Friday, November 30, 2012

Chock Full Of Beans

Went to Chock Full Of Beans at Changi for brunch and a laid back weekend afternoon!

My ice latte so cute!!

I remember the soup was not bad and I actually think I can eat just this and be full. The portion was quite big.

I had scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, bread and sauteed mushrooms. I loveeeee sauteed mushrooms/sauteed roasted potato. Of course I could not finish everything on this huge platter. I left the bread alone after a couple of bites because it was too tough for my liking.

Went to the beach area after our meal!

Top with ripped sleeves from LYRAMINN.COM
Accessories: Gold leaf necklace, Bronze-Black chunky bracelet, Earrings from JIPABAN.COM

Love the earrings especially much! Anyway I think I look more feminine with earrings. Should not be lazy and wear earrings often!

Closer up photo of the bangle:

There is a wide selection of accessories at JIPABAN.COM, and I had fun picking out my favorites!

Check out the leaf texture! I like this necklace very much! It is attractive, yet easy to match with outfits.

Decided to rent bicycles to cycle!

We only cycled for awhile and the rain came :(

The aeroplanes were flying so near us!

And so we went to Changi Airport for dinner! Long queue everywhere... Settled for Chinese cuisine.

Nom nom noms! I love drunken chicken. Very nice!

We had ramen... Not sure if I was still full from the brunch or what, but I could not finish my dumpling noodles... Quite bland :(

And that's the end of our lazy afternoon!


  1. Omg your latte is so adorable! I love that they made a hello kitty design for it.

    1. Yea! I specially ordered the latte because of it haha.

  2. OMG it's 6.13 am here and looking at those pictures are making me hungry.....