Friday, August 30, 2013

Chomp Chomp

Chomp chomp has taken over Bedok 85 as my favourite hawker centre. It just seem like everything sold here is curated and good!

Today I want to introduce some of the awesome food I have ate at Chomp Chomp!

I heard awesome reviews about the Hokkien Prawn Mee so I went to order it. It was a 45 minutes wait before it came to our table. But very worth it! It is mostly beehoon and some yellow noodle, quite unlike the usual thick beehoon. Thumbs up! I'm not sure if there are other stalls selling Hokkien Prawn Mee too, so you just find a stall that has a long waiting list, should be that one! Usual waiting time is 20 minutes I think.

Of course, my favourite BBQ chicken wings is a must-order. I think all the stalls are about the same. I just ordered from the one that feels most messy, cos that means more business right?

Sambal Stingray! There's this stall in the middle which serve a big portion at just $10! The taste is not bad too. The uncle taking order wears spectacles and is quite friendly. There's another older uncle beside him and another man inside the kitchen. They have some goldfishes in a tank on top of their iced fish display and a sticker from Channel U's food show or something.

My favourite pork congee is from Bedok 85 Chai Chee Porridge but recently the standard dropped. Hope they will go back to their original quality soon! Tried this one at Chomp Chomp and it's not too bad either.

The top of my must-eat item at Chomp Chomp is the Fried Oyster Omelette from this stall. It is probably the best oyster omelette in Singapore. Too bad it was closed that day when I visited. (Old photo from an old food entry

Thursday, August 29, 2013

I Love Line Chat! #1

For the past few months, I had several fun chats with my bf and family on Line Chat. Love all the stickers! They are so cute and sometimes we don't even need to type words to express our feelings. Haha. And sometimes because the stickers are so exaggerated, we have silly conversations.

Here's two of them!



I have a lot more! But I will have to search my gallery for more print screens.
Blog more next time! 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I Love My Sponsors!

Yesterday, I went to have my awkward-length fringe cut at Bugis Essensuals. At the same time, I also had my hair washed along with a super shiok head massage. As I lay there, I day-dreamed about the day I get to have a personal hair-washer who can wash my hair with a head massage like this every morning. Seriously, if you are had a bad, tiring day, a good hair wash with head massage can liven your mood and release those stress!

Check out my silky smooth hair after the wash!

Friends have been telling me that my fringe had been bangs since forever. Even my stylist Wayne, also say that he has never seen me with any other hair style before. Haha. The reason is because I really cannot tahan the not-long-not-short awkward length that comes in between pretty bangs and pretty long fringe.

By the way, if you are unsure who to look for in Bugis Essensuals, choose Wayne! I have total trust in his skills and ever since I started doing my hair with him, I have never left the salon feeling sucky. Only he can cut my fringe to the perfect length that I want! He also understand what kind of looks I want and don't want, and can also advise on the type of hairstyle that is suitable or not suitable. He recently cut another blogger Rachell's long hair to a bob that is longer on one side and it suited her very much! It was a very different look but also very trendy and nice! I am definitely impressed. Maybe I will change my hairstyle soon too.

Anyway, if you are looking to do some color changes to your hair or to touch up, do consider Bugis Essensuals' new promotion - $120 for COLOURING + TREATMENT. The best thing is? FOR ALL HAIR LENGTHS!!! It's super worth it if you have long hair like mine! Remember to quote ESTHERXIE when you make an appointment to enjoy the offer! Tel: 63330039

After doing my hair, I had my nails done too! I wanted bright colours so I chose pink base and green tip! I quite like the final result! Very refreshing and looking at it makes me happy! For appointment, call Millys at 63384137 or 67376723! Their branches are very conveniently located at Bugis Street and Far East Plaza! Means you do not go all the way to somewhere just for manicure, you also get to shop after the session! That was what happened to me. I really need to curb my shopping!!!!! Besides nail services, they also do hair and lash extensions. Check out for more information.

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After a long hiatus, missQueenie has revamped their site and added some new arrivals! Glad to have them back in action! I miss their affordable and pretty blouses and dresses so much!

Meanwhile, LYRA MINN just launched Collection 25 - Rompers Special, a few days back. Do support! New collection will be coming up soon as well!

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Gangnam Korean Restaurant

Another food entry! I really need to start getting out there and do something instead of always eat eat eat. Haha. My lifestyle is all about eating.

Online reviews call this place the Gangnam Korean Restaurant but the signboard clearly says Running Man. Confusing but luckily I had noted the address!

Apparently it's Running Man - Gangnam branch . Not sure what it meant, but who cares! Anyway, this place is not to be confused with the Gangnam BBQ located in the west.

The restaurant is seemingly authentic and the customers are mostly Koreans.

