Saturday, July 13, 2013

I need a random-title generator

Spent a considerably long time trying to conjure up a good title for this entry but I ended up with none. And because I can't think of any suitable title, hence you see the title above.

Met up with Ben and Isaac again! It was during that period of time when three of us were super free and could meet up any time! We decided to meet at Vivocity since we always meet at town or Bugis. Time for a change!

I am a day-activity kind of person and I love heading out in the day. One of the main reason is that photos look ALOT better. Haha. And there's just that fresh and wonderful feeling in the air. Haha. I get very depressed when evening comes because it feels like the day is going to end soon. This only applies when I am not at work of course. Evenings should come faster on work days!

We quickly settled for dinner at Akashi Japanese Restaurant. The ordering is done through a tablet!

The unagi sushi was so good, we ordered another plate!

Their other sushi also quite nice eh!

Over dinner, we spoke about how we all want to spend some time living in another country. We want to visit places like New York, Manhattan, where true love is round the corner, where anything can happen, where big dreams come true. Haha I think we too influenced by movies and books le! Hopefully in the future we three can travel together!

After that we went shopping! Saw some bears with motivational words on them. We each picked one in our color. Orange for Ben, Green for Isaac and Pink for me! The words are "Fight", "Hope", and "Happy"! There are some other colors in meaningless wordings like "Yes". Haha.

After that we were hungry again so we went to have German sausages!

The sausages were delicious! I like the spicy one.

Photo with Isaac to end this entry! He just had 4 of his wisdom tooth removed that's why his face swollen here! I am so worried about my own wisdom tooth too! I have some pain at the back of my teeth sometimes but not sure if it's a wisdom tooth! I am very afraid to go pluck it out so I hope all my wisdom teeth will grow straight and proper so that I do not have to do anything to them. How I wish I have a higher tolerance for pain! I'm like scared of everything -_-

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