Monday, August 26, 2013

Gangnam Korean Restaurant

Another food entry! I really need to start getting out there and do something instead of always eat eat eat. Haha. My lifestyle is all about eating.

Online reviews call this place the Gangnam Korean Restaurant but the signboard clearly says Running Man. Confusing but luckily I had noted the address!

Apparently it's Running Man - Gangnam branch . Not sure what it meant, but who cares! Anyway, this place is not to be confused with the Gangnam BBQ located in the west.

The restaurant is seemingly authentic and the customers are mostly Koreans.

We are here for this! For $38, you get marinated pork/chicken. We got half of each! After reading online reviews about how the sauce is extremely spicy, we followed the advice and asked for "less spicy". However, it also meant that our meat came quite dry and not much sauce. If I come here again, I'd definitely try for normal spicy because after requesting "less spicy", our meat are not spicy at all.

The meat came with many vegetables around it!

See how everything looks quite dry? The online photos we saw all had sauce but ours didn't.

The portion was just nice for 2 person, I didn't feel exceptionally full after finishing the meat. Our Kimchi pancake came after that. Quite nice, with small pieces of sotong inside. Good!

I don't mind coming here again!

Running Man - Gangnam Korean BBQ Restaurant
3 Temple Street
Singapore 058556

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