Saturday, November 17, 2012

Strawberry Farm

Continuing from my previous entry about Genting, we decided to take the shuttle bus down to Strawberry Farm on the 2nd day.

The cable car was not working that day so the shuttle bus was free. Not sure about normal days!

So anyway, the bus dropped us off at the cable car center and we intended to wait for another bus to get to the strawberry farm but a cab driver offered to drive us at RM2 each. So we agreed!

But the cab driver say want bring us go see chocolates first. We actually thought it was some chocolate farm or factory but actually it is just a shop. The kind that tour guides always bring foreigners to, and earn commission from.

I felt that the chocolates were overpriced but also thought that we should at least get something since the cab driver is hoping to earn at least a little commission. I was thinking more of anyhow getting a RM12 chocolate but don't know why my dad decided to buy the 3 for RM100 chocolates. At least the RM12 chocolate I was eyeing had nice packaging like the usual bars we see at supermarket. The 3 for RM100 chocolates were just little bags of round chocolates - I don't see the value at all. It looks very home-packed. But the taste was okay and passable.

I would not splurge RM100 on chocolates but I did not question them until we paid and left. I asked mum "why you willing to spend so much on 3 measly pack of chocolates when there are nicer and cheaper ones around the shop ah??" Mum didn't know why too. Lol. Well, at least got nice paper bag  for us to put the 3 bags of chocolates.

And finally we were brought to the Genting Strawberry Park! The cab driver offered to come back and drive us back in an hour's time so we all said okay.

We were all excited to go in and explore!

But.... it wasn't strawberry season :(

There weren't many strawberries, so we took photos of every single nice strawberry we spot.

One taken using the iphone + effects!

So, in the end we went to Strawberry farm without eating any strawberry at all. Not even strawberry cake or strawberry juice. Haha. Honestly, it was quite boring there (just rows and row of similar strawberry plants) and not what we expected initially~

We proceeded to the mushroom farm just beside! Aaah, at least it was slightly more interesting to see different types of mushrooms!

The staff was plucking the mushrooms. Saw black fungus too, which is so cool since I have only seen it in dishes before!

There was a souvenior shop selling all sorts of strawberry related items. Actually, there are plenty of stalls along the alley but their business seem to be poor. I think we went on a quiet day!

The 3rd part of our visit was my favorite. The vegetables/flowers area. It just felt more lively and pretty!

Many different type of cactus. I hate cactus! I remember when I was young I thought the pricks were hard. One day I used my whole finger and rubbed down the cactus surface. I even exclaim "Chey! Cactus where got pain! It's like fur!!!" then I realize the little pricks are poking and clinging on my fingers and because of the fine and tiny size, they are not easily removed! Whenever the finger brush against anything, the pain is excruciating. From then on, I stayed clear of cactus. I don't understand why would people risk putting cactus on their tables for Feng Shui purposes. I would be so paranoid everyday! Can you imagine your skin accidentally brushing the cactus???

Caught this photo of everyone taking photos... Haha.

Pretty sight! I wish I have a garden with plenty of flowers like this! Then I can take nice outfit photos there everyday hehe.

Is this lettuce? Looks very crispy and nice!

Nice photo of daddy and mummy!

Anyway, the weather was hot! We thought it would be still a little cold since we are still halfway on top of a mountain.

Mum went to twist fishtail on her hair in order to fight the heat and ended up looking like siao auntie. Lol. This pose with the flowers makes her look like those orh-biang singers during olden times. Lol. We had a great laugh.

I also had fishtails on so we took a photo together!

An hour later we went out to the main road to wait for the cab uncle that said he will be back to drive us. We waited for quite some time and no sight of him!

Photo with strawberry while waiting. My dress is from MISSQUEENIE.COM!

Photo again while waiting....

In the end we walked up this lane while asking for directions. No one seem to know the way and everyone was giving different answers.

Midway, a cab driver stopped ask and offered to drive us back to the cable car center for RM15. Of course my mum said no, since the previous driver only charged us RM8. He cut down to RM10 but my mum continued to refuse. The driver insisted that the previous driver offered us so cheap because he earned from commissions at the chocolate shop but he is not bringing us to any shop. He drove on for 2 meters and then decided to just let us ride for RM8. We got up and the cable car center was just up ahead -_-" Probably just 100m!

So anyway, we were looking for the correct place to wait for the shuttle bus to bring us back to Genting. After many different directions and going round the center, we finally asked a police officer if we were waiting at the correct place and he said yes we are.

After awhile, someone else told us we were waiting at the wrong place! The police officer was not around anymore so we could not clarify. Went around the building and saw a super long queue waiting for the shuttle bus, as many tour groups just nice alighted there and waiting for the shuttle bus up to Genting too. Cab drivers were offering RM40 to bring us back up. We were contemplating between paying for the cab (it's just a 15 minute right) or queue and wait. In the end we queued because it was not worth it to pay some more especially when our trip down wasn't especially fun.

It got quite frustrating except for one funny part where the aunty behind dad kept pushing him. Lol. Seriously, don't understand why someone people don't understand privacy space. Hate it when you are in a queue and the aunty behind will keep pushing as if it will make the queue go faster. No one will cut the queue between you and the person in front of you so no need to stick your hand or any part of your body against my back! Anyway, lucky dad stood behind me so he was the one who kena the aunty. LOL. It was hilarious to see my  Dad muttering and complaining.

We finally got back to Genting after queuing a long while and our precious afternoon was over just like that. We didn't really do much the whole afternoon - we wasted many time looking for the right places, waiting and queuing, and the farm trip is not really worth the trouble. Okay, at least we now know we won't be making the effort to go to the Strawberry Farm anytime in the near future on our Genting trips!

Actually I think there were more frustrating issues but I forgot what already. Haha. Nevermind!

Wore a pretty gold beaded bracelet to match my outfit! It is from ^_^

Abrupt ending to my entry! Will continue about Genting in another post!

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  1. that's not fishtail braid! you should google it hahaha

  2. u look damn ah lian, so obiang!