Monday, July 15, 2013

Graduation Convocation

I finished my degree studies early last year but due to some reason, I was not able to attend the graduation ceremony with my batch although I received my parchment the same time as they did.

So earlier this month, I went for the graduation convocation with this year's batch!

The fees were horrendous, I had to pay a few hundreds just to rent the gown and attend the ceremony with two guest. I chose not to attend my poly graduation ceremony previously and my dad has been nagging since. So I knew I had to attend the university graduation no matter how expensive it was, else he will nag me for a life time. Haha.

A pity I didn't manage to take really nice photos with the gown! My parents wanted to print a big one and frame it up and place it on the wall where my kindergarten "graduation" photo is.

This one will be it till I have a proper photo done at the studio.

My parents came to watch me at the ceremony while bf waited outside with some small chocolate cake for me ^^ Didn't have proper photos at the ceremony but that's fine. Took some photos after the ceremony!

Mum treated us to a nice dinner after the ceremony to "celebrate" although it has been more than a year since my real graduation. Haha.

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