Friday, July 19, 2013

Sushi Airways

Celebrated bf's birthday last month in two parts and this was the first part!

I decided to bring him to Sushi Airways for dinner because I thought it has quite an interesting concept and he had also very briefly mentioned his interest in it before.

It is located at a hidden corner in 20a Baghdad Road, near Bugis/Haji Lane area!

Narrow steps, an imitation of flight steps!

The interior design is metallic and a replication of the insides of an air craft. Check out the windows!

I was presented a boarding pass with my name because I made reservations! Quite cool ya?

We had grilled fugu ($16). It is actually pufferfish and if I am not wrong, it's my first time having it! The stripes tasted a little like bakkwa and it is quite nice! There is spicy sauce to go with it at the side too.

Kurobuta Katsu ($15.90). One of my favorite dish there. The meat is tender, yummy, and thick. I usually do not particularly like katsu because most of the time it's just a thick layer of flour over thin piece of meat but this dish definitely had meat.

California Maki Roll ($15.00). Instead of the usual fake crab stick, this one contains a general serving of real crab meat, flying fish roe, and omelette.

We were deciding between Kani Mentai Cheese ($30.00) and Mango Roll. Ended up with the former and it wasn't disappointing at all! It is a Maki roll with baked cheese and topping of mentai.

Cake with candle served by them when they knew it's my bf's birthday. Very thoughtful of them because there is no cake on their dessert menu. It meant that they actually went to order two pieces of cake from an outside bakery prior to our arrival! We are definitely pleased with their impeccable service.

It is a very small restaurant and the place is quiet on the day we were there. Probably due to the haze! I feel that the strongest point for our pleasant experience was the service of the chef and stewardess. We were very impressed how they try their best in service. The food are also quite nice, I don't mind coming here again for a quiet dinner!

Dress from

His birthday part two is even more awesome. Will blog about it next!

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