Friday, November 30, 2012

Chock Full Of Beans

Went to Chock Full Of Beans at Changi for brunch and a laid back weekend afternoon!

My ice latte so cute!!

I remember the soup was not bad and I actually think I can eat just this and be full. The portion was quite big.

I had scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, bread and sauteed mushrooms. I loveeeee sauteed mushrooms/sauteed roasted potato. Of course I could not finish everything on this huge platter. I left the bread alone after a couple of bites because it was too tough for my liking.

Went to the beach area after our meal!

Top with ripped sleeves from LYRAMINN.COM
Accessories: Gold leaf necklace, Bronze-Black chunky bracelet, Earrings from JIPABAN.COM

Love the earrings especially much! Anyway I think I look more feminine with earrings. Should not be lazy and wear earrings often!

Closer up photo of the bangle:

There is a wide selection of accessories at JIPABAN.COM, and I had fun picking out my favorites!

Check out the leaf texture! I like this necklace very much! It is attractive, yet easy to match with outfits.

Decided to rent bicycles to cycle!

We only cycled for awhile and the rain came :(

The aeroplanes were flying so near us!

And so we went to Changi Airport for dinner! Long queue everywhere... Settled for Chinese cuisine.

Nom nom noms! I love drunken chicken. Very nice!

We had ramen... Not sure if I was still full from the brunch or what, but I could not finish my dumpling noodles... Quite bland :(

And that's the end of our lazy afternoon!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

David Foster Live In Singapore

Received a pair of tickets to attend "HITMAN David Foster & Friends Live in Singapore 2012" at work, so I brought bf along. To be honest, other than thinking that his name sounds familiar, I had no idea who he was before this. Turns out he is actually quite famous and is a funny and nice guy!

I knew his songs were not from my generation but I was told that he produced many popular hits and in the opening video I heard many songs that I was familiar with as a child, mostly because my Dad listened to these songs during those days. Thought that I should have brought my Dad along instead as he would really enjoy the show! However, throughout the whole show, only a couple were songs I heard before. He had guest singers with powerful vocals too, which garnered applause from the audience. But what I enjoyed most about the show was David Foster's humour. I find myself looking forward to each of his interaction with the crowd.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New hair color!

The bones in my right fingers are aching like mad since yesterday. I wonder why! I asked my boyfriend and he answered "Cos I never hold your hand enough?" Lol, maybe he thought I was trying to get this answer from him but for once I was actually asking a serious question!! He then did some search online and conclude that it is due to prolong usage of the keyboard... No leh, if that is truly the case,why my left fingers don't hurt at all! Maybe it is prolong usage of the mouse? Or prolong usage of holding and typing on my iphone with one hand? Whatever, I hope the pain go away soon because it feels very uncomfortable. It's like, I can feel pain, but have no idea exactly which spot. It seems to be around the 3rd and 4th finger.

Anyway, don't you just hate it when cab drivers purposely drop you off 5-10 metres away from the drop off spot you want to alight even when you emphasized your spot multiple times? I encounter this kind of cab drivers all the time! Like they want to earn that extra 20 cent. It's so irritating especially because I have to walk back and irritating because you know they are doing it on purpose. And then the same cab uncle will round up your metre charge if it is not a full number. If is nice uncle I'm perfectly okay with all this rounding up because some other uncles also will round down for me but it feels especially not "shuang" to give that extra few cents to some uncles who deliberately don't follow instructions and kept the change quietly like it's 理所当然.

Oh well, I just started this entry with 2 paragraphs of rants. Haha. On to some light-hearted news! I dyed my hair at my sponsor Bugis Essensuals earlier this week! My hair is now dark brown!

My bf had persuaded me multiple times to dye another color because he doesn't like my previous color, but I always insisted that I liked my hair being light. I did not tell him beforehand when I visited the salon this time and you know what? When my bf came to meet me for dinner yesterday, he did not realize my hair color change until after the dinner which is like more than 2 hours later -_-"

It's such an obvious change! How can anyone not notice????? Hahaha.