We are here for this! For $38, you get marinated pork/chicken. We got half of each! After reading online reviews about how the sauce is extremely spicy, we followed the advice and asked for "less spicy". However, it also meant that our meat came quite dry and not much sauce. If I come here again, I'd definitely try for normal spicy because after requesting "less spicy", our meat are not spicy at all.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Magnum DIY

After the event, I met up with bf for dinner. Was so hungry by then because I didn't manage to have lunch that day, but bf insisted on us visiting the Magnum place for ice cream first. I was feeling quite pissed off inside because a hungry person want hot proper food! Not ice cream!! Plus, I'm not really a dessert-before-main-course type of person. I went along with it though, and now looking at how pretty the photos are cos of the sunlight, I forgive him! Hahaha. Also because I'm not hungry now.

Outfit of the day was this dress which bf liked!

Magnum Pop-up Store in the middle of Clarke Quay. (Moving out this Monday)

For a pop-up store, I felt that the furnishings were quite elaborate!

For the DIY magnum, we chose milk chocolate coating, topping of almond flake, popping candy, rice puff, and dark chocolate drizzle. There were many toppings to choose from and bf almost chose CHILLI FLAKES. Luckily I stopped him with a glare.

It is a success!!!! I think this can be added into their normal menu because the combination is really good!

Me and my happy magnum.

We also had one of their pre-creations - Venice In A Jar.

Looks pretty but the taste is only so-so.

Finally, it was time for dinner and we decided to have Japanese food.

What attracted me to the place was the pretty setting, plus floor seats!

But the food is only so-so. Not really worth it for the high price tag.

Friday, August 23, 2013

BlinkSG Dollywink Giveaway


Thursday, August 22, 2013

K-Palette Sweet As Chocolate

Attended K-Palette's Sweet As Chocolate event and it was a nice gathering with my girls and other beauty bloggers! Here are some photos taken during the event!

I have always used black eye makeup since a long time back but I also knew how pretty brown eye makeup can look. Black eye makeup is intense and on some days, a softer look is more suitable. It's just that I didn't have the skill so despite having so many brown cosmetics lying at home, I have never really used them on a daily basis! So during the event, a Japanese makeup artist gave us some tips on how to create a pleasant look using brown.

Understanding the needs of Asian women, the 24H Real Lasting 2-Way Eyebrow Liner comes with a powder tip on the other end to compliment its liquid tip! I liked the color, suitable for us with dyed brown hair, giving us a more natural brow look. But sadly I still don't know how to draw brows. Haha. I will learn with this one!

The real attraction for me is the 24h Real Lasting Eyeliner. It is one of Japan’s best-selling liquid eyeliner with patented micro-fiber brush and waterproof polymer molecule for quick-dry and non-smudge eye makeup. It has everything that everyone is looking for in a liquid eyeliner - Quick dry, Non-smudge, Smooth application.

Activity time! We were given a palette to draw our brown makeup! My brows definitely fail. Haha. But I like how I did the eyes! It's just the way I usually do my eyes. Haha.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Black Box July Edition

Hello people! This entry is long overdue but better late than never! These are the products I received from Black Box July Edition.

Opening a Black Box is always a joy! So many products! Black Box is not just a beauty box, it also features lifestyle products like toothpaste, energy drink and coffee sachets. I think what's best about sample boxes like Black Box is how I get to sample the products before purchasing them in full-size. This way, I save up on products which might not be suitable for me, and also try out new recommended products that I might not have noticed before. Plus, the excitement of opening the box, like receiving gifts every bi-monthly!

Besides products, there are also many vouchers per box for other services and promotions. Awesome!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pasarbella @ The Grandstand

One of the highlights at The Grandstand is Pasarbella. I actually didn't know there was such a place in Singapore but over dinner one day with some other bloggers, one of them highly recommended us to visit it, and so we did!

This place is very pretty so I took many photos!!! The place is quite big inside and doesn't feel like a place in Singapore at all! Here are some of the shops:

There are a lot of organic food, vegetables and fruits. All stacked very prettily unlike our local wet market. It really feels like I'm in a small town market overseas! The vegetables look especially fresh and the fruits especially shiny!

Totally a picture entry because I got nothing to say except "VERY PRETTY RIGHT???!!!" for every photo. Hahaha. It was an awesome experience wandering around inside because everything is so pretty!!!

There were also lots of little cafes for dine-in and many other random products for sale.

Oh Food Glorious Food!

Bf bought this ice cream for $5. Apparently is non-dairy or no preservatives or something like that. Anyway it's really quite nice.

Was so tempted to dine in the cafes but we just had lunch at Modern Asian Diner :( I definitely must come back here again!

Outfit of the day:
New dress and new heels!