Sunday, December 9, 2012

Yesterday's Outfit

Hello people! Usually I tag my outfit description together with whatever I was blogging about that day but today, I shall dedicate a whole entry to it!

I always see other blogs and they have awesome big bright sharp photos that makes me really want a DSLR too. But besides it being bulky and heavy, I think the most important thing is to have a helpful friend who love photography or has good photography skills to help you take the photos. But most of the time, I'm the only one in my group who is over-enthusiastic in wanting to take photos. Haha. Another thing is, sunlight makes good photos so most of the time I only get great photos during the weekends when I'm out in the day.

This was my outfit yesterday, for a shopping date with bf.

He did not tell me that my fringe was like that in all the photos!!!

My top is from MISSQUEENIE. Wore this out on my birthday 2 months ago and decided to wear it out again to match this floral shorts from LYRAMINN! At first I though the shorts was tiny but it actually fitted well and I think it can fit anyone because of it's highly-stretchable waistband! It's also made of very comfy material~

My nails, done by Tina at Milly's Bugis outlet just a couple of days ago! Was contemplating between black or white lines and settled for black so that is is more outstanding.

Love the pair of shoes I wore! It's quite comfy except that by night time there was a little blister forming at the back of my leg.

Guess how much I bought it for?? $10 at Bugis Street! So happy! There's this $10 rack near the entrance of Bugis Street at level 1 and I always go there to check out what new pieces they have. Most of the time the designs are really horrible but once in a while I find gems like this. My wedges in HERE and HERE and HERE are all $10 from this same rack! Got more but I can't find the photos now. It's not often you find high-heels/high-wedges at such prices. Just yesterday I was at Far East Plaza and I saw so many beautiful high-heels at $10 each. So sad I couldn't grab them all!

I love collecting heels and wedges but no matter how much I like those at Aldo or Charles & Keith, I am not rich enough to splurge on them all the time. So, these $10 shoes are gems to me and they make me very happy too!

Actually when I was putting on those shorts at home, it was quite dark so I thought the wedges were quite matching colors with the shorts but when I stepped out of the house and daylight shone on me, I realize they were different shades. Haha. But nevermind, at least the wedges are same color with some of the petals on the shorts!

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