure session at Millys right after my dental appointment!

I still feel very happy that the ceramic braces are hardly visible in photos! Just hoping that the side gaps will close faster. Call TLC Dental Centre if you are keen to explore ceramic braces! FREE consultation if you quote my name!

Photo with Nadia!


It was quite relaxing and nice to just sit there and look at the waters, enjoying the breeze and do nothing at all.

Elaine and Fidelis!

With Fidelis :)

Yummy food onboard!

Then, we went upstairs to the upper deck to chit chat!

Toto came up too! Hehe.

Group photo just before the sun sets!

Cake session!

Happy Birthday Milly!

We even caught some fireworks before heading back!


Ending off with a short video I took that day! Thanks Milly, for inviting us to celebrate your birthday! :D Looking forward to our next steamboat session!!