Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tim Ho Wan

Hello people! As you can see from my title, I'm very happy to announce that I finally tried Tim Ho Wan! If you do not know yet, it's the one-michelin-star dimsum place from Hong Kong! They recently opened an outlet at Plaza Singapura and will be opening more branches in Singapore. The queues were said to be extremely long and most people wait at least 2 hours. They even give out T-shirts with the words "I queued 3 hours at Tim Ho Wan" for people who queued that long!

So how long did I queue? Hmm... about two minutes? Haha. It was the weekend and bf decided to head down early to queue so that when I reach I can go in immediately! He went at 9am and told me to reach at 10am. We thought that the restaurant opens at 10am but actually it's 9am! So there is actually enough seats immediately at 9am for the early batch of queuers but they didn't allow him to take the table until I arrive. So I arrived around 10.30am and we got to go in almost straight away as he was at the front of the queue. So my advice is to go there at 9am for minimal waiting time!

Here are what we ate.

The most impressive item is definitely the baked buns. I was like "wow" when I took my first bite. Perhaps the best baked bun I ever ate in my entire life. Have it while it's piping hot.

The rest of the dimsum were also good but nothing as impressive as the buns. Is it worth the wait? Hmm, my verdict is that I would go early for it but I wouldn't queue so long for it.

After that, we went to watch Despicable Me 2! The minions totally stole the show. Agnes wasn't as cute in the sequel, but that's probably because I went to re-watch Monster Inc recently and Boo's character is definitely a lot cuter in comparison.

Loving what I wore! I like the contrasting black and white patterns and the neon green! It's from MAMATIAM by MISSQUEENIE! MISSQUEENIE recently revamped the website and it looks a lot better now and there are new updates in MAMATIAM section with awesome affordable prices from less than $10!

Then I got back home and found a Black Mini delivered to my door step! It's a Loreal special edition from, the bi-monthly lifestyle box that has no subscription fee at all!

Inside the zip bag is these two products from Loreal.

L'Oreal EverSleek Sulfate-Free Smoothing System
Intense Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner
Retail Price: $14.90

I love how we get to try new items sent to our home for free just by subscribing to! Many times we make wrong or unsuitable purchases of full-size items because we can't really judge from descriptions and this results in waste of money! Lifestyle boxes from saves the day!

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