Thursday, July 25, 2013

Advertorial: Silkpro Hairvolution

I remember when I just got out of secondary school, the first thing I did was to dye my hair blonde. Well, it did not really turn out the way I wanted it to be, and I ended up with gold. Haha. Many people around me were shocked at how extreme I went for my first ever hair dye.

Then, everyone started calling me lion so I went to dye even lighter (can't find the photos anymore but it was really light). I remember going through quite a few bottles of hair dye just to get the desired tone.

Thereafter, my hair was never once natural. I tried light brown, dark brown, medium brown, red, ash, pink and more. Especially now that ombre, highlights, and outrageous colors are in trend, people always tell me that they also want to dye pretty colors, but are afraid of spoiling their hair.

In today's society of fashion and beauty, it's inevitable that we will put our hair through zealous chemical hair treatment and excessive use of hair products. With environmental pollutants, UV rays and stress, it often results in the following hair problems - hair fall, dandruff, dry and frizzy, or flat and limpy hair.

Actually, the condition of hair usually depends on how you treat your scalp!

Let me introduce ... HAIRVOLUTION!


It is a transformative, easy 3-step regime that is set to revolutionize the way we can protect our hair from damage and hair fall. All with the following products!

Now I will teach you how to Balance, Strengthen and Protect in 3 easy steps!

Step 1: Balance

Continuous usage of a single shampoo makes scalp and hair unresponsive to the product over time. Many times we have more than just one problem and using just one type of shampoo is not enough. Alternate your shampoo to balance hair nourishment!

The Silkpro range has 4 types of shampoo (Available in 630ml and 265ml) to meet your needs!

SILKPRO is enriched with the natural moisturizing properties of silk to provide hair and scalp with maximum hydration and moisture retention. Ingredients inside protects and care for the scalp, promotes cell regeneration and blood circulation through anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial eastern and western herbs! Unlike many other brands on shelves, Silkpro has a silicone-free formulation, which prevents the hair from becoming limp towards mid-day!

Easy graph to show you the key functions of each bottle:

Step 2: Strengthen

The treatment conditioner serves to strengthen the tips! Enriched with bamboo and other natural active ingredients, it cares for as well as protect hair texture and colour! It is for dry ends, permed, rebonded or coloured hair as it locks in hair moisture, repair the hair ends as well as maintain the hair colour! It is extremely essential for us ladies who put our hair through so much just for beauty!

I love the fragrance of the conditioner and how smooth my hair feels after conditioning. Does not feel oily at all! Remember not to use on scalp, apply on areas 3 inches away!

Step 3: Protect

Now on to the final step. Apply Silkpro's Hair Tonic Concentrate to protect scalp! Ingredients include 3 types of ginseng (American, Chinese and Korean) and ginger. If you use it daily, it will help to promote healthy hair growth, invigorate hair roots, revitalise active follicles and fight follicles aging process! These prevents hair breakage, premature hair fall and thinning hair! Wow, so many benefits!

When I applied it on my hair, it gives a pleasantly warm sensation on the scalp. This warming effect actually boosts scalp micro circulation! The tonic will regulate and balance scalp-sebum secretion. The hair tonic concentrate is really important for a complete hair and scalp care regime!

It is also easy to use the tonic! Just divide your hair to side parting, spray some, then divide your hair to side parting on the other side, and spray.

Protect your scalp, Perfect your hair with this fuss free 3 step regime!

Step 1: Balance
Alternating shampoo will allow you to solve your hair issues more efficiently.

Step 2: Strengthen
The conditioner will strengthen the hair and help to prevent easy hair breakage and keeps it smooth. Remember to apply it 3 inches away from the scalp! I have been telling this to everyone around me!

Step 3: Protect
Final step of the routine is to protect both scalp and hair!

Just these 3 steps for total care of the hair!

Silkpro Promotion

Purchase of any Silkpro Treatment Shampoo (630ml) now comes with a free bottle of SilkBath Botanics Soothing Balance (200ml)! Exclusively at NTUC Fair Price outlets from 15 July till 12 August 2013.

Full list of outlets available a

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Also, do check out this cool hairvolution video featuring Rozz and Ryan!

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