Bf says it looks healthier and less dry now! It's a few shades darker than what I really wanted though. Hopefully it fades off or maybe I'd go back and make it lighter. Now it's like a bit of ashy dark brown color.

A photo taken using the phone... Clearer photos soon!

Bugis Essensuals
241-A Victoria Street
Bugis Village (above Burger King)
S'pore 188030

Tel: 63330039
Ask them questions:

Request for senior stylist Wayne. Remember to quote my name!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Chef Heman's Master Class

Was invited by Celes to attend Chef Heman's culinary class and I accepted immediately before realizing that the location is at Yew Tee. For a person like me staying at the east edge of Singapore, just thinking about the journey feels like a horror story.

I checked out the route using an app the night before and got a huge shock. (Anyway, I'm so reliant on such apps I cannot imagine how people find their way around before smartphones became common. Also, I always check the cab fare and duration before deciding whether taking cab is worth it or not.) 

I'm definitely not going to pay almost $40 for the cab! But taking the train takes 1 hour 30 minutes while taking a bus is more than 2 hours. Siao or what. And I thought Singapore was tiny.

Screenshot the above and sent to bf to complain. Haha. Just nice he found some time in between his errands and offered to drive me and Fiona (I invited her along) to Yew Tee. Lucky us!

We stopped by Jalan Kayu for Bak Kut Teh! I felt that the food was quite nice! Especially loved the Tofu with minced meat and the sesame chicken too.

Outfit of the day is a cute top from Paired it with denim shorts and wedges of similar color.

Photo with Fiona before the class starts!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Updating in pictures!


Today is me and my boyfriend's 8th monthsary! I totally agree with my sister, who said that the first 6 months of a relationship is always fast and then it starts getting slower from then on. Time has been crawling ever since the start of October.

I actually remembered the date wrongly and wished him Happy 8th Month five days ago! Haha. So paisei when he corrected me. But then he has his "dumb moment" too. Last month, I wished him Happy 7th Month and he replied saying something along the lines of "Yay, 3 more months to a year!".... Hahaha someone maths fail.

We had a simple date yesterday and today he brought me and my family out for a particular Bak Kut Teh shop that he has been raving about. Very yums indeed. Will blog about it another time! Today, I'd blog about some happenings in my life.

I remember during the first few years of blogging, I refused to put in entry titles because my entries are usually very random and have several topics in each entry, thus making it difficult to name a particular title. I regret it so much now because I can't get the direct link of my old posts as they are by default (according to blogspot's layout) attainable by clicking on each entry's title. And because I don't have any title, there is no link for me to click. I can't possibly go back and fill in the titles now because I think there are at least a thousand untitled entries. Oh well~

Anyway, as I was mentioning, I used to blog very randomly but now, I usually stick to one occasion per blog entry so it is easier to title. I have lesser random feelings to blog about because I find it tiring to find the right words and form the right sentences... Furthermore, there's twitter as an instant platform for me to note down such random feelings on the spot but then I seldom update my twitter too. I'm more interested in Instagram now! Haha. So anyway, my title for this entry is "Updating in pictures!"... This is going to be a photo entry with random happenings in my life for the past couple months. Most of the photos were retrieved from my instagram account! If you have not followed me there, please do so~ My username is "theiceangel".

Attended Chef Heman's culinary class with Fiona one weekend, thanks to invitation by Celes. Will blog about it soon :)

Speaking of Fiona, she gave me a tiny 'Ted' plushie inspired from the 'Ted' movie. So cute, I could not stop gushing over it. Haha.

Received "Ultimate Colla-gen" on my doorstep just a few days ago! It has brand ambassadors like A-list Hallyu Korean stars Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun, and boast of being able to restore and revitalize your aging body and skin! It is Halal-certified too.

Collagen levels in the bodies begin to deplete with age, so I gave the pack to Mum for her to try. Just one sachet with 200ml water, she is drinking it once everyday. Not sure of the results yet, but it takes time.

