Sunday, December 2, 2012

Table Manners

It's mystery makan day again! This time it was Jacelyn's turn to introduce somewhere nice for dinner! She brought us to Table Manners, located in Changi City Point. Not easy to find the restaurant though.

The ambiance was cozy with dim lights. I heard they also sell their furniture if you like it.

I chose the very boring choice of roasted chicken leg. Sometimes a simple dish can also be a good meal. Changed the salad into mash potato, and it was quite yums. The potato wedge was also good but I was so stuffed at the end due to too much potato. I wish western restaurants have more choices for sides. I always end up with too much potato due to opting out of raw veggies.

Fidelis had the lamb rack. The other two had pork cutlet, funnily called 'Three Little Pigs'.

I think the real highlight of the meal was the desserts! There were quite a number of cakes to choose from.

Fidelis had the Creme Brulee, which was very nice, though the portion seem quite small.

Chocolate tart for Jacelyn!

Nadia had the lemon cheesecake, which had a lemony taste (duh...obviously. haha.)

I had the strawberry shortcake. Very pleased with my choice. The cake was soft and had a light sweet taste. The sourness of the strawberry is a good contrast. I felt that it's quite big though.

Photos of us! Fidelis' hair looked especially lovely that day! Hee, I think she looks good with long hair!

My dress is from! Love the cutting! It has a back with two bows, very cutesy! Check it out on their site!


  1. Hey babe,

    I love all these foodie blogposts. Give me ideas of where to dine at. And yes, keep more coming, definitely coming back for all these. Cheers!

  2. Creme brulee is one of my favorite foods! My Blog

  3. The food looks nice! Hows the price like?