Monday, November 5, 2012

Pulau Ubin

Went over to Pulau Ubin island for cycling with Bf last weekend! Plenty of greenery and photos of myself in this entry. Haha.

Rain was frequent in recent weeks so I was slightly worried that downpours would interrupt our plans. It was bright and sunny that day though, and I was baked till red. And my left arm is more red than my right arm. Well, I guess it is still better than rain.

We went over to Changi Point Ferry Terminal and took a little wooden boat there! $2.50 per pax.

Upon reaching, we rented our one-day bikes at $6 each, before heading to a random stall for simple lunch. Had yummy seafood horfun! Didn't take any photos of the food because I was too eager to tuck in.

After lunch, we started cycling immediately. Not sure if it was because of the heat, the lunch that have yet to digest, or the constant uphill, I didn't feel too well. My heart was beating too fast and I felt like I was going to blackout any time. Perhaps it is due to my lack of exercise for the past few years? My stamina is really bad.

I felt okay on flat lanes and downhills but I did not have enough energy to cycle uphill. Even when I get down the bicycle and try to walk while pushing it, it was worse. In the end poor Bf had to pull two bicycles up the hill many times while I walk up alongside. Walking up a hill is so much more relaxing than cycling!!!!

After awhile we reached Chek Jawa and saw a viewing tower. Looking at the height (aiya, just realized I didn't take any photo of the tower exterior) and the many flight of staircases to reach the top, I was muttering to myself "the view up there better be worth the climb".

It gets quite scary when climbing the upper levels. Then, at the top, you can feel the tower slightly swaying. The view was quite good! Tired me really wanted to sit down but there was no shelter so the metal seats available at the top was scorching hot. Too hot for any butt to sit there for more than 3 seconds. Sad.

Took some photos with bf courtesy of a kind stranger.

Afterwards, we continued on with our journey! Walked along mangroves and coastal boardwalk. Quite interesting to look at mudskippers from the boardwalk although if you put me on the mud itself I would probably freak out. The way they move also quite funny hahaha.

Also found some mini crabs which only had 1 pincer and after some searching on Google, I think they are fiddler crabs! Very interesting cos the male crabs use this pincer to attract females for mating and upon successfully getting one they proceed inside his tunnel for some naughty time. (On the page where I found these information, there was a photo of the crabs mating and there was a hilarious caption "Mating usually happens inside the burrow, but this shameless pair was outside!" Laughed so hard.) They are also very shy/timid because if you put your foot over to those crabs crawling outside their holes, they will quickly jump back into their hole in a split second. And, the females have 2 normal size claws, while the males have 1 normal size claw and 1 pincer. So, the females have 2 "hands" to eat more food faster while the male can only eat using 1 "hand" as the pincer is too huge to feed. Find this fact really funny. Sad little male crabs. Haha. (Information from:

Sat infront of the sea and rocks listening to the waves. Very soothing!

I think taking these photos below was the cause of why my sunburn is darker on the left side :(

Had an enjoyable time cycling after the long walk/rest. Not sure if it was because I got better or because most of the road was flat / downhill afterwards. I seriously think that there should be a van to bring us to hill top. And then we cycle down. That would be so much more fun! I hate cycling uphill! But without the efforts of cycling up, you wouldn't be able to feel the joy of going downhill.

We stopped by a lake and while looking at the view behind, a foreign couple (from china I think) commented something like, "Take photos for what, nothing special, so many of these in our country." Haha. Guess such ponds and lakes are very common elsewhere. Only city kids would stare in awe at any slightly pretty view. Haha.

Posted this photo on Instagram. Look at the color of the water! It is really blue!

Finally we are back at the main jetty! Bf asked if I wanted to go for one more round and I immediately said No. Hahaha. Tired leh! Rested and drank coconut juice. Yums!

Time to head back to the mainland! Bf enjoying the breeze on the boat. The ride back was quite shaky, with strong winds threatening to pull off my faux lash and seawater splashing on my face every 30 seconds.

The sheer chiffon top I am wearing in this entry from! I like the pastel color splash very much! Will blog more about them mid of this month. Meanwhile, you can just click on the link and see if there's any item you like too!

Had a great day out! ^_^


  1. I've always wanted to go Pulau Ubin but the rain just pours at the last minute. The first picture which you sat on the rocks is very pretty!

    ♡ Jaslin from

    1. Thanks! Hmm, check the weather forecast a week before planning!

  2. Your hair looks extra blond in these pictures. My blog

    1. Yea! Think the color is getting more and more light.

  3. cannot stand the mainland chinese. too full of themselves. I once went to Korea Jeju to their most famous waterfall. and the chinese was once again criticising again. Saying "what's wrong with all these place. China is so much more beautiful." "We have dozens of these waterfall at home". Honestly, if they find their home so much more beautiful, they should just stay at home.

    1. Hahaha. Actually to me, most waterfalls and rocks look the same. Everywhere is beautiful!