Monday, July 29, 2013


I think that one of the major changes to my makeup routine was the discovery of fake eyelashes. For more than 3 years, I have never excluded eyelashes from my makeup routine as I feel that my eye look very different with and without eyelashes! Fake eyelashes make my eyes bigger and also create double eyelid crease!

I remember a long time back I had so much difficulty putting on fake lashes, I didn't really bother. Until one day I found out that the type of lashes play a big part in the application process. Now that I have found my type, putting on eyelashes is easy peasy!

One of the reputable brands out there includes Dollywink! Dollywink is from Japan and is very popular because of the good quality and pretty designs!

I chose 3 designs from my eyelash sponsor, offers a wide range of eyelash designs from Dollywink! Here are some of my favorite designs:

Some tips!

Most people prefer lashes that are thinner at the inner corner of the eyes and denser at the ends. D01 is one that enhances and brighten the eyes!

D02 is suitable if you want to create the round eye/ doe eye effect as it is denser at the centre. Also perks up your eyes!

D04 is natural-looking, yet very long! Suitable for people who want fluttery eyelashes!

There are also many other more natural designs at Personally, I feel that Dollywink's lashes are all generally natural looking but if you want very very very natural ones, get the criss-cross designs.

I love the packaging too! So pretty!

Each pack comes with Dollywink glue too!

Some tips on how to put on fake eyelashes:

1. Cut the eyelash to a suitable length. Apply the glue on the bone of the lash. Usually just one layer will do. You can apply slightly thicker on the two ends.
2. It is easier to paste it on when the glue is half-dry, as when it's wet the lash will slide on your eyelid.
3. When the white layer turns light blue/grey, it's good to paste. Do not wait till the glue is transparent, as sometimes it might not be as sticky anymore.
4. Relax your eyelids so that you can easily paste the bone onto the tip of your eyelids (close to your real eyelashes, but above. Not directly on, and not below). The shorter lash should be inside and longer lash should be at the end.
5. I usually paste the eyelash from the centre first, then I paste down the two sides. I usually paste the lash half cm away from the inner corner of my eyes so that it does not poke when I blink.

Hope this method work for you all! Practice makes perfect! Also, the type of lashes will determine how easy it is. Some people prefer soft bone some people prefer hard bone. You can try for yourself and see which one fits you more! One important point is to get a stronger glue so that it's easier to put on the lashes, and most importantly, the ends will not flip up towards mid-day. also stock up on Dollywink's lower eyelashes for the complete kawaii look!

All orders at are sent out the next working day and tracking number is provided for each parcel!

Get your eyelashes from now!

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