Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Genting Part3

After the tiring afternoon out at the Strawberry Farm, we decided to pamper ourselves with our favourite buffet at Genting. Ever since the first time we tried the buffet here years back, we went back every single time we go to Genting. I don't think Singapore has any buffet place as large scale as this one. The price was very reasonable too!

Anyway, this is an extremely long entry ahead, which also means extremely many grammar mistakes which I can't be bothered to proof read. Continue reading only if you won't get pek chek. Haha.
The Chinese section was supposedly our favourite because they fry vegetables with garlic on the spot for us but this time it paled in comparison with previous years.

I like chinese-style leafy vegetables! I prefer not to have stems and I definitely don't have much love for non-leafy veggies such as broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, etc. I also do not like raw vegetables, that's why I seldom eat salad sides during western meals. I guess that's the reason why many people thought that I don't eat veggies... I do! It's just the way it is cooked, and what kind of veggie.

The buffet has Chinese, Nonya, Western, Japanese, and many other types of cuisine.

After a sumptuous dinner, mum went off to the casino while we walked around First World Plaza.

Bought cup corn and tea egg (cold ones. Eeek!) back to the hotel room to enjoy.

The next morning, we had lunch at Marrybrown! We love the chicken here!

Went to sing Karaoke... very cheap! RM60 to use a room for 2 hours, up to 8 pax! That means only RM7.50 each for a group of 8. Where to find such cheap karaoke in Singapore??

Had a hoarse voice that day as the throat wasn't feeling well. Became worse after the singing session haha.

After the 2 hours end, we decided to go for Ripley's Believe It Or Not since we have not been there before.

World's tallest man! Seriously?? Got people so tall one meh? (Okay, I just went to google and realise that quite a number of similar tall men existed! Oh my, how can they ever get into a MRT? Or a even cab?)

Miscellaneous exhibits, including statues claiming that if you touch it you will get pregnant. Lucky I read the description first and did not anyhow touch. Haha. Watched a video showing inventors from the past building air crafts and attempting to fly with them. Quite funny actually.

Rabbit or Duck?

I remembered this puzzle below! When I was a child I took a long time to figure it out! :( Do you know how?

This gate, which we could not open no matter how we tried, even after trying to use other ways. Went back to Singapore and googled it. Now I know. Can I go back again just to try?

Gigantic chair!

Luckiest chair in the world. The whole family took turns to sit on it. Haha.

Our family started getting really boliao with this exhibit!

Dad pushing down the tower of books.

Sis being over dramatic with the falling books.

Dad pushing down the tower of books and Sis being dramatic. Hahaha.

Sis trying to save the falling tower of books while Mum being dramatic. Hahaha.

Me? I not very dramatic. I just used the camera to snap and laugh. Haha.

Found this photo below quite funny! It says that someone dropped the pair of glasses and it landed nicely on this fish's face! Conversation with sis: "The fish must be thinking - eh? why suddenly so blur?" (people with perfect eyesight will see blur vision when they wear spccts) "No, maybe the fish thinking - eh? why suddenly everything so clear?".. Hahah depends on whether the fish was near sighted or not in the first place!

The exhibits nearing the exit were so much fun! Very difficult to explain here though.

After that, we had dinner at Happy Valley Seafood Restoran. I love having meals here! Deer meat is common in Singapore zhichar places, but we had Ostrich meat that day!

They had fresh fish dishes, so like old chinese restaurants, they had tanks of living fishes. We witnessed the staff catching a fish for another table. Immediately after that, all the fishes turned to face the tank beside them and the fishes in that tank also faced them back and it seem like they were having a discussion with their mouths moving!!!

After dinner, I went to take a closer look at the fishes and upon nearing them, they started getting into the "discussion" positions while occasionally looking at me lor! Lol, maybe is we over imaginative already!

Wore dress from MissQueenie.com.

Necklace and bracelet from Jipaban.com!

Arcade time! Best game was the tower balance thingy which I didn't take photograph of. Me and my sis were excellent at it!! Hehe.

Dark and foggy outside.

When was the last time you sat on one of these horses?

Dad bought us ONE ticket each to play the Euro Express... There was no queue for the indoor rides that day, which is very rare because usually the bumper car queue is ridiculously long... Should have bought the unlimited indoor rides ticket that night, more worth it!

Supper time at Hainan Kitchen!

Congee. Was looking forward to the congee supper but we were all disappointed. Ordered fish porridge and first round it came without any fish, nor any taste at all. It tasted like plain porridge, more bland than plain water. We asked the staff why there wasn't any fish, and they went back to add the fish in. This time, it tasted like plain porridge with plain fish. :( What a waste of stomach space.

Went to McDonald's immediately after to get rid of the bland taste with these salty fries. Haha. It was not salty enough at first so my sister went to get several packets of salt and mum threw all the salt in!!! Then I told her usually even one packet of salt for a packet of fries already too salty, she put like 5-6 packets I think!

Oh ya, this year was the first year I am legal for the casino at Genting. Last year when I went it was a few days before my birthday so I did not manage to get in.

So I tried going in with mum for the first time and kena checked! But I went in a second time from another entrance on the 3rd day and walked passed the guards without being asked to check IC. Okay, I think it's due to the way I dress and acted! The 2nd time I looked more mature because it was night and I was already very tired whereas the first time I was happy and jumpy and looked like a teen. Haha. So anyway, I did not gamble at all.... just went in to see see look look. And drink coffee. Haha.

The next morning was mostly just lunch and checking out of the hotel rooms as the coach was due to leave at 1PM. So sad!

Enjoying the cool breeze at the mini gardens outside.

Am so reluctant to leave :(

Dress from my apparel sponsor - MissQueenie.

And off we left Genting! Photo of my sis and me on the bus, since we didn't take any on the way up.

Stopped to buy some goods back.

Freshly baked Bei Teh Soh. The warm ones were so good!

Dinner time at Yong Peng! I had Lontong this time.

Got Bei Teh Soh from this place too. We bought it before during previous trips and it was good.

Mum bought steam beans from this stall. Doesn't look appetizing at all but she says she love it.

Last photo at Yong Peng.

Ending off the long entry here! Phew, finally finished blogging about the trip although I don't really have much to say. Was a good getaway overall. I want to go for more trips!

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