Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Happy things

Hey people, it's time for another random update post with photos from here and there!

Let me start with a pretty photo of my new nail color! Check out the lovely shade of pink gelish done at Millys! Happy nail colors make me happy ^_^ For appointment, call the branches at Far East Plaza (67376723) and Bugis (63384137).

Pretty heels also make me happy!

I recently got myself a new shoe rack from Ikea and finally I have a proper space to store my shoes without squeezing them into the tiny shoe rack I previously had! By the way, I broke like 5-6 shoes last month. Valid excuse to buy new shoes? Haha.

Anyway, I seldom make big-purchases like this. Heart pain! I actually went Ikea a few times to look at the same rack and hesitated for a long time about buying it! It was the cheapest available rack-with-doors but it still costs quite a sum with delivery charges! In the end, we saved on the delivery charges by using Bf's car to drive it home. At first we were worried about whether it can fit into the car since the carton was very very long but luckily it managed to get in! Very heavy but worth the saving of delivery charge!

In order to off-set my spending habits, I try to save by subscribing to Blackbox.sg so that I get to try certain lifestyle products before purchasing them in full size. Why Blackbox? Besides bi-monthly full-size boxes featuring many awesome products, they also sometimes have Blackbox Mini, little surprises that come in the period between the standard ones! Remember the Black Mini I received some time back? Shortly after, I received my 2nd Black Mini featuring Darlie Expert White! By the way, I love these "pouches" that come with every delivery from Blackbox.sg! I've been using one of them as my cosmetic pouch. haha. I have received my July Blackbox already! Will share more about the products here soon! Remember to sign up with Blackbox.sg for September's lifestyle surprise box to be delivered to your doorstep FREE!

Some time back, Bf bought Grin Affairs jar cakes for me and my family. Very yummy! I have wanted to try it ever since the shop opened but never really got the chance to. I think the jars are good as visiting-gifts! Too bad the shop location is quite far-out for me, so it's quite unlikely I would pass by the shop usually.

Random photo of my lunch one day. Took this using the phone and turned out quite nice so I decided to post it up. No special reason. haha.

Another food picture. Ramen!

A little surprise from bf awhile back! During Mcdonald's Kitty promotion, bf managed to get me every single kitty except the last one as it was sold out too fast. Totally didn't expect him to still try and get from resellers after so long even though I was not particularly sad over not getting the last one. Heh, collection's complete!

Bf told me to take photo with this huge bear. Haha. Too huge already lah! If put on my bed I'd have no space to sleep already! Currently my biggest bear + all my other soft toys already left me with only half a bed to sleep on already!

Little chocolate gift after my graduation. So sweet! Ending this post here. For more random daily updates, you can follow me on twitter (www.twitter.com/theiceangel), or Instagram @theiceangel. Please also follow me on Imotiv (https://www.imotiv.ly/feeds/m12222B) so that you can know whenever I update this blog and also have instant conversations with me easily via the commenting function!

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