Saturday, August 24, 2013

Magnum DIY

After the event, I met up with bf for dinner. Was so hungry by then because I didn't manage to have lunch that day, but bf insisted on us visiting the Magnum place for ice cream first. I was feeling quite pissed off inside because a hungry person want hot proper food! Not ice cream!! Plus, I'm not really a dessert-before-main-course type of person. I went along with it though, and now looking at how pretty the photos are cos of the sunlight, I forgive him! Hahaha. Also because I'm not hungry now.

Outfit of the day was this dress which bf liked!

Magnum Pop-up Store in the middle of Clarke Quay. (Moving out this Monday)

For a pop-up store, I felt that the furnishings were quite elaborate!

For the DIY magnum, we chose milk chocolate coating, topping of almond flake, popping candy, rice puff, and dark chocolate drizzle. There were many toppings to choose from and bf almost chose CHILLI FLAKES. Luckily I stopped him with a glare.

It is a success!!!! I think this can be added into their normal menu because the combination is really good!

Me and my happy magnum.

We also had one of their pre-creations - Venice In A Jar.

Looks pretty but the taste is only so-so.

Finally, it was time for dinner and we decided to have Japanese food.

What attracted me to the place was the pretty setting, plus floor seats!

But the food is only so-so. Not really worth it for the high price tag.

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