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志在四方 The Dream Makers

The Dream Makers have finally come to an end. If you haven't watched this drama, please do so now at Xinmsn CatchupTV!

First, I'd like to say that the scriptwriters ought to be applauded for the depth in the storyline. Still not as good as Hong Kong dramas, but good enough. The casting managers ought to be applauded for their choice of actors and actresses, giving them a role befitting for each of them.

Most of all, I think the actors and actresses in this drama has done an awesome job.

When I watch the show, unlike other dramas, I really see them as their character. I don't see Zoe Tay, Chen Li Ping, Rui En, Jeanette Aw. I see Zhou Wei Yun, Yao-Zhu Kang Li, Fang Tong Lin, Zhao Fei Er.

Zhao Fei Er:
I feel that Jeanette Aw acted her character really well for this drama. I started liking her gradually after watching her in 破天网Breakout and X元素Beyond (basically, those dramas that don't cast her as the perfect/plain girl). By the way, in this drama, I find myself connecting alot with Fei Er's flawed character. When she cries, it makes me want to cry with her. Whatever she does in the show, I find myself forgiving her because I understood her reasons for doing so. I felt that even though she became "bad", I always felt that underneath that "mask" is still that harmless girl pursuing her dreams all along. I didn't find her malicious or evil at all. I was rooting for her throughout and even though she did certain wrong decisions, I was very sure that she still had a good heart inside. Right from the start and throughout the show, I felt like I was growing up with her, watching her change and all. Jeanette Aw is really good in a way that she turns such an unlikeable character into one that everyone roots for. One thing that inspires me about Zhao Fei Er is that despite anything, she is always able to force a bright smile on her face for other people no matter how upset she is feeling. She only cries when she's alone or with someone close. I find that she is really a strong and hardworking girl inside.

Quoting and agreeing with Xinmsn, "Another actress who deserves two thumbs up for the stellar delivery of her role is Jeanette. Despite playing the anti-heroine in this show, Jeanette injected a glaze of vulnerability in Fei-er’s realistic, fame-hungry and devious ways. She’s no saint for sure – that we know, but we can’t help but root and feel for her character’s struggles at the end of it all."

Fang Tong Lin:
Rui En also deserves a thumbs up for her performance as Fang Tong Lin. Very likeable and not fake at all. In order to act such an exaggerated character so naturally, Rui En have really good acting chops, I cannot deny.

Best Actress Award:
In fact, I can't decide if I would rather Jeanette Aw or Rui En win the Best Actress awards this year. Both of them definitely deserve it for their outstanding performance in this drama.

Jason Lam:
Qi Yu Wu should totally win the Best Actor award for his portrayal as Jason Lam. Especially during the start of the series, his acting was totally natural. Though his character on paper is one that is nothing special, he brought out the "character" in the otherwise so-so character.

Du Zhan Peng:
I have never liked Shaun Chen in any of the dramas he acted in but after this show I have developed a liking for his character. He's like Mr-Perfect in the drama hor? Haha.

Best Improvement Award:
I think this award should go to Rebecca Lim this year. I personally like Rebecca Lim and thinks that she has the star-aura and is very likeable. So, I was very happy when she portrayed the character Lisa really well! Although Lisa has a bad reputation in the drama, I felt that her character brights up the screen whenever she appears and I have concluded that Lisa is one of my favorite characters of the year (alongside Fang Tong Lin from the same drama and Rainbow from "Marry Me")

Zhao Fei Er and Jason Lam and Fang Tong Lin
When I first knew that the final ending was to be decided by online voting, I sian half already. Because everyone knows that Rui En's fan base is huge and she wins almost ever online voting award, even if she doesn't really deserves it.

I personally liked Zhao Fei Er and Jason Lam alot as a couple as they were so convincing as a long-time loving and close couple. Also, I think most people who liked them as a couple are those who watched right from the start and felt their connection. It's really very rare to see such chemistry on our local screens!!! They really are compatible! I would totally vote for them as "Best On-Screen Couple" for Star Awards but I think as usual Rui En will win again as per past years (Seriously, Rui En and Elvin Ng have no chemistry as a couple at all lor -_- Why win so many times... I like Rui En alot and I like Elvin Ng alot. But I don't like how they always win irrelevant titles for no reason at all, only because they have a huge fan base.)

I feel that Fang Tong Lin and Jason Lam are good as soul mates but I don't feel as much for them as a couple. Of course, they look happy and all but it's only the start and I am sure Zhao Fei Er and Jason Lam had their happy sweet moments at the start too right? Plus, Jason and Feier have been together for so long. I have a tendency to root for the couple that has gone through so much for a longer time.

Fang Tong Lin and Fang Yuan Ren
I love them as siblings!!!! So cute and funny! Love their scenes together!

Nao Nao
Oh, and the boy acting as Nao Nao? Probably one of the better child actors in Singapore! Most child actors are very fake and tend to look like they are just doing actions on cue without feelings but Nao Nao feels real, at first I thought he might really be like that in real life. But then I saw him on another show (with super good acting also).

The Finale (Spoilers)
I felt that the whole drama is good except that the final episode got a little bit anyhow. No matter who Jason Lam was to end up with, I expected something better. What, why must Jason Lam make them wait 2 years for a decision? And the reason that supported his decision was not convincing nor touching at all -_- Also, many other characters didn't have a part in the ending at all. What happened to Yu Fan's brother? What happened to Ding Wei? Why wasn't Fei Er at the Star Awards after she went back to acting? She was an "ah jie" who left for a year and went back into TV. I don't think she has to start all over again to the point that she doesn't even get invited to Star Awards right?

So anyway, I finally finish voicing out all my thoughts for this drama! I truly enjoyed watching it and I hope it win many awards at the Star Awards!

知道我不完美 能给的我都给
于是天蓝转灰转黑 也微笑不插嘴
这一次会气馁 连平凡爱一回
都才将心给谁 马上又被粉碎
满意了吗 你究竟有完没完
你烦不烦 总考验我多勇敢
有那么难 那么幸福和美满
我不贪婪 只求多些夜晚 不鼻酸 不孤单
我想要的快乐很简单 你都不管
人的一生会积累 十万毫升泪水
以为哭完苦悲苦味 能换来好结尾
并不是我后悔 爱会痛我奉陪
只是轮到我没 谁视我为宝贝
有完没完 我已无条件投降
我要归还 向你借来的勇敢
我不野蛮 不属于我的美满 都不贪婪 
只求一到夜晚 有期盼 有陪伴
我想要你给我个答案 你却不管
你都不管 你别不管 我的伤感

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