It smells like grape juice but Mum says it's tasteless like normal water, except for a slight sweetness.

Another family day, we went to Orchard. My outfit of the day was from Lyraminn. Really adore the white top with black lace on the shoulders and back. Also love the colors on the floral shorts!

We went to have Dim Sum at our favorite place in Ion. Yums!

If you noticed, I was wearing turquoise earrings from I love the unique and old-ish feel it has!

Another accessory from, the spike bracelet I used to have another silver spike bracelet which I love a lot but my sister broke it :( So I was very happy to find it on! Jipaban has a wide range of accessories from bohemian to sweet to cool.

Another bracelet from Easy to pair with almost any outfit!

I have also added a new banner to my blog's side column featuring Fashiondrama.
Fashion Drama is currently having two promotions:

(a) Free shipping on all orders.
(b) 10% off min $50 purchases.

The owner has 4 years of selling clothes online and is just back from a hiatus! The clothes are by preorder as well, which also means the lower cost is transferred to you customers as well! Absolutely in love with some of the items available on their site! I've gotten a couple of pieces for myself... Will show you all when it arrives!

Instant white coffee we bought from Genting! Brewed myself a cup one night. Totally crazy to drink coffee at night because it's frightening to be unable to sleep when there's work the next day and when everyone at home is deep asleep already and there's only silence around. When you stay awake it's more likely you will get the feel to pee and that's twice more irritating than being unable to fall asleep because I'm too afraid to make the journey to the washroom in the middle of the night.

Lovely gift from my blog manager, Jayne ^_^

Bought a bottle of milk from 7-11 and thought that the packaging was quite cute! There's no brand stated though.

The soft toys I have at home makes me very happy all the time! Hehe. Here's Doramon wrapped with blanket haha.

Grumpy/emo/sad Baby Panda.

Which reminds me of this very cute drawing I found online.

Mummy pink bear and baby pink bear! So cute!!

Every morning I lay under my blanket refusing to leave my bed because it's just too comfy.

We had this "baby" savings ornament since I was a kid! Cute right? It's still intact and in my bedroom now. No coins inside though.

Bf bought Koko Krunch for me and I had it with chocolate milk. Trying to do a "instagram-worthy" photo by taking it from top down. Haha.

Each A Cup... still my favorite bubble milk tea in Singapore. Love that their milk tea taste refreshing and does not have the "siap siap" taste and also thick enough. Some other bubble tea shop serve milk tea that taste more of milk/water than tea.

Bf came down to have lunch with me near my office a couple of weeks ago. We had very yummy nasi padang, then another day we had roasted meat and charsiew at Kay Lee's and on another day we had Thai food at a new stall. I don't know why but my lunch hour passes too fast when spent with him! I think we ordered too much for our Thai meal haha.

I wore new heels out one day and it was hurting me so bad that I went into another shoe shop to buy this pair! Blessing in disguise! Love my purchase. Such a classic yet pretty pair.

Also bought this pair below at only $9! Haven't wore it out though, not sure whether it's comfortable or not. What worries me is that it is covered and most covered shoes hurt my toes. But I'm so loving the arched back!

Surprise breakfast from the boyfriend last month. He was on his way to reservist and dropped by my house to give me these! He gave me my usual morning call and one minute later I heard the doorbell rang. I was still lazing on my bed considering whether to open the door (I was half speculating it might be him, and half thinking it's another salesman). I'm glad I did! At first I couldn't see him through the peephole because I was not wearing my spectacles and it was all blur but I opened it anyway. Instead of a fresh sunny girl, he saw me with just out of bed messy hair and tiny eyes. Lol. Must be quite anti-climax for him. Luckily he already got used to my bare face on normal days, or else it would be quite a shock for him! Haha.

Pretty cakes at Antoinette.

Pretty flowers.

Craving for Dimsum right now!

Okay not sure if I had posted any of the pictures above before! This is what happens when you procrastinate too long and forget.