Sunday, December 30, 2012

Popping My Own Popcorn!

Months back, I was shopping with my boyfriend at Mustafa and we saw a whole shelf of microwaveable popcorn so I got a box with 3 packets inside to try! There were so many brands that I did not know which to get so I randomly chose Orville Redenbacher's. Never heard of it before but the packaging seems the nicest! Right after that I saw that 7-11 was selling this brand by individual packets.

I left it in the fridge for months and almost forgot about it. Then one night I was looking for something to munch on and decided to try a packet! I've never microwaved my own popcorn before so I was very excited, I took out my camera for some snaps! Hehe.

Okay, read instructions! The 'corns' come in a transparent plastic bag which has this paper thing wrapping over it.

Into the microwave! The instructions stated 2 minutes but by a few seconds it was already popping and I was unsure if I should remove it. The popping sound was so scary and made me so afraid the microwave would explode! Then at 1 minute I started to worry if my popcorn will get burnt. In the end, I took out after 2 minutes.

Then I cut the lines and open up the "bowl"! So convenient, no need to wash your own bowl!

It was very crunchy and it taste decent! Not sure if it was because I chose butter flavor, so it was very salty. Shall try original flavor next time, hopefully it's sweet!

I think this would be a very good and convenient last-minute treat for guests or kids that come over to your house!

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